A Cold and a Wimpy Goat.

2014-06-07, at 19:47:22
My summer break hasn't exactly gotten a great start,
I caught a horrible cold and I've been coughing, blowing my nose 24/7 and had trouble breathing lately.
According to our dear friend Google, a cold only lasts for about a week, so I hope it'll all be over soon.
To cheer myself up, I went in search of cute videos on youtube, and I found a ridiculously adorable video of a goat that I just had to share with you!
Isn't it adorable?!

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2014-02-15, at 14:57:38
If you didn't know,
I'm a huuuuge Troyler shipper, which means that I ship Tyler Oakley with Troye Sivan.
If you don't know what shipping is, you've clearly come to the wrong neighbourhood. :')
It made my Troyler-shipping fangirl heart very happy when they posted this video last night:

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The Dating Game

2014-02-08, at 12:10:44
This is going to be a Sweet Saturday mixed with Fandom Friday,
because this is literally the sweetest Sherlock video I've ever seen on youtube.
I really wish this was a real movie!
I love how professional is is, it looks almost like a real trailer.

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The Two Talking Cats.

2014-01-04, at 20:04:00
It's that time of the week again:
the time where I show you a cute picture or video, or something else that I find utterly adorable.
This week I want to share yet another video with you,
because as you all probably know, I'm most definitely going to be a crazy cat lady when I grow up.
I love, love, love cats, especially when they make cute sounds.

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Sweet Saturdays.

2013-12-28, at 20:48:00
I've been thinking about starting a proper schedule here on my blog,
with a recurring theme for every day of the week (e.g. Throwback Thursdays)
The theme for Saturdays would be Sweet Saturdays, meaning that every Saturday from now on, I'll post a video,
picture et.c. that I find really sweet.
 This week I want to show you a video by Michelle Phan and her boyfriend, Dom.
This video is soooo sweet, and they're so cute I just want to throw up on them.
(In a good way, of course.)
I'd totally steal Dom away if I could, because, I mean... unf, just look at him! He seems like such a sweetheart!

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