How I Met Your Mother.

2014-03-31, at 14:28:47


I can't deal with the fact that How I Met Your Mother ends today,
the final episode will air tonight and then nine seasons will be over. Forever.
HIMYM is one of those shows that you don't think very much of at first, but after you get into it,
you can't stop watching it. It's cosy, hilarious and dramatic all at the same time,
and I will miss it greatly.

It's always sad when a series you love ends, but I think this might be one of the worse cases for me.


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Mini Buddy.

2014-03-30, at 19:41:18
I've completely forgotten to show you all the cutest lil' thing I bought a while ago!
Let me introduce you to my mini buddy portable speaker from kitsound. Isn't it adorable?!
It's quite powerful too, so you get a lot of sound for your money. :)
There were speakers that looked like different animals too, but since I'm British at heart, the obvious choice for me was the Union Jack design.
I bought it for 10€ at Clas Ohlson.

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2014-03-29, at 20:13:00
A few pictures from our walk yesterday:


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We had gold dust.

2014-03-28, at 23:19:40
Some late night music for you all.
Thanks to Skavlan, I just discovered John Newman's music (I've heard it on the radio before, but never known who it was), and I find his lyrics incredibly relatable and moving.
I also really like his voice and style of music, it's kind of old-fashioned in a way.
And I'm so sorry darling
When I wake you’re just gonna leave
And I don’t want you to be lonely
‘Cause I know you’ll find your love again
And I promise I'll stop calling
If it makes it easy for you
I hate to see you leaving
When it’s for the best believe, my friend
We had gold dust.

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Enjoy life, we're young.

2014-03-28, at 10:22:04
We are Young
I got to drive dad's car for a bit last Wednesday,
and I was absolutely terrified because:
1. It's an automatic
2. It's my dad's car. Which means I'm screwed if I scratch it/damage it in any way
But it was actually allright. Driving an automatic turned out to be a lot of fun.
Except for the part where I nearly reversed into a stone pillar in our yard because I wasn't prepared for how much of a drive the car actually has, because as soon as you release the brake, it moves.
I'm glad to be back in my own car, though!
Jasmin and I are going to drive out (well, I'm going to drive) to my summer place soon to go for a walk.
The roads are so lovely there, and you don't have to worry about anyone seeing you if you're not comfortable exercising around other people.
I'll bring my camera too!

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You've got to live a little.

2014-03-27, at 19:46:45
Because no one in our gang has an actual exam tomorrow,
we have nothing to study for, so we spontaneously decided to go out for a picknick.
Nora, Jasmin and I baked chocolate cupcakes with cookie dough frosting,
and then we met up with Emilia by a pond to enjoy the nice weather.
The rest of the gang joined us later, with great difficulties, since we were sitting in a large pit and were difficult to spot.
Jasmin and Emilia being cute as always! <3

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Beautiful Sickness.

2014-03-25, at 14:08:28
If you're wondering where I've been these past few days,
I've been feeling more than a bit under the weather. My stomach suddenly decided to riot against me last Saturday and I've been sick ever since. It feels like it (finally) might be easing up soon though!
Luckily the new book I ordered at the book depository arrived yesterday,
and although I'm quite a slow reader, I'm already halfway through it. There's been a manufacturing error with my copy of the book, because about 20 of the pages have been weirdly cut so that the last letters of every line are cut off and you have to "fill in the blanks" by yourself. I didn't feel like sending it back, though, because it'd just take extra time, and I kind of really like books that have "defects" like these.
I'd already seen the Beautiful Creatures movie when I started reading the book,
so my expectations were high, and so far they've definitely been met. I love the overall feel of the book,
it's captivating, romantic and supernatural - everything I love in a book.
I also find it very interesting to read a book where the dialogue is written in a Southern accent,
since I'm accustomed to reading standard English without distinct accents, and if there have been any accents, they've always been stereotypical English working class or upper class accents.
If you want to buy the book for yourself, it's available >here< for 5.83€,
and if you want the entire series, you can buy the box set >here< for 39.09€.

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The world in my hands.

2014-03-21, at 15:58:33
I haven't had the time to show you my new watch yet,
but since most of my stress is over by now, I finally have time to show it to you.
You can get it for 2.96€ >here<.
I am absolutely in love with it!
I had a bit of a blonde moment when I received it,
there was an extra battery included in the package, and quite naturally I assumed that there wasn't a battery in the watch, so I spent about an hour trying to pry off the back of the watch before I tried pushing in the crown of the watch. The watch immediately started ticking.

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The old will be lost in the new.

2014-03-17, at 22:09:24
Curious cat is curious.
Our girl's night last Saturday was amazing,
we ate tacos, soaked in a hot tub for a while and then we decided to watch a movie.
The company was the best part, though, so thank you guys for that! 
The weekend's over now, though, and I'm once again stranded in reality with too much to do and too little time.
I'm going to bed now though, so nighty night my dear readers! 

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We fell in love as the leaves turned brown.

2014-03-17, at 18:21:37
Good music is a must while driving,
and the channel with the best music in Finland is called "Loop".
Unfortunately, they always seem to time their 5 minute commercials for when I'm driving to and from school.
When they actually play music, though, this is a song that they play a lot, and that I've fallen completely in
love with.
I'll try to write another (proper) blog post later tonight.

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This is my jam.

2014-03-15, at 15:33:23
I know that a lot of people don't like Rebecca Black, but this is my jam. <3
Today I've taken a study-free day, because I _really_ need it.
I'm going over for a girl's night at a friend's place soon,
so I'm just popping in to share this awesome song with you and to wish you a lovely Saturday!

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Without you, I'm just a sad song.

2014-03-12, at 17:09:17
Once again, I'm sorry for the silence here.
I've never been this stressed before, and I have no idea how I'm supposed to get everything done in
time and still function. 
It really doesn't help either that my mood's taken a turn for the worse,
and everything feels completely upside down and wrong.
But then again, everything's been upside down and wrong for months now.
I'll try to write whenever I have some spare time and when I feel better.
Love you lots!

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It's a MAD world.

2014-03-08, at 10:48:00
In honour of the International Women's Day, have 20% off on everything at their store (apart from the things that were already on sale).
I think this is really nice of them, that they acknowledge the day like this.
Here are three of my current wanties:
1 // 2 // 3
 All of the pictures are from

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Time for Tea.

2014-03-07, at 17:03:15

I'm not much of a cheese person, one of the few cheeses I can actually enjoy is a nice brie.
Hello lovelies!
This period turned out to be quite hectic, and I have nooo idea how I'm going to get all of the schoolwork done in time. I really enjoy most of it, Swedish is one of my favourite subjects, but when it gets to the point where it just feels pressuring and overwhelming, it's not very fun anymore.
I'm sure it'll all turn out allright though!
I really have to return to my studies now, but I hope you'll have a better Friday night than I will! :)

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And learn to love what burns.

2014-03-06, at 18:49:41
The first time I managed to get a selfie with Whiskey without him trying to claw my eyes out. <3
Today hasn't exactly been a good day,
but I have absolutely no idea why. Everything just feels wrong.
I'm going to get some school work done now and then I'll probably head straight to bed,
it's no use staying awake on days like these.

And I won't fight in vain
I love you just the same
I couldn't know what's in your mind
But I saw the pictures, you're looking fine

And there was a time
When I stood in line for love, for love, for love
But I let you go, oh, I let you go


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Bow ties are cool!

2014-03-05, at 18:56:33
Today was bow tie day in our school - because bow ties are cool!
Sadly, I don't own a bow tie, so I took the next best thing and wore a hair bow instead.
Trying to place it exactly in the middle, and to get it to stay put all day was a bit of a challenge,
so by the time I got home my hair was quite a mess, but I really enjoyed not having my fringe in my face.

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Movie Magic.

2014-03-04, at 16:56:34
Bertie Gilbert's done it again,
he's created yet another masterpiece.
It unbelievable that he's just 16 years old, and already such a great film-maker,
but that's the truth.
I remember watching Bertie's videos when he was just starting out, and it's truly amazing to see how far he's come since then!

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Spectacular savings

2014-03-03, at 17:33:46
Every now and then,
they have a 25-hour sale over at with completely mental prices.
The books are insanely cheap, but there's one catch -
every book is on sale for just half an hour, and then the book changes to another one.
The next sale is tomorrow, so if you want to get your hands on (almost) free books,
you should definitely head over there tomorrow at 9 a.m. GMT.

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Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository