Tortoise vs. Cat.

2013-10-04, at 17:58:39
First of all I just have to say that I'd never let a tortoise bite my cat,
nor would I let a tortoise bite anyone else's cat. So I really don't understand why the person filming this
didn't do anything to stop the tortoise.
But this video is hilarious, the way the tortoise seemed so determined to bite the cat,
and the cat's reaction to it. I also think it's quite funny how the tortoise ended up with a 
mouthful of fur at the end.

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Did you know?

2013-09-22, at 11:17:54

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We Will... Rock You?

2013-07-10, at 12:42:13
I found this on Tumblr... don't ask.

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Kim Kardashian's child.

2013-06-25, at 16:35:00

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Glow in the dark animals.

2013-04-13, at 21:30:30
Source 1, Source 2, Source 3.
I just started thinking about Bluebell, the glow in the dark rabbit from Sherlock, and decided to google "glow in the dark rabbit." The search results provided me with countless pictures of a variety of glow in the dark animals, which seems to be quite common already. 

Apparently, the animals are modified in the same way it was implied in Sherlock, by using fluorescent genes from jellyfish. It doesn't sound very complicated, really. Most of the animals glow green, but there are also dogs that glow red.
The animals are also important for developing cures for many different diseases.
How do you feel about glow in the dark animals? I think they'd be quite handy for protecting you against the monsters under your bed.

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Everything is shippable.

2013-04-09, at 11:21:54
It's amazing how cray Tumblr-people get when they see self insertion. 
Don't mess with Tumblr-people. They're cray.

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They sure love their tea.

2013-03-24, at 12:00:00
I found this picture on "WTF Facts: funny & weird facts" and I really don't think you should trust everything on there, but wouldn't this be cool if it was true? If there's ever a World War III, the British soldiers will be too busy sipping tea to focus on the war!

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Küss Die Hand, Schöne Frau.

2013-03-04, at 16:20:00
We listened to this in German class last week, and although it's a lot funnier if you understand German, it's pretty funny otherwise too. I mean, WTF?!

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Music or torture?

2013-02-10, at 12:50:34
This is the song that will represent Finland in The Eurovision Song Contest. Apparently, Finns love this song, and I really can't see why. It's the most annoying, terrible song ever, and Mikael Saari should have won.
Sure, this is a song that fits ESC perfectly, and that's why I hate the whole phenomenon. 

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Giant Pigeon Prank.

2013-02-04, at 08:01:48
Sam Pepper is simply brilliant! I laughed my arse off watching this! :')

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Pop Danthology 2012

2013-01-24, at 19:15:00
I just noticed this amazing video! All of the songs might not be that great, but together they're totally awesome! And this must have taken hours and hours and hours to make!

On a different note, our examweek starts tomorrow, and my first exam is in history. I thought I'd revise a bit today. I've read about 10 sentences. To my defence, I really feel like I've studied enough already, so I spent a few hours just singing instead. It's cool when you realise just how much you have developed since you started singing!

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Lift Prank, Sam Pepper + Jacksgap.

2013-01-20, at 12:08:28
Last Friday Wilma asked me if I've seen Jacksgap and Sam Pepper's lift prank video, which I hadn't. I don't know how I managed to miss this, because it's hilarious! However, I think that some of the pranks are a bit disrespectful, especially when there are young children in the lift, but they're funny as hell anyway! :')

I'm amazed that they didn't get thrown out of the lift!

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Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank.

2013-01-12, at 16:51:16
I just found the funniest YouTube video of all time! I laughed way more than I should have at the guy at 2:40, he looked like he didn't believe his eyes and like he was expecting a driver to magically show up every time he turned away. :')

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90% of people...

2013-01-10, at 08:58:16
I'm one of those 90%, because I'm too lazy to check things in my dictionary. 

Do you do this? :)

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2 Choir Boys Sing the Meow Song.

2013-01-07, at 15:53:49
My mum showed me this today, and I found it so hilarious. I really don't understand how they can keep their faces straight... And the boy to the right sounds so much like an actual cat, it's almost creepy.

They're amazingly talented though!

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The laughs you hear on TV...

2012-12-29, at 16:54:44

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Adele and Carly Rae Jepsen

2012-12-23, at 12:46:30
Mindfuck! Adele looks much older, she sounds much older and her music is so much more mature!
When I first saw Carly, I thought she was like.. 16-18 or something, and I still think she looks, sounds and acts like it. 

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WTF of the Day

2012-12-21, at 21:53:29
I actually heard this song for the first time today, and my first thought was "What the actual fuck?" 
So apparently, this is the next Gangnam Style, and I'm quite ashamed to say that the song is actually growing on me..

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