White Musk and Smoky Rose.

2014-04-21, at 14:40:00
I saw a post about The Body Shop over at >Adara's blog< a while ago,
and I remembered that I've completely forgotten to tell you about my favourite fragrance mist/perfume that I bought in January when we were in Belgium.
I think it smells amazing, and all of my friends seem to like it too! It's very rich, almost in a sensual way,
but it's still not too heavy.
Sadly, I haven't been able to find it anywhere in Finland, so I'll probably have to order it online after I've finished this bottle. I've had it for a few moths, though, and I've barely used any of it, so it lasts for quite a while.

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How I Met Your Mother.

2014-03-31, at 14:28:47


I can't deal with the fact that How I Met Your Mother ends today,
the final episode will air tonight and then nine seasons will be over. Forever.
HIMYM is one of those shows that you don't think very much of at first, but after you get into it,
you can't stop watching it. It's cosy, hilarious and dramatic all at the same time,
and I will miss it greatly.

It's always sad when a series you love ends, but I think this might be one of the worse cases for me.


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It's a MAD world.

2014-03-08, at 10:48:00
In honour of the International Women's Day,
madlady.se have 20% off on everything at their store (apart from the things that were already on sale).
I think this is really nice of them, that they acknowledge the day like this.
Here are three of my current wanties:
1 // 2 // 3
 All of the pictures are from madlady.se

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Spectacular savings

2014-03-03, at 17:33:46
Every now and then,
they have a 25-hour sale over at bookdepository.co.uk with completely mental prices.
The books are insanely cheap, but there's one catch -
every book is on sale for just half an hour, and then the book changes to another one.
The next sale is tomorrow, so if you want to get your hands on (almost) free books,
you should definitely head over there tomorrow at 9 a.m. GMT.

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2014-02-22, at 13:43:19
Time: 12:41 AM
Place: Melody's bed
Event: Hyperventilation
I was just about to fall asleep last night when I decided to check my Instagram one last time,
and saw that Cyr had uploaded a new picture.
I decided to leave a slightly cheeky comment on the picture, and a minute later I was hyperventilating.
Cyr actually replied to my comment! I am over the moon!
If you want to check his videos out
(I guarantee you, he's an exceptionally great video maker)
you can find him on any of these three channels:
>Vincent Cyr< >IamCyr< >Cyr<
(And no, I have absolutely no idea why he has three youtube channels)

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Are you Mad enough?

2014-02-19, at 15:48:27
> 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 <
All of the pictures are borrowed from madlady.se.
I've always been a fan of Madlady's clothes,
I think they're really edgy but still comfy looking. I've yet to order anything from there, though,
since I'm not really a big fan of ordering clothes online.
I thought I'd show you a few of the pieces I love from their new arrivals, though.
I would love to own the red sweater!

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New favourite app.

2014-02-17, at 12:39:00
I've found a new favourite app,
that is calming and has really beautiful graphics. So it's quite the opposite to Flappy Bird,
apart from one aspect: it's simplistic.
The goal of the game is to jump from planet to planet (the planets are spinning so you have to tap the screen at the right moment so that you don't miss the next planet and end up drifting away in space) and to
fulfill the achievements.
It actually reminds me a bit of the Mario Galaxy games! 
It's available for both Android and iOS, so try it!

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The Sign of Four (or is it Three?)

2014-02-05, at 17:23:54
Benedict Cumberbatch recently appeared in Sesame Street,
and it might just be the cutest thing ever.
I think Benedict will be a great father someday, if he ever has any children. :)

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Promise ;)

2013-12-10, at 19:50:38
Hello everyone!
I got back from Turku a while ago, where I managed to get the rest of my Christmas shopping done,
and mum and dad did some Christmas shopping too (I sneakily informed my mum that I'd seen a gorgeous Estee Lauder lipstick in Stockmann... to be honest, I've wanted "Hot Lava" for quite a while now).
Dad also bought me a new suitcase that I'll be getting on Christmas, because I don't know whether I've told you or not - but I'm going to Belgium in January! I'm so excited!
I still have lots and lots of schoolwork to get done tonight, so I'll leave you with this hilarious clip of Mr. Cumberbatch reading some very interesting lyrics. And making it sound even sexier than it is.
Good night in advance! <3

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New wallpaper.

2013-12-09, at 08:38:33
I decided that it was time for a new wallpaper for my Chromebook,
so I scrolled around wallbase.cc for a while until I found this one.
I love it because it's not too festive, but it's still very wintery and cozy, if that makes any sense?
Do you have a festive or wintery wallpaper on your computer? :)

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Jacksgap hit 3M!

2013-11-20, at 09:45:45
Hi guys!
I don't have an exam today, so I just woke up to the wonderful news that Jack and Finn harries have reached 3 million subscribers on their youtube channel!
A while ago, I was contacted by a girl called Kaiti, who wanted to make a video with Jacksgap fans from around the world, congratulating Jack and Finn. I, of course, accepted, and since they reached their 3 million subscribers now, the video was uploaded on Kaiti's channel.
Above you can watch the final product, where I'm featured somewhere around 04:05. :)

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Good Morning Stockholm!

2013-11-10, at 08:51:22
Last night was an odd night for me.
Reckless Love started playing around half past 12, and they were done sometime around 2. 
I must've looked a bit tipsy when I was making my way back to the cabin, because I'd been jumping around in heels all evening, and I was high on Love. Reckless Love.
The concert was unbelievably amazing,
all of those high-pitched screams were done without playback, they played a lot of songs from their new album and they also played a lot of songs from their old albums. The crowd was amazing and it felt like a great, big party. I can truly say I was "So happy I could die".
I didn't take very many pictures,
I only snapped a few right at the beginning and then I left my bag in a back room.
I don't think you should experience a concert through a camera lense, but I have some really sweet mental
images of Olli's abs. ;)

One more thing before I finish typing this: Olli's a sex god on stage. There are no words to describe how sexy he is, and I feel truly sorry for everyone who wasn't there to witness it yesterday.

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Glam Rock Cruise.

2013-11-09, at 15:02:52
The reason I've been so excited for today,
is the glam rock cruise on Viking Grace. Reckless Love, and a couple other bands are playing there tonight,
and since Reckless Love is one of my favourite bands, I decided I'm going. And dad didn't really have a say in it, haha. ;) Nah but he was OK with it, so once again: The perks of having a dad that works at Viking Line.

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Eos lip balm.

2013-10-22, at 21:53:03
As you probably know already,
I bought an eos lip balm yesterday, and I thought I'd make a quick "review" with my opinions on it.
I bought mine from Kicks, and it cost me about 10€, which I think is extremely expensive for a lip balm, but you
get a lot of product for your money.
First of all, I really love the packaging. The balms come in a variety of wonderful colours, I'd love to own them all someday. They're small enough to keep in your pocket, yet big enough to keep in your handbag
(I think lip balms are usually very difficult to find in your handbag if you have a bigger handbag). They're a fun
shape, and they're perfect to juggle with!
They smell really nice, mine smells of pomegranate and raspberry. The scent isn't too heavy or too overpowering, the balm itself tastes slightly sweet but doesn't taste sickeningly sweet like some other lip balms do. 
The most important aspect, though, is how well it moisturizes your lips. I've only had mine for a day,
but my lips are already smooth and silky, and not at all chapped anymore. I usually get very dry lips during Autumn and Winter, so it's nice to finally have found something that actually works!
All in all, I'd give it five out of five kisses.

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My man-crush.

2013-10-22, at 19:43:55
One of my favourite youtubers,
Troye Sivan, just hit 1 million subscribers on youtube, something he really deserves.
He's funny, clever, nerdy, gorgeous and gay, and I don't think it's possible to find a more perfect man anywhere.
Seriously. He's still so very young, and I believe he'll become a big celebrity someday if he continues like this.

This video had me in tears, that's how funny he is (especially his "what"):
And his "1 million subscribers"-tweet was just too precious:
So, waste no time and start stalking Troye Sivan right away, it only costs you your soul. ;)

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2013-10-19, at 09:51:19
While "normal" teenage girls spend their evenings looking for clothes online,
I spent my evening yesterday scrolling through bookdepository.co.uk, looking for books to add to my wishlist.
These are just some of the books I found (and want), but I think it's quite enough for now. 
I don't know whether I'll order them, or just keep them looking pretty in my wishlist.
If you'd like to see what else is on my wishlist, you can do so >here<.

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2013-10-14, at 10:17:04
I decided to put together a small collage with Harry Potter stuff that I want,
from bookdepository.co.uk. It's not a lot, but it's very expensive. 105€ for a box set is crazy,
but it's a lot cheaper than buying a box set in a book shop.
The small cage with Hedwig in it can be used as a necklace, and I think it's utterly adorable!

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Dumb Ways to Die on Android.

2013-10-10, at 10:20:45
I was so happy yesterday when I noticed that Dumb Ways to Die is available on Play Store,
because I've watched all of lonniedos' videos playing the game, and I absolutely love the song.
It's so fun, but a bit challenging though. 
Also, in case you haven't seen it yet, here's my cover of the song:

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Ode to a Nightingale.

2013-09-30, at 16:56:27
Whenever I feel stressed and I feel like I need to relax,
I listen to this. Benedict's voice is the most gorgeous voice on this earth.
His voice is so relaxing, and it feels as if it surrounds you while you listen to him reading.
It probably helps with insomnia too!

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Roar - Katy Perry (Lip Dub)

2013-09-08, at 16:39:58
Joey and Meghan made a lip dub of Katy Perry's new single "Roar",
and I'm absolutely in love with the video! I don't usually find smoking attractive, at all, but since I know
Joey's not actually smoking (it's water cigarettes that taste like candy or something),
I can't help thinking that he's bloody gorgeous. And sexy.
But really, smoking is bad and not sexy at all.

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