The Winner.

2013-10-21, at 18:08:00
If you won,
could you please e-mail me as soon as possible ( so that I'll get your
address et.c.
Also, the winner was chosen with, so I didn't have anything to do with who won and who didn't. 
Just pointing that out.
To those of you who didn't win: There'll be other chances to win stuff in the future, so don't be sad. :)
A huge thank you to everyone who participated!

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Contest closed!

2013-10-20, at 20:54:42
As you can see, the contest in collaboration with is now closed.
The winner won't be revealed yet, though, but I can promise you that I'll reveal the winner tomorrow around 6 p.m.
(As will the rest of Be Younique)
Keep your fingers crossed that you're the winner! :)

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Contest with

2013-10-11, at 17:00:00
The contest ends on October 20th.
For a bigger chance of winning,
you can either:

- Write a blog post about the contest and link it in your comment.
- Link this post on facebook. (If you decide to do that, you can send me a printscreen by e-mail or something).
The rest of the girls from Be Younique are having contests on their blogs, too,
so if you feel like winning hair extensions, leggings et.c,
you should check the contests on their blogs!

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They found him.

2013-07-29, at 10:04:37
That's where he was hiding. ;)
Those who spotted him in the picture were:

Well done to them! 

About my post last night, I really want my blog to be a happy place, but sometimes you just need to vent.

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Find the cat!

2013-07-28, at 09:58:09
I know I've done this before, but Whiskey really likes hiding next to our pond.
My cat Whiskey is hiding somewhere in this picture, and if you leave a comment telling me where you think he is, and it's correct, you'll get a link in one of my posts. :)
I'll leave it up for like... a day, so you have until tomorrow morning!

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Compete at!

2013-04-17, at 16:16:39
My fellow Be Younique-buddy Victoria is having a contest on her blog, in collaboration with, where you can win a pair of ear gauges of your choice!
Go and check it out!

Picture Mundunged ("stolen" in Harry Potterish) from Victoria's blog, the picture links to the contest post.

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Contest @ JoySilver.

2013-03-31, at 23:35:11
The theme of this contest is to photograph something you love, and I, of course, chose a photo of my dear Whiskey. He's the apple of my eye, and words can't describe how much I love this little dork. <3

The winner of the contest receives 200 SEK to shop at Idiwa for.
You can get to the contest by clicking >here< or any of the pictures above.
If I won, I'd use the check to buy >this<, >this< and >this<.

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The contest is over.

2013-02-24, at 19:34:00
I let decide the winner of the contest, and Sofie was the lucky winner this time! I've sent you an e-mail and I would appreciate if you could answer it as quickly as possible! :)
If you didn't win, don't fret, there will be other contests in the future! :)

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Don't forget!

2013-02-23, at 22:38:32
Don't forget to participate in the contest where you can win the dreamcatcher-necklace on the picture above!
The contest ends tomorrow, and you can participate by clicking >here< or on the picture!

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Contest: Dreamcatcher - necklace.

2013-02-17, at 17:53:30
It's time for the contest I talked about yesterday! The prize is nothing fancy, really, just a dreamcatcher-necklace that I made myself. The "chain" is ~90 cm long, and it's hand-plaited by me.
I will use to draw the winner.
The contest ends next Sunday (24.2), and the winner will be announced then too.
- Leave a comment on this post, saying that you want to participate. Don't forget your e-mail!
For a bigger chance of winning:
- Write a post about my competition on your blog/facebook/tumblr et.c, link that post in your comment.
- Follow me on bloglovin' >here<.
Mention in your comment if you've done any of those.

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