I go to seek a Great Perhaps.

2015-08-30, at 15:00:43
Today is the day, D-day.
After frantically packing all of my belongings into two only barely large enough suitcases last night, many difficult goodbyes and a fitful few hours of sleep, I am now finally sat in Turku Airport waiting for my flight to Heathrow via Stockholm Arlanda.
I'm thankful that my mum and dad are with me and will remain in London for a few days before they head back home.
Without my dad I would have had to carry my heavy suitcases on my own, and without my mum my tickets et.c. wouldn't have been even nearly as organised as they are now.
Apart from missing my family and friends, what I'll probably miss the most is my cat. Sadly, I didn't even get to say goodbye to Whiskey, as he was nowhere to be found when we had to leave for our flight.
But three months will pass quickly, and when I get home for Christmas break I'll cuddle him (nearly) to death. 
Truth is, I don't know whether I'll be happier in London.
I don't know if that's where I belong (even though British ground feels like home soil to me, I can feel it in my bones). There are many things that worry me and that make me nervous about living in London, but there are many things that make me overjoyed and excited, too.
I, truly, go to seek a great perhaps.

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