How I Met Your Mother.

2014-03-31, at 14:28:47


I can't deal with the fact that How I Met Your Mother ends today,
the final episode will air tonight and then nine seasons will be over. Forever.
HIMYM is one of those shows that you don't think very much of at first, but after you get into it,
you can't stop watching it. It's cosy, hilarious and dramatic all at the same time,
and I will miss it greatly.

It's always sad when a series you love ends, but I think this might be one of the worse cases for me.


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Movie Magic.

2014-03-04, at 16:56:34
Bertie Gilbert's done it again,
he's created yet another masterpiece.
It unbelievable that he's just 16 years old, and already such a great film-maker,
but that's the truth.
I remember watching Bertie's videos when he was just starting out, and it's truly amazing to see how far he's come since then!

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Dorian Gray.

2014-02-16, at 12:02:26
Today I felt like telling you about a film that I enjoy immensely,
and that I think would be perfect for a Sunday afternoon like this.
Dorian Gray is a story about a young man living in London, a man who is terribly beautiful and, after socialising
with Lord Henry Watton, he slowly becomes more and more vain, and more and more corrupt.
One of his closest friends, Basil Hallward, has painted a portrait of him, and by some curious incident
the portrait starts ageing instead of him.
I first came in contact with the story of Dorian Gray when I was about 12-13 years old,
he was one of the characters in the film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,
and I fell in love with his story. 
Therefore, I was very happy when I found out that they'd made a film about Dorian Gray 
with the stunning Ben Barnes in the leading role.
Also, if you'd rather read the book, you can find it for less than 4€ >here<.

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Happy Fangirl.

2014-02-04, at 21:21:24
About a week or so ago,
I realised that series 3 of Sherlock was already out on DVD, so of course I had to order it.
I got it at because I have a feeling it's cheaper there than in BBC's shop.
I really love the extras on the DVD, they actually reveal which theory was the correct one. ;)
Have you seen series 3 of Sherlock yet? It's on Swedish television on... Saturdays, I think.

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The Carrie Diaries.

2014-01-12, at 20:50:23
i-believe-in-good-pizza | via Tumblr
I've spent all day today watching the Carrie Diaries.
I hadn't realised that season two of TCD had started already, so when I stumbled upon that fact at stupid o' clock last night,
I just had to watch the first episode.
And then I watched the other 9 that have been released so far today.
Just like with Sex and the City,
I feel like TCD is healing my soul a bit. I'm not quite sure on why or how, but I feel better after having watched all 10 episodes. It's nice to see this fluffy, adorable love, and to see that things can really work out.
Besides, who wouldn't want a boyfriend like Sebastian Kydd? He's gorgeous and perfect.
Austin Butler really is the perfect Sebastian Kydd. And I feel like being that attractive should be illegal.

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Sherlock: The Sign of Three.

2014-01-05, at 21:32:26
Episode 2 of Season 3 of Sherlock starts in about five minutes,
and I can't even begin to explain how excited I am!
I'm also a bit melancholic, because after this episode, there's only one episode left, and then we'll
probably have to go through another 2-year-long hiatus before Season 4 comes out.
I'll try to keep my blog spoiler-free when it comes to Season 3 for at least a month,
though, so if you haven't seen it yet you have plenty of time before I start spoiling,
Will you be watching it tonight?

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My belly's sick to its stomach.

2013-12-21, at 20:57:45
Doctor who
I've been feeling a bit queasy today,
so I felt like tucking myself into bed with a big cup of tea and a few episodes of Doctor Who.
This turned out to be a bit mistake, though, because the intro to Doctor Who (where the Tardis is
spinning through time and space) almost made me vomit.
I feel better now, though, which is good because I don't feel like being sick on Christmas.
What have you been up to today? :)

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Hannibal Night.

2013-11-21, at 20:45:43
Since they've started broadcasting Hannibal on Finnish TV now,
mum and I have started watching it together every Thursday evening. I watched the first episodes of the
TV-series a while ago, on my own, but I forgot about it after a while because I didn't really have time to start
watching a new series at the time.
It's not a show for the faint of heart, but it's awfully clever and although I'm usually quite sensitive
when it comes to series and films, I can watch it without getting nightmares.
It's definitely a series I'd recommend to everyone interested in crime series, with a twist. :)

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2013-10-15, at 09:29:35
I completely agree with Connor, nowadays people seem to overreact a lot for no reason at all,
and overreacting has become the norm.
Have you noticed this?

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Hocus Pocus.

2013-10-14, at 20:56:58
The Sleepy Hallow | Alright guys, last one  whew! that was fun!  | via Tumblr
Since I had a few hours of spare time after I finished my homework today,
I decided to watch Hocus Pocus, which is apparently a classic when it comes to Halloween movies.
I haven't seen it before, probably because it seems like it's mostly famous in the USA, 
but I have to say I quite enjoyed it.
I especially enjoyed seeing Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah Sanderson, she's one of my favourite actresses!
"After 300 years, three sister witches are resurrected in Salem Massachusetts on Halloween night, and it us up to two teenagers, a young girl, and an immortal cat to put an end to the witches reign of terror once and for all."
I'd say that it's definitely a movie everyone should watch before Halloween,
it may not sound very enticing to a teenager of today, but it's well worth watching.
The music's awesome, the actors are great and it's not too long and not too short. I liked it.
A lot.
Winifred & Sarah | via Tumblr

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2013-10-04, at 10:31:18
Did anyone see the first episode of Vikings on Swedish TV4 yesterday?
I watched it, and I can honestly say that I really, really liked it!
I don't know how historically accurate it is, but it was still interesting to see what kind of customs
and traditions they had among the vikings and what their lives were like.
I actually liked it so much that I'm going to watch the second episode now, while I
get ready to go and meet Louise.
Also, the health exam was a lot easier than I thought it'd be, it just required a lot of writing
(10,5 pages... by hand. phew), buuuut that was my last exam for this week!
Now there's just one exam left, which is maths, but I'm not going to worry about that at all today!
Have an awesome day! <3

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Adventure Time with Cyr.

2013-09-02, at 09:01:43
Code red, code red!
Cyr's blonde! What the fudge?! I mean, it looks kind of cool, but I much prefer his dark brown hair.
I also don't like that his hair is an ugly kind of blonde (yellow/orange).
Can't someone tell him to do something about his hair?...
Those muscles, though...

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Bleaching Tyler's Hair 50 Shades of Gay.

2013-08-15, at 06:32:10
I'm a bit sceptical about whether this was actually the way Tyler's hair turned purple or not,
because I'm amazed he'd trust Bertie like that.
I was sooo shocked the first time I saw his hair after he bleached it, but I think it really fits him.
He looks like a proper Tumblr boy now. ;)
Btw, people have been telling me they're addicted to youtubers now, because of my blog...
Welcome to my life!

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Coming Out.

2013-08-08, at 11:04:18
Troye Sivan made a huge decision yesterday when he decided to post his new video,
because it's his "Coming Out" video. Never in a million years did I think he'd be gay, I've always thought of him as this brilliant, handsome youtuber that never fails to make me laugh - and guess what? That's what I'm always going to think of him. 
He could announce that he's an alien, and I still wouldn't think any differently of him.

It's so endearing how much support he's gotten from all of his viewers, not to mention 
all of the other youtubers. Tyler, Jack, Finn, Marcus, Bertie and many other youtubers have expressed their respect for Troye on Twitter, and #WeAreProudOfYouTroye was actually trending on Twitter last night.
I couldn't be more proud of him! <3

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Hotel Transylvania.

2013-07-29, at 22:05:00
Hotel Transylvania is a film I've been wanting to watch for ages,
and now I'm finally taking the time to do it. It looks exactly like my type of film, 
even though I generally don't like animated movies.

And, let's be honest, how cute isn't this gif?!

Hotel Transylvania

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Live with Joey Graceffa.

2013-06-24, at 10:58:10
Sooooo this is what happened during Joey Graceffa's live stream last night!
They were trying to get more people to donate for Joey's >Kickstarter project<, and decided to kind of whore themselves out for money. Although they kept it classy.
They also twerked, and it went something like this:
Joey: "I really can't twerk!"
Joey: *twerks like a pro*
He also prank called Shane Dawson and confessed his love for him, and asked him out for a date. Shane said yes and confessed his love for Joey too, before he also confessed that he was watching the live show and was just going along with it for the viewers. Thanks Shane, I nearly died from obsessive fangirling because of you!
Reallyy though, I'm starting to wonder if my obsession with Joey Graceffa is going a little too far. I watched the whole show yesterday, and it ended at like 4 a.m. I'm awfully tired now but I'm apparently supposed to be doing a lot of things (including packing) right now.
In case you want to watch it, here's the entire show:

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Hannibal Season 2!

2013-06-17, at 19:54:23
I'm glad to announce that season two of Hannibal has been confirmed now!
(Although actually, that was weeks ago, I just haven't gotten around to posting it before now)
This means that you, Zoofie, can start watching it now, and everyone else should too! ;)
If you don't know what Hannibal is, here's the trailer:

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The Great Gatsby.

2013-06-06, at 21:46:32
I just came home from the cinema. Emmi and I went to see The Great Gatsby, and it's definitely the most beautiful film I've ever seen. It's so emotional, so grand, and everything looks so authentic.
It's a great love story, it's enchanting, it's beautiful and so terribly, utterly heartwrenching.
The way Gatsby did everything for Daisy was so beautiful.
He wanted to be great, not for himself, but for Daisy.
That's the kind of love every girl dreams about.
I know that people have complained about the music in the movie, saying that it's not authentic and that they shouldn't have chosen to have modern music in the movie. 
I just think it adds to the film and creates an interesting contrast.
I also love Lana Del Rey's Young and Beautiful that was featured in the movie!
This is a must-see that will blow your mind away. It's just my kind of tragic love story, 
and I'd gladly watch it a thousand times over.

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Youtuber update.

2013-05-28, at 21:55:06
Troye, your tumblr is still signed in at google&#8230;.luv b3rti3
"Troye, your tumblr is still signed in at google….luv b3rti3"
Dying. :')
Apparently, Troye Sivan left his Tumblr open at Google when he was there a few months ago, and Bertie noticed it now.
Maz is currently sleeping (and apparently looking very dead) on Alfie's sofa. Makes me wonder what the fudge he's doing there, as he just confessed his love for Sam Pepper.
Sam recently returned from L.A. where he's been living for a while. It seems like Maz and Sam missed each other quite a lot, judging by all of the cute tweets they've sent each other.
New OTP maybe? ;)

>Bertie's youtube<
>Troye's youtube<
>Sam's youtube<
>Maz' youtube<

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The Blind Side.

2013-05-25, at 23:40:49
I'm watching The Blind Side right now, we watched the beginning of it in school a year or two ago, but we never had the time to finish it. I absolutely love it, and it's such a wonderful story!
It's really moving, and I find it difficult not to cry!

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