The BookBook.

2015-06-24, at 21:10:45
One of the main reasons why I decided to start my blog back up again
is the fact that I now have a proper laptop to work with, and not just some worthless Chromebook.

About a week ago I marched my arse off to the closest store that sells Macbooks and got myself a Macbook Air 13'' for uni. I also got AppleCare for the upcoming three years, which means I won't have to pay outrageous sums of money in case anything happens to it while I'm in the UK.
The verdict? So far I'm loving it!
After the initial shock of "This is  different to a PC, this is really weird, HELP" died down, I've discovered that it's actually really easy to use. It's quick, sleek, portable and everything else I've been looking for.
I'm in love!
After I got my laptop, I decided I needed a case to protect it.
After a bit of browsing, I found the perfect case - the BookBook by twelvesouth.
I'll admit, it was a bit on the pricier side, but the shipping was free and I consider it well worth the money as it protects your Macbook from both damage and theft. Anything with the Apple logo on it will surely attract the eye of a thief instantly, but disguised as an old book it's not nearly as taunting.
Actual conversation I had with a friend after I ordered the case:
- Plus, it looks like an old book, so no one wants to steal it.
- Of course it does.

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Owl Bookmarks.

2015-06-21, at 16:28:53
Lately Bookstagram (that's the term referring to all of the Instagram accounts related to books)
has been invaded by a group of owls (or a parliament, as it's also called).
They're not any owls, though, but bookmark owls.
These absolutely gorgeous Hogwarts owls were designed by Sash-kash over at Deviantart!
You can find them and download them for free over at
I'd recommend buying some photo paper (Satin, Matte or Glossy finish) to print them on,
and don't forget to change your printer settings to "high" for the best result possible.
It's honestly not a lot of work for such gorgeous bookmarks, especially as they're free.
My favourite is the top one in the middle row, it looks so tiny and fluffy!
Hedwig's also included in the collection (middle), but my Hedwig has already moved to a friend of mine.

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London, here I come.

2015-06-18, at 20:29:28
First of all, I'm sorry for being away for so long.
I just didn't feel motivated at all to keep blogging, and I also wasn't feeling too well in general.
I actually haven't had the best couple (more like eight or so) of months, it was especially rough for me around the end of last year and, of course, this spring when the matriculation exams rolled around.

A combination of feeling terribly unmotivated to revise for the exams and the pressing anxiety of knowing what grades I had to achieve made it difficult for me to function at all which, in turn, made the anxiety even worse.
I shut out everyone and everything and wallowed in my own misery as I thought I'd never be able to get the grades I needed.

The night before we got our matriculation exam results back,
I didn't sleep at all. Not for a single second. I then had to get up to go to an entrance exam for a Finnish uni.
My friend gave me and a couple of other friends a lift, and at 8 am we were all seated in the car, frantically looking up our results online, much to the discontent of the driver who had to wait until we arrived in Turku.

I was honestly so shocked when I got my grades and realised that I'd done well enough to be accepted to King's College. I'm still shocked. I think it'll take me a long while until I fully realise just how much my life is about to change because of this.
I was accepted to King's fudging College!!!
I'm moving to London this September!!!
To study English!!!
Is this real life?
I'm finally getting to where I want to be in life, and I can finally say that I feel like I'm really on the right path.
In hindsight, these past months have really been worth it.
I have never been happier or more proud of myself.
Seeing as I have more free time now, and feel more motivated to write, I'm going to slowly start getting back into blogging again. This means you'll be able to follow my journey as I move to London and begin anew in the city of my dreams, the city I love.

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