The Other Woman

2014-05-22, at 20:56:14
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I just came home from the cinema,
I went to see The Other Woman for the second time with my dear friend Jasmin.
I really needed this break from reality, I'm always so relaxed when I'm with her.
If you haven't seen The Other Woman yet, you definitely should!
It's hilarious! The only downside is that you get very jealous of the beautiful women.
Funny story: When we were on our way back home we passed a bright green car on the motorway.
The car was driving quite slowly, but a while after we'd passed it they drove up alongside of us.
The car was full of Jamaican guys, and it looked like the guy in the backseat was taking pictures of us,
and after he finished with whatever he was doing they slowed down again.
It was such an odd event!

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