Enjoy life, we're young.

2014-03-28, at 10:22:04
We are Young
I got to drive dad's car for a bit last Wednesday,
and I was absolutely terrified because:
1. It's an automatic
2. It's my dad's car. Which means I'm screwed if I scratch it/damage it in any way
But it was actually allright. Driving an automatic turned out to be a lot of fun.
Except for the part where I nearly reversed into a stone pillar in our yard because I wasn't prepared for how much of a drive the car actually has, because as soon as you release the brake, it moves.
I'm glad to be back in my own car, though!
Jasmin and I are going to drive out (well, I'm going to drive) to my summer place soon to go for a walk.
The roads are so lovely there, and you don't have to worry about anyone seeing you if you're not comfortable exercising around other people.
I'll bring my camera too!

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Posted by: Neapocalypse - ・゚♥ ✞ - alternativ blogg & hästblogg ♥

sv; åååh måste ha det tyyyyp! ♥ sån där typ blå/grön mörkturkos ♥ Dock är jag lite orolig för när jag bleker håret blir det ju gult, och om man sätter den blågröna färgen på då, blir det inte en jättekonstig färg då?? haha ah jag vet inte xD

Skicka gärna receptet! :DD

2014-03-28 @ 14:50:45
URL: http://neapocalypse.blogg.se/
Posted by: Erica

Låter som ett underbart ställe att ta en promenad på! :-)

2014-03-28 @ 21:55:12
URL: http://faithhopelove.blogg.se

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