Barbecue season.

2016-01-02, at 15:42:36
Today we started the barbecue season in our family with some homemade burgers.
It's -7℃ outside and it's snowing, but my dad still braved the cold weather to barbecue burgers for us.
It reminded me of summer, as we barbecue basically everything in the summer, and it's especially nice that I got a homemade burger during my Christmas break because I didn't really eat that many homemade burgers last summer.
In about a week it's time for me to go back to London.
Coming home over the holidays has been a very weird feeling, because home doesn't really feel like home any more. Or rather, it feels like I've got two homes.
Compared to the perpetual energy of London, this town feels quite dull, dreary and drowsy,
the only upside I can think of of living here is that this is where the people I hold dear reside.
Before I go back to London, I still have a few blog posts to share with you,
so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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Yummy :)

2016-01-03 @ 06:52:48
Posted by: Sofia


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