2015-11-27, at 14:03:55
Jamie Campbell Bower is a man I've been looking up to for quite some time now.
He's an incredibly talented actor (yes, despite having been in Twilight. sigh) and musician, something he's proved recently by combining both talents while playing Joe, the football coach, in the Bend It Like Beckham musical here in London. Other than just being a very talented human being, he's also a genuinely nice and humble person who seems to respect and appreciate his fans immensely. He's the kind of person who can make anyone smile.
I'm happy to announce that Jamie's band Counterfeit
(previously The Darling Buds) released their first EP this morning, and the title track is already in top 10 of the Alternative list on iTunes! Hunger Magazine also released an exclusive video for the title track Come Get Some (see video above), and it looks amazing!
I'm thoroughly looking forward to seeing these guys make some noise live in December!
Jamie's stage presence and energy are apparently the stuff of legends.
Fun fact: I may or may not have had a slight fangirl moment this morning when Counterfeit favourited my tweets about the Come Get Some EP.

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