The Catching Fire Tag.

2013-12-07, at 22:26:51
Ohai, now you know why I had golden lipstick (read: eyeshadow. that wouldn't come off) and eyeliner a while ago, and looked like a lunatic the whole day. But then again, I'd do anything (not really) to achieve the Capitol look! ;)
Nah but really, the gold is actually to honour Cinna's memory, because he always wore gold eyeliner - 
which was gorgeous on him, but not so gorgeous on me, unfortunately.
If you decide to make a video of your own with the Catching Fire tag, comment with a link to it!
(Since youtube's decided that video responses are unnecessary)

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Tutorial: Paper Stars.

2013-08-17, at 09:30:41
I made a tutorial on how to fold the paper stars I used for my jar of dreams,
it's actually very simple and I hope this video will be of use to you.
Some parts are very blurry though, because I wasn't quite used to filming something close up like that,
and I was actually standing with my arm through my tripod to be able to show you what I was doing.

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Dumb Ways To Die - Cover.

2013-07-26, at 19:35:52
I started a new youtube account, so subscribe, maybe? :)
I was nervous when I recorded this, and it's really not as great as I would've liked it to be and
certainly not as great as I know it could be, but I was a bit impatient and I think the haphazardness is kind of charming, in a way.
I hope you'll enjoy it! :)

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Day 4 - The most creative youtuber.

2013-06-26, at 20:07:00
Day 4 of my YouTuber challenge!
I completely forgot to mention Troye Sivan's music and his music videos. His songs are totally awesome, and he's such a good musician!
Who do you think is the most creative youtuber? :)

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Day 3: Which youtuber would I go gay for?

2013-06-18, at 14:58:35

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2013-06-17, at 22:05:43
Here's a little video I put together of the trip to and from Kristinestad. I had a video where I was talking too, but there was something wrong with the file so I couldn't use it.

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The Cake Challenge.

2013-06-16, at 05:43:56
This was the cake challenge we did yesterday, and, for some reason, youtube decided to make us very yellow. 
We weren't that yellow before.
We had a great time filming it, but got a bit lazy with editing it, and it's terribly difficult to keep track of where the music changes in a video that is 10 minutes long. That's why it's a bit out of place sometimes, but I hope it doesn't affect your opinion of the video too much.
Most importantly, the brownies tasted very good! :)

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Youtuber Challenge: Day 2.

2013-06-11, at 19:47:50
I hope you enjoy my awful editing skills. :))
(This was a real pain in the arse to make, and it's taken me all day)

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2013-06-10, at 18:17:07
Tadaa! This is what I've been working on all day today, editing it was a real pain in the arse because my other laptop is sooo slow. But yeah. This is what I'll be doing for a while now.
I hope you enjoy the video! :)

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Quick vlog.

2013-06-01, at 14:59:51
 The colours are fudged up and I look puffy due to lack of sleep, but anyway, I felt like making a quick vlog before I leave. :)

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Vlog with my cat.

2013-04-13, at 11:32:48
Whiskey was sleeping on my bed yesterday, so I decided to take the opportunity to make a little video with him.

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Awkward vlog & Maz.

2013-03-29, at 20:59:18
Tried using the Videofy Me app, fangirling about Maz and stuff. Go and watch Maz' videos >here<.

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2013-03-06, at 20:56:32
I made a vlog demonstrating what I look like while texting and chatting, I hope you'll enjoy it!

I know I haven't been updating very much recently, but I'm really busy with school right now, and since my mum's in hospital and dad was at work until today, I've been home alone for a few days. I had no problem with being alone until earlier today when it started storming. Our house is a big house with two floors, it's very old and makes a lot of strange sounds, and it's not the ideal place to be alone in when it starts storming..

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Vlog: Why do I write in English?

2013-02-21, at 20:30:23

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How I do my eyebrows.

2013-01-18, at 19:47:34
Derpy tutorial on how I do my eyebrows, because a make-up video was requested but I don't really use make-up anymore.

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