We had gold dust.

2014-03-28, at 23:19:40
Some late night music for you all.
Thanks to Skavlan, I just discovered John Newman's music (I've heard it on the radio before, but never known who it was), and I find his lyrics incredibly relatable and moving.
I also really like his voice and style of music, it's kind of old-fashioned in a way.
And I'm so sorry darling
When I wake you’re just gonna leave
And I don’t want you to be lonely
‘Cause I know you’ll find your love again
And I promise I'll stop calling
If it makes it easy for you
I hate to see you leaving
When it’s for the best believe, my friend
We had gold dust.

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All Dressed Up.

2014-01-30, at 11:26:36
I've always admired Lenny Kravitz' unique and slightly eccentric style.
I think he was the perfect Cinna in the Hunger Games, since his sense of fashion is so amazing.
Lately there's been pictures of him going around the internet, though, that have made me giggle a bit.
I mean, just look at the scarf. It's big as a blanket!
But it sure looks cozy...

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Inspire yourself.

2013-11-08, at 11:01:28
I've been having some issues with finding motivation and inspiration for school lately,
especially since I have a number of larger projects due quite soon. It really helped me, though, when I sat down for a few minutes and scrolled through pictures of King's College in London, the school I want to go to after I graduate.
So if you feel like you can't be bothered with school, try to inspire yourself in a similar way! :)

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Zoe's Autumn LookBook.

2013-11-02, at 19:14:19
I've mentioned Zoella earlier on my blog,
and she recently gave me a reason to mention her again. She uploaded her Autumn LookBook,
which is basically a video featuring a few outfits she's loving this Autumn.
All of her outfits are simply impeccable, and she's absolutely stunning herself. She's the kind of person that I want to be, and I'm so jealous of how naturally skinny she is.
Fun fact: Her boyfriend (Alfie a.k.a. Pointlessblog) helped her film the video. It's beautifully put together,
and I think it's clearly visible in her eyes and her smile that Alfie was the man behind the camera.
Seeing their love for each other makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

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My biggest inspiration.

2013-10-06, at 10:16:09
All of the pictures are from Zoe's blog.
Victoria from our Be Younique crew wrote a post about someone that inspires her,
and I thought I'd do the same. I've written a bit about Zoe earlier, but she's definitely worth writing about
again and again and again, because she's one of those rare, sparkling people that makes you
feel happy no matter what. She's been through so much, she suffered from panic attacks
for years, but she overcame them, by being positive and challenging herself.
I've been following her blog and her youtube challenge for about a year now, and I never miss a blog
post or a video. She's a wonderful blogger, and an even better vlogger!
"Just say YES!"
is her motto, because it was by saying "yes!" that she overcame her panic attacks.
She's now inspiring and encouraging teenagers all over the world to do the same,
 to live their lives the way they want to, and not to let anything like panic attacks stop you.
Just look at where she's gotten - her youtube channel has skyrocketed in the last few years,
and she's even met One Direction!
She's also insanely beautiful,
she has the most perfect hair I've ever seen, and it really doesn't matter what she does to it -
it always looks amazing! She's so awfully pretty, it almost melts your eyes when you look at her!
Her smile is the cutest smile I've ever seen, and it makes you smile too.
If you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety, you should probably watch her video:

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What would YOU do?

2013-09-28, at 20:57:19

I came across this video yesterday,
and it really moved me. It's an American series where they hire actors to play out different scenarios,
to see how people react. In this episode, a girl called Paulina (an actress) was sitting in a diner. She had,
apparently, run away from home, and needed a ride to California.
A man (also an actor) offered her a ride, but seemed a bit... suspicious.

The way so many people just let the man walk out with her really angered me.
Sure, you've got a picture of the man, which might help the police identifying him,
but the poor girl's life could be ruined forever.
The couple at the end brought me to tears, the way they wouldn't let her leave with him,
and their story, it was all so very touching! 

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Tea time.

2013-09-09, at 18:26:29
Tea time.
Tea time. by melody-moonchild featuring pink jewelry
Autumn is definitely my favourite season,
and something that's strongly connected to Autumn in my opinion is tea,
so I was suddenly inspired to make a collage of different tea-related things.
I also just spoke on the phone with Malin for about an hour. I miss you! <3

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Homosexuality - An unnatural condition?

2013-09-05, at 16:15:19
I must say, Australia's prime minister is a terribly clever and open-minded man.
If everyone thought like him, the world would be a much better place!

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Drawing Finn Harries.

2013-08-16, at 17:23:32
I found this woman on youtube a while ago, and she is insanely talented!
Her drawings really do look like photographs!
She's also made drawings of, for example, Jack Harries, Jack Sparrow, Harry Potter and Harry Styles.
What do you think about her drawings? Would you like to be able to draw like her? :)

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Using Social Media For Change.

2013-07-16, at 11:22:31
It's nice to see Finn alone in a video again, because he always seems a bit overshadowed by Jack
(obviously, because the channel's called "JacksGap," not "FinnsGap")
and I must say that these two men are the most inspirational youtubers out there.
They've done a lot of charity videos, and they're constantly involved in different projects to make the world a better place.
They also give their fans a chance to stand in the spotlight at the end of each video as their outro.
It's so sweet!

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Nail inspo.

2013-06-05, at 07:48:43
Some pretty fudging amazing nails!
I <3 Starbucks.
This is everything I can manage right now, I've been awake since 4 a.m. because my leg was aching like crazy, and I never really fell asleep before that either and woke up about every 15 minutes or so.
It goes without saying that I'm a bit loopy right now, and I've decided to spend my day watching season 22 of Amazing Race where Joey Graceffa's participating.

Have an amazing day! <3

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Ravenclaw Summer.

2013-04-01, at 20:59:59
Ravenclaw Summer.
Ravenclaw Summer. by melody-moonchild featuring proenza schouler handbags
 I decided I wanted to make a Ravenclaw-inspired summer outfit. :)

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Earth Hour on Polyvore.

2013-03-23, at 20:31:33
Melody Moonchild on Polyvore.
To celebrate Earth Hour 2013, I decided to make a collage with organic/environment friendly clothes only. 
So yes, I've been using my laptop during Earth Hour, but I don't really consider that cheating, since it's not plugged in or anything. Besides, there are heaps of people on my street who are watching TV.

Earth Hour isn't very pleasant if you're afraid of the dark, but with a few candles (that I should probably put out now, because they're all scented candles) it's almost tolerable.

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Sebastian Kydd on Polyvore.

2013-03-22, at 21:10:00
Sebastian Kydd. by melody-moonchild featuring superdry
I decided to make a collage on Polyvore, inspired by Sebastian Kydd's style (played by Austin Butler) from The Carrie Diaries. I love his style, his way of wearing heaps of layers, and his jackets are to die for!
Here are a few pictures for those of you who don't know what he looks like.


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Nerd on Polyvore.

2013-03-19, at 19:25:48
Nerd by melody-moonchild featuring topshop

Need I mention I'm in love with Polyvore? <3

I imagine this would be a nice outfit for a cool summer evening/night.
Most of the items on the set above are from topshop.com, apart from the Batman snapback hat.

Give me summer, like, naow.

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Boho-rocker chic, on Polyvore.

2013-03-17, at 21:11:24
Boho-rocker chic
Boho-rocker chic by melody-moonchild featuring a bangle bracelet
An outfit perfect for summer, and of course my Ravenclaw pride influenced me so I had to throw in a little blue in there. I love the skirt and the headband!

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The Taxi Method.

2013-03-13, at 20:56:38
Yesterday a man called Christoph Treier, who is a mental trainer, came to our school and held a lecture about... well, I don't really know what to call it, but it was basically some form of motivational pep talk, where he taught us how to get to where we want to go in life. 
One of the things he told us about was the taxi method. The taxi method means that your mind works like a cabbie; when you set up a goal in life, your mind instantly starts striving and guiding you towards that goal, just like a cabbie does when you give him the address.
What most people do wrong, is that they think about the things they don't want, for example: If it's slippery outside, you usually think that you don't want to slip and fall. What you do then is that you feed your brain an image of you lying on the ground, because your brain can't visualize the word "not." So thinking about what you don't want is about as illogical as telling the cabbie where you don't want to go. It'll get you nowhere! 

What you need to do instead is to set up a clear goal, and start working towards that goal, taking small steps at a time (and beginning early, which is something most people seem to have a problem with, and instead they focus too much on the deadline) instead of a giant leap just before the deadline/end. 
You also become the most motivated if the chances of reaching your goal are 50/50. If you have more than a 50% chance of reaching your goal, you think that you'll reach it easily and that you don't need to put a lot of effort into it, which usually leaves you with a bad result. If your chances are less than 50%, you automatically give up, because people aren't stupid. There's no use putting all of your energy into something that isn't going to work.
I think Christoph was incredibly inspiring, and he also threw in a lot of funny stories (from his own experiences) into the lecture, which spiced it all up so that it made a bigger impact on you overall. His lecture really got me thinking about my future, and he made me realise that I can actually achieve my goals, if I just put enough effort into it!

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Long distance relationships.

2013-03-12, at 14:34:54
As most of you probably know, I'm in a long distance relationship. In any relationship, communication is vital, and even more so in long distance ones. Because of school and because I've started going to bed earlier nowadays (which means my days are now about 1-2 hours shorter), I've become alot busier than I used to be, which means I have less time to spend online/talking to other people. This also means that I have a lot less time to talk to Christian than I used to have, which leaves me feeling quite guilty...
I managed to stumble upon a great wikihow page on how to make long distance relationships work, and I'm going to list some of my favourite tips from that page:
1. Do things together. Defy the distance. People in short-distance relationships do not spend the majority of their time talking, but rather doing things with each other. Try to replicate this by finding things to do together such as watching a TV show or movie simultaneously.
2. Take advantage of the benefits a long distance relationship offers: more time with friends and/or family, no arguments over toothpaste caps, the pleasure of seeing your sweetheart again after a long absence, time to mull your options (rather than snapping at your partner impulsively) before you respond to that email s/he wrote that seemed so rude the first time you read it, not being dragged into a bunch of chick flicks, etc. Most important, being far apart gives you a chance to maintain your individuality—something that can get lost in the shuffle when couples spend all their free time together.
3. Pursue common interests, even if it means pursuing them apart. If there's a movie you're both interested in seeing, watch it individually and then call each other afterward and talk about it. Read a certain book at the same time. Stargaze while you're on the phone. Find creative ways to bond.
4. Talk about your future together. Assuming that ultimately you'd want to live together, discussing how you're going to get to that point will help you prove to each other that the relationship is going somewhere and that your efforts and frustrations are not in vain.
5. Remember: Things will get better with time, and even the relationship will become better. Have hope.
6. Give them a personal object of yours so in a time of need, when they miss you, they are able to hold on to something that once belonged to you. This will provide comfort, happiness, and the thought of being with you.
I found all of these tips on >this< page, and if you happen to be in a long distance relationship, I hope they'll be of help! :)

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First try at Polyvore.

2013-03-11, at 06:58:00
Merlin by melody-moonchild featuring colorful scarves

I got to school half an hour early today, and decided to spend that time trying out Polyvore.com, and of course I had to try putting together a girl version of Merlin's outfit. He's supposed to have some kind of coat too but I couldn't figure out how to get it there just yet. :)

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Motivational penguin.

2013-03-07, at 07:51:30
Here, have a motivational penguin to brighten your day! :)

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