Book Looks.

2014-05-30, at 20:24:53
A while ago I discovered a youtuber called Whitney through Joey Graceffa's Storytellers series,
and I fell completely in love with her videos and her personality. She's a book nerd who collects antique books, she's a bit of an Anglophile and she has an incredible sense of style.
The videos that I loved the most were her Book Looks videos,
where she creates outfits inspired by her favourite books. Her latest Book Looks video
inspired by James Bond is incredibly well-made and gorgeous!

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Hot and Hotter.

2014-04-04, at 18:03:16
I've found the most brilliant car commercial ever,
the car is gorgeous and the man sitting inside of it is even more gorgeous.
I am, of course, talking about Tom Hiddleston. And the car?
An F-type Jaguar. *drools*
The commercial's also very cleverly made to attract fangirls,
what with Tom Hiddleston teaching you how to master the Art of Villainy and everything.

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