2014-01-31, at 21:30:54
Exam week is finally over,
and I celebrated that by meeting up with Louise for a coffee.
I hadn't seen her in a while, so it was really nice to just be able to sit and talk to someone for a while,
and get updated on each other's lives again.
She's moved to Turku now, too, so I think I might see a bit more of her from now on. :)

I had my mum and my dad with me in Turku,
but I left them to dally around while I met up with Louise.
The reason they were with me was that we need to find me a pair of shoes for prom.
And when I say "need", you can probably figure out it didn't go too well.
We tried to find shoes with a low heel that I'll be able to dance in,
but most stores won't offer sizes smaller than 36, and 36 was too big for me.
In all of the models we tried.
This befuddles me to no end, because I've always been a size 36/37 kind of girl.
Not a 35/36.
Oh well, we will continue our quest tomorrow.
I am also very happy to inform you that I was the one who drove us to Turku,
and we didn't die.
So that's a thing. :)

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sv: jaa den var härlig! :)

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