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2014-06-05, at 20:30:19
Two new books have dropped down into my mailbox recently,
and I'm really excited because it's two books I've been really looking forward to getting my hands on!
The first one is a copy of 12 Years a Slave which was made into a film earlier this year. It became very popular, roused deep feelings in most viewers and won an Oscar for best movie. I was deeply moved by the film, and I therefore thought it'd be a good idea to get the book so that I can read Solomon Northup's own words, and really get the full experience. Just one warning: this film/book isn't suitable for the faint of heart.
If you'd like to get your hands on the book, you can do so >here< for 4,80€.
Beautiful Darkness is the second book in the Beautiful Creatures series written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I absolutely loved the first book and the film based on the book, I think they've made a very clever adaption of the classic witches and wizards, and they've managed to make the story sound believable. I'm absolutely chuffed to bits to finally own the sequel, so that I can continue reading about Lena, Ethan and the world of Casters and Mortals.
If fantasy and love stories are more to your liking, this is definitely a book for you. Get your copy >here< for 9,60€, or get the entire trilogy >here< for 32,20€.
What I love about The Book Depository is that they always send you a bookmark along with your book. No need for leaving ugly dog ears in your precious books anymore!
The bookmarks that The Book Depository are sending out now are actually designed by their customers, and they're insanely cute and clever.

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Posted by: Anna Röd - ★ Nörd & Filmskapare ★

Inte läst nån av dem men sett 12 years a slave, filmen var bra men hemsk :((((

sv: Håller med :D!!

2014-06-05 @ 23:04:29

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