Flappy Bird.

2014-02-02, at 11:12:00
I have a small confession to make.
I'm addicted to Flappy Bird, and even though it's a love/hate relationship, i still can't stop playing it.
If you don't know what Flappy Bird is, it's an app available for both Android and iOS where you play as a bird that's kidnapped the tubes from Mario.
To fly, you tap the screen (repeatedly), and your goal is to pass through as many tubes as possible.
It sounds very simplistic - and it is. But it's devilishly difficult. Like, really.
You probably won't believe me until you try it, but it's sooo difficult.
Flappy Bird has taken over the world in just a few days,
everyone who's anyone plays it. Most of the youtubers I watch have already confessed that they're addicted to it.
And all of the players are equally frustrated.
Warning: This game might or might not cause you to throw your phone at the wall/out a window/under a car/
into the sea/down a balcony/into the toilet.
Do you play Flappy Bird, and if you do - what's your high score?

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Confession time.

2013-08-08, at 12:50:42
This has really been bugging me lately, because so many people around me have been using the :P smiley and I honestly can't stand it. Not because I think it's annoying, or childish or anything.
It's just that when I'm typing out a loooong, deep message, I really don't want to see that fudging smiley in your reply. Because it makes me feel like you're not taking me seriously or you're making fun of me and my opinions.
Protip: If someone says they don't like the :P smiley, please, for the love of Merlin,
don't reply with "Okay :P" 
Are there any smileys you can't stand?

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Confession time

2013-07-16, at 16:34:18
This is something I really need to work on...

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1 challenge, 8 confessions, 5 nominations.

2013-03-03, at 19:36:48
Anna nominated me for a blogchallenge where I'm supposed to write 8 confessions about myself, which took me some time to put together, but I'm done now. Anna's an amazing blogger, who is very interested in movies. She works as a director and a personal assistant, and makes movies of her own. Her blog's also filled with a lot of humour, and it's a great place to look if you're looking for a nice movie to watch! She's also a fellow redhead! ;)
1. I used to think I wanted to become a lawyer, because they make a lot of money, but then I realised that life is too short to think only about money and not about your own happiness.

2. I was completely obsessed with Sex and the City about a year or two ago, which made me think I wanted to live in New York, and I also started to act like Carrie a bit.

3. When I’m texting/chatting with someone, and I use smileys, I usually do the smileys in real life too without thinking about it. Which means I’m sitting there going like :) :/ :c :s :D :3 D: Not very attractive, and people probably think I’m a psycho or something.

4. I actually like Justin Bieber. I mean, I’m not a Belieber, but I think some of his songs are quite good and he’s very handsome. I really don’t get why people are so insistent on hating him.

5. An enormous pet peeve of mine is when girls wear heels that are much too high for them, when they really can’t walk in them. I mean, if you’re going to wear heels, you need to know your limits, because some people just can’t walk in 16 cm heels. Also, practice walking at home before you leave the house, I’m begging you!

6. I am ridiculously spoiled, I really can’t cook (without setting anything on fire or making the kitchen look as if a bomb exploded in there) and I don’t think I’ve ever even touched a washing machine... Do I have to mention I’m going to die when I move away from home?

7. All my life, I’ve lived in a small town with a population of ~12.000 people. Add to that my poor sense of direction and you can easily figure out what a shock London will be to me.

8. This is something I’ve mentioned before, but it’s very important. I’m an introvert, which means that I have a “social battery,” and that whenever I’m around people, it drains my “battery” and after a while I’m really not fun to be around. I need at least a few hours to myself every day, otherwise I’ll become grumpier than the grumpy cat.
The people I nominate for this challenge are:
1. Victoria, she's my fellow blogger-buddy, she has impeccable taste in clothes (and men, and hair, and music, and just about everything), and her blog's filled with wonderfully inspirational pictures! She also has a kind of alternative style, so if you're into that, then you should definitely check out her blog! 
2. Naima, she's an 18-year-old girl from my town who loves fashion and photography, and she's Rihanna's Official Ambassador in Sweden (how cool is that?!). She blogs about fashion for men, and in her blog you can also read a lot about her thoughts and other wonderful things. Her blog's filled with gorgeous photographs, and it's definitely worth reading!
3. Joy, she's a 19-year-old girl who blogs about anything and everything. The most important thing for her is to spread happiness and love, and her blog is full of wonderful pictures and helpful tips. Her design is one of the most gorgeous designs I've ever seen, and Joy herself is a real beauty!
4. Madeleine, she blogs about fashion, a lot. Her outfits are always very inspiring, and Madeleine is very beautiful. She sure knows a lot about fashion, and knows which trends to follow. 
5. Carolina, she runs the biggest emo/scene blog in Skåne, she's a gamer chick and she loves the Black Veil Brides. She also posts a lot about alternative fashion and inspirational pictures. Lately she's also posted some great advice on important issues, which I really admire her for! Definitely worth a read!

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Potterhead for life.

2013-02-21, at 00:10:00
My sister gave me two Harry Potter books for Christmas, just a week before I was about to turn 11. I read the first book during that week, and the day before I was about to turn 11, I was desperately hoping that I'd get a Hogwarts letter the following day.

Harry Potter started to become increasingly important to me. The characters were my friends throughout all of the bullying, loneliness and self-loathing. The Harry Potter books have taught me a great deal about life, and they've made me a more tolerant and open-minded person. The books taught me that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being smart and getting good grades (although that's basically the worst crime you can commit as a 12-14-year-old girl). Harry was my friend, when I had no one else.
Luna taught me that there's nothing wrong with being a bit quirky or weird. Dumbledore taught me that everyone, no matter how great of a sorcerer you are, can make mistakes, and that love can sometimes make you do something bad. He also taught me that happiness can always be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. Sirius taught me that there's nothing quite as important as your friends, and that you should remain loyal to them no matter what. Remus taught me that not everything is what it seems, and that you shouldn't judge someone on prejudices you might have. McGonagall taught me that no matter how old you are, you can still be the coolest BAMF alive. Hermione taught me that books and cleverness isn't everything, but that it certainly can come in handy from time to time. Neville taught me that just because someone's seemed shy and cowardly his whole life, it doesn't mean he can't step up and be braver than everyone else when he has to. Ron taught me that if you make a wrong decision, and you find yourself somewhere you don't want to be (or away from someone you want to be with), you can find a way back by listening to your heart. Fred and George taught me that sometimes, during tough times, people really need a laugh, and that we should appreciate those who are able to make us laugh even in the darkest of times. Percy taught me that sometimes you have to defy your family to get to where you want to be in life, but that in the end, family is more important than any career. Arthur taught me that we should embrace the unknown without prejudices, and instead approach it with curiosity. Molly taught me that as long as you love the people around you, no crowd is too big. Not even when you have 7 children. Petunia taught me that even a seemingly terrible person can do the right thing, and open her home to someone who needs it. Draco taught me that sometimes we don't have a choice, and we have to do something we know is wrong, even though we don't want to. Lily taught me that no love is greater than the love a mother feels for her child. James taught me that if you just keep trying, you can achieve anything, even a date with Lily Evans who's hated you since you first started school. Snape taught me that some people are really complicated, and not at all what they first appear to be. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, so to speak.
The Harry Potter actors are all wonderful people, Evanna has really meant a lot to me, because she basically is Luna. They've also taught me a lot about life, and Emma's determination when it comes to her studies has been a very big inspiration to me.
J.K.Rowling inspired me to start writing, and she's such an amazing person and such an amazing role model for me. I want to be just like her one day.
"I mean, is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is ‘fat’ worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’ or ‘cruel’?" - J.K.Rowling.
The Harry Potter fandom has opened up its doors to me, and I've found many a new friend on the internet. It's amazing how welcoming Potterheads can be (even though we, of course, have our share of scumbags). 

"If any Potterhead ever needs a helping wand, I'll help
It does not matter which house you're in
And it does not matter if I know you or not
But because you're a Potterhead...

... we're family." - Melody Moonchild
So imagine my horror when I noticed that I'm starting to slip away from the fandom, and that my love for Harry Potter is starting to fade. I have completely built my whole existence around Harry Potter, Harry Potter is the very core of who I am. Take away my music, take away my humour, take away all of my other fandoms, and the only thing left is Harry Potter. I use HP-references on a daily basis, and I know more HP-jokes than I know jokes about blondes. I already have my HP-tattoos all planned out. I have more HP-friends than I have Muggle friends, and I feel like Hogwarts is where I truly belong. But I really don't have time to re-read the books anymore, I don't have time to watch the movies anymore, I don't even have time to do admin-work on the HP page I admin anymore. 
I really don't know what I'd be without Harry Potter, and I don't think I ever want to find out, because I'd probably be a terrible human being. I'm so scared that I'll lose the magic, and right now I'm doing everything I can to keep the magic alive. I'm going to re-read at least one of the books, although I have heaps of schoolwork I need to get done during this break. But if I lose Harry Potter, I lose everything I know about myself.
This was a rule I used to live by, I thought that I would only ever be able to date hardcore-Potterheads, but then Christian came along and I fell so hard. I love him so much, even though he's not the most hardcore-Potterhead I know (I know that he actually likes Harry Potter, and I made him watch the first movie with me when he was here last time). A year ago, I never thought that this would be possible. 
This song describes my situation perfectly. I need to make the same journey that Harry did, to get back to where it all began, to where my love was at its strongest. Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls is also the best w-rock band in the entire world, and I absolutely adore his music!
Say it is nothing,
Say that it will all just go away.
I can't remember when I,
Felt so lost and afraid.
I believe in old magic,
And I believe in all that is good.
I know that I can do this,
If he believed that I could.

I'm off to the Hallows,
To end this war,
And make things right.
I'm off to the Hallows,
And I'll be back when,
Voldemort gives up his life.

So I'll gather up what's needed,
Say goodbye to all then I'm out the door.
In search of four belongings,
That hold so much more.
One by one I will destroy them.
One by one I will take him to the grave.
I'm not letting him continue,
This deathly crusade.

There's no turning back now.
I must start where this began.
In Godric's Hollow I will find out,
Who I am

I'm so sorry for the long post, but I needed to get this off my chest.

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2013-01-18, at 22:43:04
A cheeky list about me. With heaps of smileys. Because that's what I'm really like. Not like when I'm blogging and have to stay classy.

Are you single? ➔ Nope.

Are you happy? ➔ I'm both happy and sad.
Are you angry? ➔ Not right now, no.
Are your parents still married? ➔ Yes, they are. :)

Birth Place? ➔ Turku, Finland.
Hair Color? ➔ Natural is golden blonde, but right now I'm a redhead.
Eye Color? ➔ They change, but usually a blueish grey.
Birthday? ➔ January 1st.
Mood? ➔ A bit melancholic.
Gender? ➔ Isn't that quite obvious, haha? 
Lefty or Righty? ➔ LEFTY! :3
Summer or winter? ➔ Neither, autumn!
Morning or afternoon? ➔ Afternoon.

Are you in love? ➔ Very much so. <3
Do you believe in love at first sight? ➔ Yes, deffo. :)
Who ended your last relationship? ➔ Uhm, I'm not quite sure. We both did? Kind of?
Have you ever broken someone’s heart? ➔ Yeh.
Have you hugged someone within the last week? ➔ Do friends count?
Have you ever had a secret admirer? ➔ Nooo, because I've always been the geeky girl that no one likes. :c
Have you ever broken your own heart? ➔ Yes, but I did it for someone else.

Love or lust? ➔ Love.
Lemonade or iced tea? ➔ Iced tea!!! 
Cats or Dogs? ➔ Cats. Meow. :3
A few best friends or many regular friends? ➔ A few best friends (I love you girls <3)
Television or internet? ➔ Internet. Gosh, I'm not stupid.
Pepsi or Coke? ➔ Pepsi all the way, hey!
Wild night out or romantic night in? ➔ Romantic night in, I'm not the partying kind. 
Day or night? ➔ Night, deffo.
IM or Phone? ➔ Phone.

Been caught sneaking out? ➔ Nope, I don't do that kind of stuff.
Fallen down/up the stairs? ➔ How do you fall UP the stairs? O.o
White water rafted? ➔ No?
Finished an entire jawbreaker? ➔ Eh, no.
Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? ➔ Yes. 
Prank called a store? ➔ No.
Skipped school? ➔ No comment...
Wanted to disappear? ➔ Yesh.

Smile or eyes? ➔ Eyes!
Light or dark hair? ➔ That depends on the person, doesn't it? 
Shorter or Taller? ➔ Is it even possible to be shorter than me? :s
Intelligence or Attraction? ➔ A year ago, I would've answered intelligence, but now it's definitely attraction.
Hook-up or Relationship? ➔ Relationship.
Funny and poor OR rich and serious? ➔ Funny and poor, definitely!


Last Phone Call? ➔ Eh, can't recall. (Now laugh!)
Last phone call you received? ➔ Probably from my grandma.
Last person you hung out with? ➔ My girls at school. :3
Last thing you ate? ➔ Polly. I feel sick now. :c
Last thing you drank? ➔ Water, oh glorious water. <3
Last site you went to? ➔ Like, website? Probably Facebook, even though I have 6 tabs open at once...
Last place you were? ➔ My living room? (Currently sitting on my bed)

Do you and your family get along? ➔ Yeh.
Have you ever run away from home? ➔ No, not that I can remember.
Have you ever gotten kicked out? ➔ Noo.
Do you have any brothers or sisters? ➔ A half. :)

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Overly Attached Cat Owner.

2013-01-15, at 15:28:09
Overly attached cat owner - check!

I literally can't be in the same room as Whiskey without scratching him underneath his chin or kissing him on top of the head every five seconds, I pick him up and cuddle with him much too often even though I know that he doesn't like being cuddled with.

I just can't help it, because he's the cutest cat on earth. I know I call him fat, lazy, ugly et.c. but he's actually the cutest, bestest cat you could ever have!

"I am not amused."

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Confession One

2012-09-01, at 09:42:00
Getting me to yawn is very easy.
1. I yawn if I see someone else yawn.
2. I yawn if I hear someone else yawn.
3. I yawn if someone says the word 'yawn'.
4. I yawn if I read the word 'yawn'.
5. I yawn if I think the word 'yawn'.

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Mel - A very habitual person

2012-08-08, at 20:31:00
I've been thinking a lot lately about my habits, and I've realized that I'm, in fact, a very habitual person.
Maybe it's because habits give me a sense of security, or maybe I'm just too boring to make a change once in a while.
Every person has habits, but I pretty much have habits for everything,

* I have a few routes that I stick to when I go for a walk. I've explained this earlier.
* I always choose the same Ben & Jerry's flavour (New York Super Fudge Chunk).
* I always drink the same flavoured tea (Forest Fruits)
* If I decide to watch Sherlock, I always watch The Reichenbach Fall.
* I always have to check for monsters under my bed before I go to sleep.
Do you have any weird/normal habits?

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