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2014-01-29, at 20:16:53
Hi to all of my beloved readers,
I haven't had any time to update today because I've been studying History for 8 hours (almost) straight.
Which has been terribly tedious.
I have to study a bit more before I think it's time to go to bed, though,
so I'll just leave you with the trailer for The Fault In Our Stars.
Hazel and Gus don't look like I imagined they would, but Isaac is much more handsome than I imagined him.
I'm certain the movie's going to be perfect, though,
and that cinemas worldwide will flood due to people crying so much while watching TFiOS.

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Posted by: Neapocalypse - ・゚♥ ✞ - alternativ blogg & hästblogg ♥

WOAAAAAH!!!! hatar den där boken för att den är så bra. har läst typ 60% men nu vågar jag inte läsa mer för jag vet att den slutar hemskt..... :CCC

2014-01-30 @ 09:53:45

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