The BookBook.

2015-06-24, at 21:10:45
One of the main reasons why I decided to start my blog back up again
is the fact that I now have a proper laptop to work with, and not just some worthless Chromebook.

About a week ago I marched my arse off to the closest store that sells Macbooks and got myself a Macbook Air 13'' for uni. I also got AppleCare for the upcoming three years, which means I won't have to pay outrageous sums of money in case anything happens to it while I'm in the UK.
The verdict? So far I'm loving it!
After the initial shock of "This is  different to a PC, this is really weird, HELP" died down, I've discovered that it's actually really easy to use. It's quick, sleek, portable and everything else I've been looking for.
I'm in love!
After I got my laptop, I decided I needed a case to protect it.
After a bit of browsing, I found the perfect case - the BookBook by twelvesouth.
I'll admit, it was a bit on the pricier side, but the shipping was free and I consider it well worth the money as it protects your Macbook from both damage and theft. Anything with the Apple logo on it will surely attract the eye of a thief instantly, but disguised as an old book it's not nearly as taunting.
Actual conversation I had with a friend after I ordered the case:
- Plus, it looks like an old book, so no one wants to steal it.
- Of course it does.

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Mini Book Haul.

2014-06-05, at 20:30:19
Two new books have dropped down into my mailbox recently,
and I'm really excited because it's two books I've been really looking forward to getting my hands on!
The first one is a copy of 12 Years a Slave which was made into a film earlier this year. It became very popular, roused deep feelings in most viewers and won an Oscar for best movie. I was deeply moved by the film, and I therefore thought it'd be a good idea to get the book so that I can read Solomon Northup's own words, and really get the full experience. Just one warning: this film/book isn't suitable for the faint of heart.
If you'd like to get your hands on the book, you can do so >here< for 4,80€.
Beautiful Darkness is the second book in the Beautiful Creatures series written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I absolutely loved the first book and the film based on the book, I think they've made a very clever adaption of the classic witches and wizards, and they've managed to make the story sound believable. I'm absolutely chuffed to bits to finally own the sequel, so that I can continue reading about Lena, Ethan and the world of Casters and Mortals.
If fantasy and love stories are more to your liking, this is definitely a book for you. Get your copy >here< for 9,60€, or get the entire trilogy >here< for 32,20€.
What I love about The Book Depository is that they always send you a bookmark along with your book. No need for leaving ugly dog ears in your precious books anymore!
The bookmarks that The Book Depository are sending out now are actually designed by their customers, and they're insanely cute and clever.

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The world in my hands.

2014-03-21, at 15:58:33
I haven't had the time to show you my new watch yet,
but since most of my stress is over by now, I finally have time to show it to you.
You can get it for 2.96€ >here<.
I am absolutely in love with it!
I had a bit of a blonde moment when I received it,
there was an extra battery included in the package, and quite naturally I assumed that there wasn't a battery in the watch, so I spent about an hour trying to pry off the back of the watch before I tried pushing in the crown of the watch. The watch immediately started ticking.

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Antwerpen Haul.

2014-02-03, at 12:38:00
Vest, top, skirt, make-up bag, necklace, sweater and jacket from Forever 21, leggings and watch from New Yorker and necklace from Fossil.
Yes, I know, 
this haul is long overdue, but my computer finally decided to cooperate with me and let me edit the pictures.
This is everything I bought while we were in Belgium, although I actually bought the Fossil necklace at the Düsseldorf airport.
I am utterly in love with everything I bought, and with the discounts they had while we were there!
It was with great difficulties that I managed to fit everything into my suitcase when we were supposed to head home, haha!

I really love the Fossil necklace, that I just spotted as we were passing by one of the shops at the airport,
and decided to buy on a whim. I guess I felt like I need something to remind me that love still exists,
and that the next great love could be just around the corner.
Perhaps even a greater love than my previous one.

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Keep Calm and Carry On.

2014-01-10, at 22:09:00
So sorry for the lack of updates recently,
but I've been busy with school, and yesterday I had to go shopping for a birthday gift for my dear Linnéa,
who's turning 18 this Sunday. I also found the two notebooks and the ring above while shopping yesterday.
I'm totally in love with the notebooks, they're gorgeous!
(The right one is a map of the London Underground, perfect for when I'll be running around all lost in London)
I also think I might have caught a cold. My throat's sore, my head feels heavy and I just feel really drained.
I'm hoping it'll pass soon, because I'm going to Belgium this Wednesday.
I've had a relaxing evening, though, with Doctor Who and now I'm watching Sex and the City on TV.
Then I'll probably go straight to bed, because I'm awfully tired.
Good night, and thanks for staying with me even when I don't post! 

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New In: After-Christmas Sales Haul.

2014-01-04, at 14:59:23
I swore that I wouldn't head out into the After-Christmas Sales madness this year,
and that I'd save my money for Belgium, but my mum and dad asked me if I wanted to go with them to a shopping centre and I really couldn't refuse.
Besides, I don't think I wasted a lot of money anyway.

I've needed a new foundation for quite a while now,
and since I'm obsessed with Make Up Store's products, I decided to buy the matte liquid foundation.
I haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping it'll be worth the money!
I also picked up a lip pencil in the shade "Russian Red", because I don't own a single red lip pencil.
They also had 50% off on a lot of things in BikBok, so I decided to buy the gorgeous leopard shirt to the right.
It's a really nice, translucent shirt with black sleeves and details. I've wanted it for so long, but I didn't think it was worth the money until I found it on sale!
I also bought a pair of jeggings (because let's be real here, the only time I'll ever wear jeans is if it's jeggings. I do love my leggings) from KappAhl, but I think I might have to take them in a bit at the bottom.
I also bought a black skirt and a necklace from BikBok, both were on sale.
I absolutely love the necklace, because ever since my rocker days, I've been obsessed with dogtags,
but I just think normal dogtags look a bit brutal and not feminine enough for my taste.
This necklace has a really nice dogtag-like feel while still being feminine and simplistic.
Love it!

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New In - kind of.

2013-12-07, at 12:10:30
I just remembered that I've forgotten to show you what I bought during the Glam Rock cruise with Reckless Love,
and I've also forgotten to show you the awesome Christmas sweater I've bought.
The sweater's from a Finnish store called Tarjoustalo, which is kind of like Primark mixed with a drugstore,
only less awesome and with clothes of a crappier quality.
I'm in love with my Reckless Love t-shirt, although it's slightly too big for me.
I love oversize t-shirts, but this is almost too oversize, haha!
I also bought one for Emilia, since she couldn't be there with me, and she seemed quite sad about that.
I've been loving the "No oil oil" from Percy & Reed lately, it makes your hair super soft without making it feel greasy. All you have to do is pump one or two drops of it into your hand (which isn't enough for me, though, my hair needs at least three drops), rub your hands together a bit and then just comb your fingers all through your hair - and your hair is instantly much more softer and deeply nourished!
I also needed a new moisture cream for my face, because I get such awfully dry skin in the winter,
and this one from the Body Shop is the only cream so far that has actually worked on my skin.
I didn't really buy very much during the cruise, but I'm awfully happy with everything I bought!

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2013-11-09, at 11:58:33
These books landed in my mailbox a few days ago,
I ordered them at (as usual), and I was ecstatic when I finally got them!
Unfortunately, I have an enormous pile of books to read before I have the time to read these. :(

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New In.

2013-10-21, at 22:12:50
Here are the things I bought today.
Well, this and a new SD card for my camera, my old one was literally falling into pieces.
I love the sweater, it's the cosiest and softest sweater ever!
I was also really excited to try my new eos lip balm, and I absolutely adore it! I love the smell, and it makes 
your lips really soft and kissable.
Anyways, I should really head to bed now, I have school until half past three as usual tomorrow.
Good night! <3

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2013-10-14, at 18:42:53
I ordered this beanie from a few weeks ago,
and I almost got a bit worried when it took so long for it to arrive, so I was awfully happy to find 
the parcel waiting for me when I got home from school today.
I love the beanie, it's so soft and comfortable and it matches my hair perfectly!

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NEW IN: Autumn & Winter.

2013-10-07, at 15:44:23
Shoes - H&M, Lumberjack shirt - H&M, Jacket - Stadium, Leggings - H&M, Above the knuckle rings - H&M.
I wrote my last exam today, 
which was Maths. I probably fudged up, because it felt very easy... and I was finished with it
a lot earlier than most of the other students, so for the last half an hour or so I was just sitting there completely
paranoid, wondering "What have I missed? I've probably done something wrong... there's got to be
something funny about at least one of these questions... dear Merlin what have I missed?!"
Oh well, after I finished the exam, I went to Turku with my parents because they needed to buy meat
for soups or whatever.
I also felt like it was finally time for me to get a proper winter jacket,
because apparently it's unacceptable to live in Finland, where it's like -25 degrees Celsius during the winter,
if you don't have a winter jacket. It was quite expensive, but mum decided to be kind and buy it for me.
I just love how big and cozy it is! 
I also love, love, love the boots that I bought from H&M, after I first saw them on Sofia's blog.
I was so happy when I saw that they had them in 36 in the store, because 37 was much too big for me.
I'm also in love with my above the knuckle ring, apparently they're really trendy right now,
and it's gorgeous! (It's actually two separate rings, but I prefer wearing them together)
Overall, I'm really pleased with everything I bought, and they're things that I know I'll actually use too!

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New in: Burgundy.

2013-09-15, at 21:16:31
Skater Skirt - BikBok, Tangle Teezer - Sokos, Lip Pen - H&M, Duvet Cover Set - H&M Home.
I'm so utterly, ridiculously happy right now,
because I've finally gotten myself a tangle teezer! Brushing my hair is the worst thing ever, and it
used to take me up to 15 minutes to brush it out completely,
and sure, it's a real pain in the arse to brush my hair with the tangle teezer too,
but it's definitely much less of a pain in the arse than with a normal hairbrush.
I also found a gorgeous duvet cover set in H&M Home,
and I just had to have it! I'm so tired of all of my childish Ikea duvet cover sets, with their vivid colours
and odd patterns. I wanted something more mature.
I also fell in love with a burgundy skater skirt, it's a bit too long for me but I think I can make it work! :)
T-shirt - Sokos, Thermos Mug - Stockmann.
The t-shirt caught my eye the moment I walked into the store,
and I absolutely love the "quote" on it, because it reminds me of Christian.
There's also some kind of coffee-apocalypse going on in our school,
everyone seems to be walking around with a coffee cup in their hand,
so I thought this'd be the perfect moment to buy a thermos mug (in a gorgeous royal blue colour)
 so I can bring tea with me to school.
What a rebel I am. (Not!)
Shirt - BikBok.
The last thing I bought was this gorgeous shirt, again in a burgundy colour.
It has leather covered shoulders, and the leather also reaches over the top of the back-part.
It's so soft and comfy, especially in a slightly bigger size so you have room to move and cuddle up.
This was everything I bought today, it's quite a lot, but I love everything!
It's time for bed now, though, so good night lovelies! :)

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Danish gifts.

2013-09-05, at 10:27:55
My parents went to Denmark for dad's birthday,
and they bought me a few things there, which I really didn't expect at all and I'm so happy!
 Note how I'm sneakily trying to hide from the reflection behind my camera...
They gave me a miniature version of DKNY's new fragrance collection.
I really like all of the fragrances and I think the small bottles are really cute, perfect for keeping in your
handbag! (Or not, because they're not spray bottles, so if the cap comes off, your whole handbag will be soaked
in perfume...)
The blue and green fragrances are both very fresh, whereas the pink and yellow (which looks more clear
than yellow in the picture above) ones are a bit heavier. They're all very flowery, with a hint of fruitiness, mostly from citrus fruits. They all smell faintly like soap, which I suppose isn't a bad thing if you're going for
a fresh smell, but you really don't want to smell like you just stepped out of the shower either.
They also got me a french manicure set from O.P.I and a party pack of M&M's,
which, to those of you who don't know, is 1 kg of M&M's. 1 kg!!!
The gift I was the most excited about, though,
is this pair of silver earcuffs from Merete Fredelund. They look like a pair of snakes, 
but I'd strongly suggest only wearing one earcuff at a time, otherwise it'd be a bit over the top.
I feel like my ears are slightly too small for earcuffs, but these are actually a fairly decent size.
I love them! <3

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Jansport Fuzzy Leo Backpack.

2013-09-01, at 19:30:52
The delivery guy who delivered my bag scared the living daylight out of Whiskey,
because Whiskey was on his way out when the delivery guy came in through the door. 
I went downstairs to get the bag after the man had gone, and Whiskey was still crouching in the middle of the stairs. He also wouldn't go out alone, he was meowing persistently until Malin and I went outside with him.
Poor thing!

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New in.

2013-08-15, at 12:41:59
Beanie - One Way, Jeans - Gina Tricot, Soap dispenser - Tiger.
I'm so in love with my new Vans beanie.
Hi lovelies, I'm still in school, waiting for art class to begin.
I'll be home in about two hours, and I haven't got anything planned for the day so I'll probably just try to relax.
Or take a nap.
Have a lovely day! <3

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Soon in.

2013-07-24, at 15:28:34
I'm excited, but terrified, because the TV-series and the two first books broke me completely and I can't even begin to imagine how horrible the third book is going to be...

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Shopping with Grace.

2013-07-09, at 20:39:00
Everything I bought on Viking Line Grace during my trip back from Sweden.
I'm so pleased with everything, especially the Ted Baker ring. It's by far the most expensive ring I've bought, but soo worth it. My dad was convinced that it was too big for me, but it fits perfectly on my index finger.
The Chubby Stick from Clinique is something that I've been wanting for a really long time now, and I'm not disappointed by it. It's a very intense and lovely dark fuschia colour, perfect for summer!
The WESC t-shirt was on sale, and I just thought "why not?" even though green isn't really my colour. The fabric feels light, and it'll be perfect to run in. Love it!

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2013-07-06, at 13:52:00
I bought these two tops after I got home from camp last week.
I'm so in love with both tops, although I only noticed when I got home that the Jack Daniels one is the kind of top that's open on both sides and tied together in a knot at the bottom on each side. I bought it at a market-place, so I can't return it either.
I don't really have the figure for wearing tops like that, but I'm hoping I will have one day. :)

The Iron Maiden top's from H&M, and it's really weirdly shaped. S is too big on me, and I couldn't find any smaller, and it goes past my knees (#shortpeopleproblems), but I think it might work to sleep in during summer.
Overall, I'm so happy with both of them. <3

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2013-07-02, at 10:53:39
I bought these while shopping a while ago, and I never really got around to showing them to you.
The shirt's from BikBok (I think), and the pyjama shorts are from Cubus.
These are things that my friend brought me from London. Before she went there, I asked her if she could maybe bring me something small from London, and I meant like a small touristy thing or something, but noooooo. She brought me the loveliest Union Jack shirt ever, a book about English behaviour and a pin that says "I <3 London".
She also brought me candy, but that's long gone.
I have the world's bestest friends! <3

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New in: Make-up.

2013-06-15, at 19:16:20
I recently bought an eyeshadow from Gina Tricot and a concealer from Joe Blasco.
The concealer is a bit pricy, but definitely worth every cent! It covers everything!

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