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2014-05-01, at 11:08:25
My day yesterday started off quite well,
school wasn't very stressful and we had some form of event together with the Finnish school for two hours.
We also moved the choir practice until next week, because only three people showed up (spoiler alert: I wasn't one of them).
I got a huge shock when I got home, though, because apparently my grandma's now in hospital.
I first thought about staying home so I'd know if anything happened, but my mum more or less forced me to go to Turku to party with my friends.
I honestly have the best friends ever,
so I just wanted to share this Tokio Hotel (don't judge...) song with you.
I think it reflects my emotions perfectly, because my friends have really been there for me lately, and I just want them to know I'll always be there for them too.
Ich bin da, wenn Du willst.
Schau Dich um, dann siehst du Mich.
Ganz egal, wo Du bist.
Wenn Du nach mir greifst, dann halt ich Dich.

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