Only fools do what I do.

2015-09-29, at 16:58:00
My view from the kitchen of one of the buildings on campus. Love it!
Hello my lovelies!
I'm finally beginning to settle in here in London and I'm getting into the routine of going to lectures and seminars.
I have a solid group of friends, which I'm so very thankful for, and my flat mates are all lovely.
I haven't starved to death, been mugged, been killed or hit by a car yet, so everyone at home can stop worrying now.
My first weeks here have been full of exploring London, the international welcome events, induction events and a few house parties and pub quizzes. So far it's been so much better than I ever thought it could be, and although the lectures and seminars seemed scary and difficult at first, I feel like I'm finally starting to get into this new way of studying. The massive workload is starting to catch up on me, though, so I suspect I'll have to spend my day off on Thursday and later on the weekend just reading. 
I'm currently sat at Strand campus, waiting for my Academic English vocabulary lecture to start (optional course), and I reckon I'll be home at around 7 pm tonight. I was going to spend my long breaks today studying, but alas I brought the wrong material with me and can't really be arsed to make the almost one-hour-long journey home to go get the right course pack, so I thought I'd update my blog (hi mum!).
On a completely unrelated note, I'd like to finish off this post by sharing with you the amazing music video to Troye Sivan's song FOOLS from his new album WILD. If you haven't listened to the album yet, you definitely should!
Only fools fall for you (only fools)
Only fools do what I do (only fools fall)

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Posted by: Anna

Nice blog you have :)

Svar: Thank you! :)
Melody Moonchild

2015-11-26 @ 21:56:41

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