Without you, I'm just a sad song.

2014-03-12, at 17:09:17
Once again, I'm sorry for the silence here.
I've never been this stressed before, and I have no idea how I'm supposed to get everything done in
time and still function. 
It really doesn't help either that my mood's taken a turn for the worse,
and everything feels completely upside down and wrong.
But then again, everything's been upside down and wrong for months now.
I'll try to write whenever I have some spare time and when I feel better.
Love you lots!

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Posted by: Jessica

Hoppas det snart svänger, jobbigt det där andra året. Vänta tills skrivningarna börjar, då har du stressat redan så mycket under de senaste 3 åren så du kan inte ens känna stress mer. Så känns de just nu. Men försök ta det lugnt, skolan ordnar sig alltid- ingen idé att stressa sig sjuk! Ha det bra!

2014-03-12 @ 17:15:51
URL: http://jessicahenriksson.devote.se

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