The London sky.

2016-05-10, at 02:03:58
The London sky never really sleeps
It just slumbers a bit
It's so different to where I grew up
Where darkness engulfed me at nightfall
And everything grew quiet and still
Where the dark and the quiet
Covered me up like a blanket
And let me sleep soundly at night
The London sky never really sleeps
It just slumbers a bit
The constant light befuddles my mind
And I find myself wandering aimlessly
In the hopes of stumbling across
A dark, calm space
To put my mind at rest

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Canal life.

2016-05-06, at 23:13:00
One of my favoure areas in London so far is definitely the canals on the border of Stratford and Hackney Wick,
partly because being close to water reminds me of home, and partly because I am endlessly fascinated by the barges moored along the canals and the people who inhabit them.
I would quite like to live on a barge myself, as I'm definitely short enough to still be able to consider a barge spacious. Although, knowing me, my barge would probably sink due to the amount of books I'd try to bring on board.
Business owners in London are also very creative when it comes to barges. There's an ice cream barge close to where I live, as well as a record store barge. Near King's Cross there's even a book barge that I've been meaning to visit for quite a while now, but I think that might have to wait until after I'm done with my exams.
From what I've heard, though, life on a barge isn't all smooth sailing (oh the puns). Barges without home moorings have to travel a certain distance a year in order to keep their license, and if they don't comply to the regulations, they could even end up getting their barge smashed. The people living on the barges close to where I live seem to be leading quite peaceful lives, though, and I quite like to take an evening stroll past them every now and them to see what life on a barge looks like.
Since today was a ridiculously warm and sunny day in London,
I decided to head out for a walk along the canals with my DSLR camera.
This is probably as close to a proper workout that I've gotten since I moved to London, as I ended up in several unconventional and compromising positions while taking my photographs. I even ended up in a patch of nettles at one point. Luckily I was wearing jeans, but as they're ripped at the knees (well, they're supposed to be anyway, but for me it's more like at my shins) I still ended up getting stung by the nettles. I also sat on a very questionable bench perched partly over the canal, which meant I came quite close to taking a dip at one point.
Anyway, enough pointless chatter. Here's the pictures I took in this corner of London I've learned to call my home.

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