Naildesign: Strawberries.

2013-08-30, at 20:32:08
Here are the nails I painted on Malin today,
and as you can probably see, I'm still rubbish at painting other people's nails.
I like doing it, though, because it gives you a chance to bond for a while and of course,
I get to practice painting other people's nails.

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Naildesign: The Great Gatsby.

2013-08-21, at 17:12:41
Since I had a bit of spare time today, I decided to do something that I haven't done in a very long time;
I painted my nails! Like, properly, not just a single colour, but actual nail-art.
I don't think I've done any nail-art in at least a year, and it really sucks because I remember when I had the time to do nail-art almost every single weekend and I did lots of cool designs on my nails and I was good at it because it was a proper passion of mine, and now I barely even have time to paint them just a solid colour.
It goes without saying that I'm a bit rusty,
but I think it turned out OK. My nails are also a fair bit shorter than I'm used to, because mum was complaining so much about how long my nails were so I just had to cut them.
I feel handicapped now, as always, because I haven't gotten used to the length of my nails yet and my fingers are constantly bumping into things.
Do you like painting your nails? :)

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Nailpolish: Birthday Girl.

2013-03-15, at 08:00:41
I think I forgot to show you what my nails look like now, but they're a really lovely silver colour! I absolutely love this polish! I think it's called Birthday Girl from O.P.I.
I'm going to use this nailpolish in some form of nail-art soon!

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Naildesign: OPI + Orly.

2013-03-01, at 08:47:00
I love my nails right now, they're so gorgeous! The only bad thing is that the purple glitter polish is impossible to get off.

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Naildesign: Designer nails.

2013-02-15, at 18:55:45
Emmi left about an hour ago, after I finished painting her nails. This was the result, a french manicure with the Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci logos.
Like I said earlier, I'm not used to painting other people's nails, but Emmi seemed happy with the result so I am too! :)

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Naildesign: Pink meets gold.

2013-01-10, at 20:12:49
Something simple, to ease my way back into the nail-art universe! 

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Orly: Can't Be Tamed.

2012-12-29, at 16:26:13
1. Orly: Can't Be Tamed in the bottle.
2. Orly: Can't Be Tamed on top of O.P.I: Live and Let Die.
When I photographed the polishes I got for Christmas, I completely forgot to show you this gorgeous polish from Orly. It's a very glammy, purple glitterpolish that acts as a topcoat. I am so in love with this polish, and I've already thought of a thousand different manicures that I'm going to use it for!

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O.P.I Skyfall Collection: Live and Let Die.

2012-12-29, at 16:17:32
So this is what the Live and Let Die polish looks like on your nails. It was really hard to capture the colour, but it looks very black on the nails. In the right light, though, it looks more green like it does in the bottle.
I think it's a gorgeous colour, brilliant if you want something darker but you feel like black is too dull.

Like I already said,  the formula is amazing, and two thin coats is enough for an even coverage.

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Almost French.

2012-12-20, at 10:45:00
I wanted something simple for Christmas, but I didn't want to do a french manicure because I'm still self-conscious about the length of my nails and a french would really show just how short they are. So I went for silver nails with a very thin blue stripe on the tip, which elongates my nails.

They look kind of crappy though, because I haven't done any nail-art in like... ages!

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Nailtutorial: Bloody claws

2012-10-19, at 17:00:28
I started out by cutting them like above, then I strengthened them using the method I described >here<.
That's completely optional though, I just chose to strengthen them because they break easier when you cut them like this.
After you've done that, take a make-up sponge and a red nailpolish, and dab it lightly on 1/3 of the nail, like in the picture above above.
Then take a black polish and dab that over the very tip of the nail lightly.
Take a darker red polish and dab that halfway up the red part of your nail.
Take a semi-transparent red polish and paint it over the red so it creates a bloody look.
Apply a topcoat to blend the colours together and to protect your manicure, clean up whatever nailpolish  you might have gotten on your skin and voilà! You're done! :)
That was easy, wasn't it?

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Get those claws out!

2012-10-15, at 20:39:49
They're not finished yet, btw.

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My nailpolishcollection

2012-10-13, at 19:16:34
A reader requested that I'd show you my collection of nailpolishes, so I'll begin by showing you how I store them. In a drawer, completely unorganized, but I always seem to manage to find what I need anyway.
These are all my nailpolishes (and my dead cactus), and as you might have noticed, I don't really own any "fancy" nailpolishes like OPI or China Glaze. I'd love to though, and there are a few polishes in China Glaze's Hunger Games collection that I would kill for!

These are my nailpolishes from Flamar (I think), the three to the left are crackle polishes and the three to the right are Long Wear polishes. The bluish one to the right is the most gorgeous one out of these six, it changes colour depending on the lighting, so sometimes it's purple and sometimes it's a darker shade of green.

Colours from left to right: Black - 677, Reddish brown - 357, Aqua - 657, Sparkly purple - 557, Red glitter - 265, Neon orange - 341, Yellow - 749, Darker pink - 342, Light pink/beige - 251.
These are my MNY (Maybelline) polishes, I personally love these, although they vary quite a lot in quality, texture et.c. I love that you can find them almost everywhere (since it's a drugstore brand), they're cheap, you get a lot of polish for your money, and they come in many different colours. They're all very well pigmented too, so I'll stick to MNY forever when I need a new black nailpolish!

Madriel w152, Carissa w159, Bombay w80, Summer Neon w52, Montana w1, Bellie Up w2.
These are my Wild and Crazy polishes, that I bought from a Finnish store called Seppälä, so I don't know if you can find them anywhere else. You probably can though.
To be honest, I love the pink and purple ones, but the rest are just rubbish. The gold one requires at least a gazillion coats before it looks like solid gold, and the black and white ones had a weird consistency from the very beginning.
These are all very old though, and should probably have been thrown out a year ago or so.
Nubar: Neon Yellow - NAP118, Neon Pumpkin - NAP114, Neon Pink - NAP117, Neon Lime - NAP120.
Rio: Deep Red - 2 (I think), Sparkly Pink - 5 (I think), Greenish Gold - 1 (I think).
I don't use my nail-art polishes very often, apart from when I actually need the colour, like the deep red or the slimy green.
The Nubar ones are very runny in their consistency, and not very well pigmented at all, so they're not something I'd recommend.
The Rio ones I got for Christmas last year, and they're amazing, so no complaints there.

My topcoats and glitter polishes (I have a Vogue glitter polish too, but I'll show you that one later), the two topcoats to the left are both the same, it's the Top 2 Bottom polish by Orly, the one in the middle is a hardener by Thuya, the gold glitter polish is one I created myself and the silver one is a rubbish drugstore one that won't dry no matter how many hours you wait.
I used to have so much trouble with growing my nails long, and I used the hardener all the time for about a year, but now my nails are a lot harder all by themselves so I don't really need it anymore. Plus, you can't have it as a basecoat, because then your naildesign won't dry at all, and if you use it as a topcoat, it takes away some of the intensity of the colours. But as a hardener, it works great!
H&M - My Favorite Jeans, Dermoshop Devoted - Rock, Lindex (I think) - 32, Lindex (I think) - 34, Dermoshop Devoted - Walz, Dermoshop Devoted - Tango.
A few odd nailpolishes, ones that I don't use very much. The Dermoshop ones should also have been thrown out by now, but I'm lazy when it comes to that.
Orly - Witch's Blue, Orly - Hype, Konad - Red, Konad - Black, Konad - White, Nivea - Sugar 01, Happy Colours - 371, Happy Colours - 30.

A few odd polishes, once again. The Orly ones are probably the fanciest ones I own, and the Konad ones are obviously for stamping and the three polishes to the right belong in the rubbish bin.
Wet n Wild - Frosted Fuschia, Mavala - 244 Ruby, Lumene - 18 Farewells, The Color Workshop - H2.

I never use any of these (although I did use the Lumene one for a Bloody Mary design once), and I think they're butt-ugly. Apart from the Lumene one, but it turns a chocolaty brown once it dries.
Vogue Fantastic - Azul Indigo 52, Vogue Fantastic - Amatista 48, H&M - Envy Me, Lumene - 2 Have Fun, Orly - Witch's Blue, Eveline Party Colours - 406.

These are my favourite polishes.
The Vogue Fantastic Amatista one used to be a light purple glitterpolish, but faded into a silver one. I don't mind, it's pretty anyway. H&M's Envy Me is probably my favourite polish of all time, it's such a deep, luscious emerald colour, but sadly I can't find it in the stores anymore. The Lumene polish is on this list because it's amazing, it's very well pigmented and the consistency is amazing!
The blue polishes are very similar in colour, but the Orly one is a bit richer. The Vogue one is a striper though, and I love that because then I don't need a brush for that one.
The silver polish is a very holographic, gorgeous polish, which works great with Orly's Witch's Blue, to create a fabulous Ravenclaw design.

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Naildesign: Dare to Dream

2012-10-03, at 18:25:33

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Naildesign: Galaxy nails

2012-09-15, at 16:53:12
I've tried this design before, and that time it ended up like crap, but then today I decided to try it again, and I am sooooooooooooo happy with the result! :)

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Naildesign: Batnails

2012-09-09, at 19:09:26

... Nananananananana Batman!

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Naildesign: Watermelon nails

2012-08-14, at 09:51:32
Painted these nails on my left hand last night, so now I have Avengers nails on one hand and watermelon nails on one hand.
Would anyone like a tutorial? :)

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Naildesign: The Avengers

2012-08-10, at 17:49:47
The Avengers nails that I've been painting today. The Hulk and Thor couldn't make it onto the nails, and I'm not very pleased with the nails at all, but the colours are nice.
I was completel obsessed with the movie (and still am), and I've been wanting to paint my nails in an Avengers theme for ages now, so finally I sat down and actually did it!

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Naildesigns: Pride-nails!

2012-08-07, at 18:01:00
So sorry for Instagram pictures..
Before we went to Turku yesterday, I painted JamJam's and my nails (at 09:30 in the morning..)
The top nails are JamJam's, and the bottom ones are mine. I decided to add a twist to mine by painting them as a french manicure. :)

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Naildesign: Silver foil

2012-08-01, at 17:09:23
I tried a kind of nail foil today. To those who don't know what nail foil is, it's not like a nail sticker that you just put on the nail, it's a thin sheet of foil that you rub onto your nail after applying adhesive.
I think it reacted weirdly with my topcoat, because it kinda cracked, and it lost the effect it had earlier.
I might upload a picture of what the foil itself looks like, if anyone's interested?

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Naildesigns: Puzzle and ombre nails

2012-07-24, at 22:53:20
I started painting puzzle nails today, but after just one nail I realized that it would take ages to paint them all, so I decided to just go for a simple, pink ombre on the rest of the nails.
It looks a teeny tiny bit weird with the puzzle nail, but I'm fine with it!

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