Torn in two.

2016-01-08, at 14:58:37
I'm currently sat in Turku airport,
waiting to board the flight that will take me to Stockholm, where I will switch to a different flight that will take me back to London.
Coming home over the Christmas holidays has been a really weird experience.
I realised quite quickly that home doesn't feel like home any more, but neither does London, really.
At home (well, home home, as I usually refer to it by), it's mainly the people that make me feel like home, meanwhile in London it's the familiarity of living in a place and exploring it extensively for months. I've got a routine set up in London, which I don't really have any more when I'm in Finland.
Seeing my friends and family again was, of course, really nice. I'd missed them all half to death, especially my dear cat. At the same time I missed my friends from London, though, and all the shenanigans and mischief we usually get up to.
It's like I'm being torn in two, and I think I will simply have to get used to the fact that from now on, wherever I am, I will always miss someone or something about the other place.
(I also realised I forgot to blog about the Counterfeit gig I went to before I came home before Christmas.
I shall get around to that at some point after my exams are over next week.)

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Love of my Life.

2016-01-05, at 21:10:33
Words honestly can't explain how much I love this lil munchkin, or how much I'll miss him when I go back to London this Friday.

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Barbecue season.

2016-01-02, at 15:42:36
Today we started the barbecue season in our family with some homemade burgers.
It's -7℃ outside and it's snowing, but my dad still braved the cold weather to barbecue burgers for us.
It reminded me of summer, as we barbecue basically everything in the summer, and it's especially nice that I got a homemade burger during my Christmas break because I didn't really eat that many homemade burgers last summer.
In about a week it's time for me to go back to London.
Coming home over the holidays has been a very weird feeling, because home doesn't really feel like home any more. Or rather, it feels like I've got two homes.
Compared to the perpetual energy of London, this town feels quite dull, dreary and drowsy,
the only upside I can think of of living here is that this is where the people I hold dear reside.
Before I go back to London, I still have a few blog posts to share with you,
so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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Only fools do what I do.

2015-09-29, at 16:58:00
My view from the kitchen of one of the buildings on campus. Love it!
Hello my lovelies!
I'm finally beginning to settle in here in London and I'm getting into the routine of going to lectures and seminars.
I have a solid group of friends, which I'm so very thankful for, and my flat mates are all lovely.
I haven't starved to death, been mugged, been killed or hit by a car yet, so everyone at home can stop worrying now.
My first weeks here have been full of exploring London, the international welcome events, induction events and a few house parties and pub quizzes. So far it's been so much better than I ever thought it could be, and although the lectures and seminars seemed scary and difficult at first, I feel like I'm finally starting to get into this new way of studying. The massive workload is starting to catch up on me, though, so I suspect I'll have to spend my day off on Thursday and later on the weekend just reading. 
I'm currently sat at Strand campus, waiting for my Academic English vocabulary lecture to start (optional course), and I reckon I'll be home at around 7 pm tonight. I was going to spend my long breaks today studying, but alas I brought the wrong material with me and can't really be arsed to make the almost one-hour-long journey home to go get the right course pack, so I thought I'd update my blog (hi mum!).
On a completely unrelated note, I'd like to finish off this post by sharing with you the amazing music video to Troye Sivan's song FOOLS from his new album WILD. If you haven't listened to the album yet, you definitely should!
Only fools fall for you (only fools)
Only fools do what I do (only fools fall)

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I go to seek a Great Perhaps.

2015-08-30, at 15:00:43
Today is the day, D-day.
After frantically packing all of my belongings into two only barely large enough suitcases last night, many difficult goodbyes and a fitful few hours of sleep, I am now finally sat in Turku Airport waiting for my flight to Heathrow via Stockholm Arlanda.
I'm thankful that my mum and dad are with me and will remain in London for a few days before they head back home.
Without my dad I would have had to carry my heavy suitcases on my own, and without my mum my tickets et.c. wouldn't have been even nearly as organised as they are now.
Apart from missing my family and friends, what I'll probably miss the most is my cat. Sadly, I didn't even get to say goodbye to Whiskey, as he was nowhere to be found when we had to leave for our flight.
But three months will pass quickly, and when I get home for Christmas break I'll cuddle him (nearly) to death. 
Truth is, I don't know whether I'll be happier in London.
I don't know if that's where I belong (even though British ground feels like home soil to me, I can feel it in my bones). There are many things that worry me and that make me nervous about living in London, but there are many things that make me overjoyed and excited, too.
I, truly, go to seek a great perhaps.

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The BookBook.

2015-06-24, at 21:10:45
One of the main reasons why I decided to start my blog back up again
is the fact that I now have a proper laptop to work with, and not just some worthless Chromebook.

About a week ago I marched my arse off to the closest store that sells Macbooks and got myself a Macbook Air 13'' for uni. I also got AppleCare for the upcoming three years, which means I won't have to pay outrageous sums of money in case anything happens to it while I'm in the UK.
The verdict? So far I'm loving it!
After the initial shock of "This is  different to a PC, this is really weird, HELP" died down, I've discovered that it's actually really easy to use. It's quick, sleek, portable and everything else I've been looking for.
I'm in love!
After I got my laptop, I decided I needed a case to protect it.
After a bit of browsing, I found the perfect case - the BookBook by twelvesouth.
I'll admit, it was a bit on the pricier side, but the shipping was free and I consider it well worth the money as it protects your Macbook from both damage and theft. Anything with the Apple logo on it will surely attract the eye of a thief instantly, but disguised as an old book it's not nearly as taunting.
Actual conversation I had with a friend after I ordered the case:
- Plus, it looks like an old book, so no one wants to steal it.
- Of course it does.

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London, here I come.

2015-06-18, at 20:29:28
First of all, I'm sorry for being away for so long.
I just didn't feel motivated at all to keep blogging, and I also wasn't feeling too well in general.
I actually haven't had the best couple (more like eight or so) of months, it was especially rough for me around the end of last year and, of course, this spring when the matriculation exams rolled around.

A combination of feeling terribly unmotivated to revise for the exams and the pressing anxiety of knowing what grades I had to achieve made it difficult for me to function at all which, in turn, made the anxiety even worse.
I shut out everyone and everything and wallowed in my own misery as I thought I'd never be able to get the grades I needed.

The night before we got our matriculation exam results back,
I didn't sleep at all. Not for a single second. I then had to get up to go to an entrance exam for a Finnish uni.
My friend gave me and a couple of other friends a lift, and at 8 am we were all seated in the car, frantically looking up our results online, much to the discontent of the driver who had to wait until we arrived in Turku.

I was honestly so shocked when I got my grades and realised that I'd done well enough to be accepted to King's College. I'm still shocked. I think it'll take me a long while until I fully realise just how much my life is about to change because of this.
I was accepted to King's fudging College!!!
I'm moving to London this September!!!
To study English!!!
Is this real life?
I'm finally getting to where I want to be in life, and I can finally say that I feel like I'm really on the right path.
In hindsight, these past months have really been worth it.
I have never been happier or more proud of myself.
Seeing as I have more free time now, and feel more motivated to write, I'm going to slowly start getting back into blogging again. This means you'll be able to follow my journey as I move to London and begin anew in the city of my dreams, the city I love.

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Going away.

2014-07-10, at 09:37:09
My road to happiness starts here. Just 1,5 hours from now we'll leave for Helsinki Airport, and tonight I'll be where I belong! It's just a short trip, but at least it'll give me a taste of what life could be like, and give me motivation to fight to get there.

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An Explanation.

2014-07-05, at 16:43:12
Once Upon A Time, my latest obsession. Love, love, love Captain Hook!

I'm back(ish at least)! I'm not going to apologise for my absence because don't feel like there's anything to feel sorry for, since it's my blog after all. I'll try to provide you with some kind of explanation, though.
What happened was that something triggered memories and feelings from last Autumn, which lead to a night full of ugly crying and no sleeping. Since then I've been trying to come to terms with the fact that 8 months later, I'm still completely, utterly broken. They say that time heals all wounds, I just wish time would hurry the fudge up.
I've also had a few realisations when it comes to my friends,
people I thought I fit in with, but who proved to be just "friends" in the end, if you know what I mean.
I still don't know who I can trust and who doesn't want me around, and it all makes me feel quite lonely.
But I spent most of my teenage years alone, so what's one more year? Just one more year and I can get away from this town, away from all the bullshit, the lies and the backstabbing "friends".
I'm hoping London will be a way for me to start over.

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Rock Bottom

2014-06-16, at 00:15:03
I've hit it.
Search sex and the city images

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Champagne Picnic.

2014-06-04, at 13:43:52
Last Sunday one of my best friends, JamJam, and I decided to have a champagne picnic in our garden,
to celebrate both her birthday and the fact that school's over. We didn't buy real champagne, real champagne is just gross and expensive, but the sparkling wine in the picture above is something I can really recommend.
It's sweet, but not too sweet.
I also took the opportunity to give JamJam her birthday gift.
Whiskey also wanted to join us on our picnic, he spend quite some time sleeping nearby.

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Reckless Love Live @ Virgin Oil.

2014-05-25, at 11:32:04
This was literally me last Friday. Definitely one of the best nights in my entire life!
Last Friday my friends and I spent over two hours on the train to Helsinki, just to see Reckless Love live.
If you haven't heard Reckless Love's music before, I definitely recommend listening to their new album.
They're one of the few reasons I'm actually proud of my home country.
It was such a crazy trip, and I got home at about 9 a.m. yesterday, since our train back to Turku departed at 5.20 a.m. It was so worth everything, though, because Reckless Love's amazing stage presence and Olli's sex appeal alone are reason enough to see them live. It doesn't really hurt that their music is kickass too.
I got my foot completely demolished by a really pushy woman, though. Later on she actually made a girl in the front row cry because she pushed her so hard on her quest to get to the front row. Olli was such a sweetheart and got the rest of the band to stop playing and called her out on her bullshit, asked the girl who was crying if she was OK and then told the audience that we were there to have fun, not to fight. Bless him!

I'm 100% sure these men were born to break my heart. <3

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The Other Woman

2014-05-22, at 20:56:14
Quotes xx
I just came home from the cinema,
I went to see The Other Woman for the second time with my dear friend Jasmin.
I really needed this break from reality, I'm always so relaxed when I'm with her.
If you haven't seen The Other Woman yet, you definitely should!
It's hilarious! The only downside is that you get very jealous of the beautiful women.
Funny story: When we were on our way back home we passed a bright green car on the motorway.
The car was driving quite slowly, but a while after we'd passed it they drove up alongside of us.
The car was full of Jamaican guys, and it looked like the guy in the backseat was taking pictures of us,
and after he finished with whatever he was doing they slowed down again.
It was such an odd event!

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2014-05-21, at 10:53:15
Some say I look like Amy Pond - but what if it's Amy Pond who looks like me?
I'm thoroughly starting to enjoy life as Amy Pond's doppelgänger,
it's so much easier to take care of and style my hair now!
It's also nice now that the weather's started to become a bit warmer, having a long, thick mane of hair
in the summer isn't very pleasant at all.
I'm now confident that this was the right decision to make. :)

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Stolen dance.

2014-05-19, at 20:20:39
Odd selfie from before I cut my hair.
My life's been crazy busy lately,
I only got a few hours of sleep a night last week because of various school projects, and last Friday
I ended up with the headache from hell. It was probably because I'd been so stressed all week and something just snapped when I finally had time to relax for a bit again.
I've also finally realised that I'm actually moving in about a year and a half, which makes me both excited and terrified. I can't wait, though!
By the way, it's been disgustingly hot and humid over here today due to the thunder.
I'm really not made for this hot weather, and I could practically feel my brain melting earlier today.
This whole town feels like a giant greenhouse!

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Make the cut!

2014-05-10, at 17:53:04
I've thought about cutting my hair short for a very long time now,
my hair had gotten so long that I didn't feel like it was worth the effort anymore. Brushing and washing
it was such a chore, and it was in a very bad condition. This is why, yesterday, I decided to take the leap and chop 30 cm off.
It feels so weird, and I almost had a minor panic attack at the hairdresser when I saw how much hair was gone,
but I must say that I really like it!

Before - After
"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life" - Coco Chanel
I think this change is long overdue. Time to be happy again!

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No water in the water fountain.

2014-05-08, at 20:41:56
I stayed home today because I've been ill since yesterday,
I've tried to treat it by drinking copious amounts of tea, eating cough drops and taking it easy.
I'm feeling a lot better now though, so I'm probably going back to school tomorrow.
I have an appointment with the hairdresser tomorrow, too, so I really hope the fever feels like staying away. :)
What have you been up to today?

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I supported the Rickshaw Run!

2014-05-04, at 08:09:36
Remember last autumn when I donated to Jacksgap's charity for the Teenage Cancer Trust?
Well, I finally got my t-shirt, card and a complimentary Maoam! The t-shirt is a bit larger than I thought it'd be,
but I'm thinking about cutting it into a top or something... or using it to sleep in!
On a different note, I'm going to Helsinki today with my parents to visit my grandma who's in hospital,
so my blog might be a bit quiet today. Have a lovely Sunday!

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By your side.

2014-05-01, at 11:08:25
My day yesterday started off quite well,
school wasn't very stressful and we had some form of event together with the Finnish school for two hours.
We also moved the choir practice until next week, because only three people showed up (spoiler alert: I wasn't one of them).
I got a huge shock when I got home, though, because apparently my grandma's now in hospital.
I first thought about staying home so I'd know if anything happened, but my mum more or less forced me to go to Turku to party with my friends.
I honestly have the best friends ever,
so I just wanted to share this Tokio Hotel (don't judge...) song with you.
I think it reflects my emotions perfectly, because my friends have really been there for me lately, and I just want them to know I'll always be there for them too.
Ich bin da, wenn Du willst.
Schau Dich um, dann siehst du Mich.
Ganz egal, wo Du bist.
Wenn Du nach mir greifst, dann halt ich Dich.

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2014-04-29, at 21:15:37
Look what I found at my local grocery store! They also have one that tastes of pomegranate and raspberries, which is absolutely amazing!
School's flowing slowly but smoothly,
and we're all excited for Walpurgis Night (which I think sounds very much like a venereal disease).
I have no idea what our choir leader thought when he called for a choir practice tomorrow,
seriously?! Ain't nobody got time for that...
I'll try to get the few pictures I have from when the Belgian people visited us up here tomorrow or on Thursday,
and I'll tell you a bit more about what we did then too. It still feels empty without them here!

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