Champagne Picnic.

2014-06-04, at 13:43:52
Last Sunday one of my best friends, JamJam, and I decided to have a champagne picnic in our garden,
to celebrate both her birthday and the fact that school's over. We didn't buy real champagne, real champagne is just gross and expensive, but the sparkling wine in the picture above is something I can really recommend.
It's sweet, but not too sweet.
I also took the opportunity to give JamJam her birthday gift.
Whiskey also wanted to join us on our picnic, he spend quite some time sleeping nearby.

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Posted by: Anna Röd - ★ Nörd & Filmskapare ★

Ååååh vad mysigt ^____^!!!

2014-06-04 @ 15:09:20
Posted by: ANGELICA

Nice :D

Svar: Jaa, verkligen! :D
Melody Moonchild

2014-06-05 @ 16:47:08

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