We had gold dust.

2014-03-28, at 23:19:40
Some late night music for you all.
Thanks to Skavlan, I just discovered John Newman's music (I've heard it on the radio before, but never known who it was), and I find his lyrics incredibly relatable and moving.
I also really like his voice and style of music, it's kind of old-fashioned in a way.
And I'm so sorry darling
When I wake you’re just gonna leave
And I don’t want you to be lonely
‘Cause I know you’ll find your love again
And I promise I'll stop calling
If it makes it easy for you
I hate to see you leaving
When it’s for the best believe, my friend
We had gold dust.

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Posted by: Sanna :D

Nice!! :D

2014-03-29 @ 17:52:02
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