Blackfriars & Shad Thames.

2015-09-08, at 00:15:00
Hello my lovelies!
Today hasn't been very eventful, except for the fact that I went exploring a bit of central London together with a friend. I've wanted to see Shad Thames (to the right in the picture above) for quite a while now, but exploring is just no fun on your own, so I finally managed to drag a friend along.
Before we went in search of the Blackfriars Bridge, we stopped for some Nando's. Anyone who knows me knows I love my Nando's (much thanks to being obsessed by the youtubers Jack and Finn Harries a few years back).
Shad Thames is a street (along with the surrounding area)
that runs along the south bank of the river Thames. The street consists of old, nowadays converted, warehouses that once housed large quantities of tea, spices, coffee et.c. The commodities were unloaded from here, and then loaded onto river boats by the river. I find the area particularly interesting due to the small bridges that run between houses over the street. I imagine they were once used to transport commodities, but today they seem to serve as balconies to the residents living in the area, with potted plants and armchairs placed on some of them.
On my request we also went to see Blackfriars Bridge,
which played an important part in the Clockwork Princess book that I just finished. It's the place where two of the main characters had their first properly romantic moment, and it's also where we leave them at the end of the book. I wanted to see the bridge for myself, and I must say I'm rather unimpressed. The bridge looks quite washed out (it's not even nearly as red in real life as it is in the pictures if you Google it) and I don't think anyone actually uses the benches in the alcoves that have now been added to the bridge. Well, except for me, while I was taking this picture. Because I might or might not have been too short to see over the edge otherwise.
Whichever bridge you stand on,
though, it's a powerful feeling to have the Thames flowing underneath your feet. The river may look peaceful and tranquil, but its power is not to be underestimated. The currents are strong, and if the flood gates malfunctioned and the Thames flooded, much of London would go down with it.
Despite not being the cleanest or most beautiful river, it is a river to be revered and a river that has had a huge impact on shaping London into the city it is today. It's a river that will never cease to fascinate me. 

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