London Zoo.

2015-09-09, at 00:53:34
Last Friday, before we went to see Bend It, Nicola and I went to London Zoo.
It had been a long time since I'd been to any zoos (that I could remember, I know I went to lots of zoos when I was a child), so it's fair to say that I was pretty excited.
The animals I was the most excited about seeing were the owls,
but most of the owls looked terrifying and murderous. I found one super cute owl, though, that I think was a tawny owl.
Nicola, on the other hand, was definitely most excited about seeing the giraffes. Apparently you can feed the giraffes if you book in advance and pay extra for it. Too bad we didn't know that before we went!
The tigers were definitely very awe-inspiring.
There were only three tigers on site while we were there, the youngest tiger was in another zoo.
They were huge, though, and not as easy to spot as you'd think. One woman had quite a lot of trouble spotting two of the tigers that were hiding behind some grass and trees, and it didn't help very much when we tried to point them out to her.
This picture might look a bit dodgy because I've edited two separate pictures into one.
Apart from this board, the gorilla part of the zoo also contained a scale that measured your weight compared to that of a full-grown male gorilla.
While we were walking through an area of the zoo designed specially for children
with e.g. a petting zoo, we noticed these tunnels. Curious to see where they went, we decided to crawl in. I could almost stand properly with my upper body folded forward, but Nicola's a bit taller than me so she opted for crawling.
On the way in it honestly wasn't that bad. The tunnels lead to a glass dome where you could study the meerkats up close (which I, sadly, didn't think to photograph), but while we were making our way out we concluded that perhaps it hadn't been such a good idea after all. It was definitely tough work, crawling through those tunnels!
All in all, I had an amazing time both at the zoo and the Bend It Like Beckham musical last Friday.
I'm so glad I met Nicola, I feel like she's definitely someone who understands my weird obsessions (and especially my love for Jamie Campbell Bower). She's always there for me and she means so, so, so much to me, that's why it's a bit sad that she's moving to Kent just as I've moved to London.
Oh well, such is life.

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