Beautiful Sickness.

2014-03-25, at 14:08:28
If you're wondering where I've been these past few days,
I've been feeling more than a bit under the weather. My stomach suddenly decided to riot against me last Saturday and I've been sick ever since. It feels like it (finally) might be easing up soon though!
Luckily the new book I ordered at the book depository arrived yesterday,
and although I'm quite a slow reader, I'm already halfway through it. There's been a manufacturing error with my copy of the book, because about 20 of the pages have been weirdly cut so that the last letters of every line are cut off and you have to "fill in the blanks" by yourself. I didn't feel like sending it back, though, because it'd just take extra time, and I kind of really like books that have "defects" like these.
I'd already seen the Beautiful Creatures movie when I started reading the book,
so my expectations were high, and so far they've definitely been met. I love the overall feel of the book,
it's captivating, romantic and supernatural - everything I love in a book.
I also find it very interesting to read a book where the dialogue is written in a Southern accent,
since I'm accustomed to reading standard English without distinct accents, and if there have been any accents, they've always been stereotypical English working class or upper class accents.
If you want to buy the book for yourself, it's available >here< for 5.83€,
and if you want the entire series, you can buy the box set >here< for 39.09€.

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Posted by: Sanna :D

Ohh, det ser ut som en bok jag skulle gilla ^_^ Får kanske ta och läsa den i sommar! :)

2014-03-25 @ 16:23:29
Posted by: Celine

Åh har funderat på att läsa boken och se filmen för jag älskar den typen av böcker och filmer :)

2014-03-30 @ 13:00:45

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