2014-01-31, at 21:30:54
Exam week is finally over,
and I celebrated that by meeting up with Louise for a coffee.
I hadn't seen her in a while, so it was really nice to just be able to sit and talk to someone for a while,
and get updated on each other's lives again.
She's moved to Turku now, too, so I think I might see a bit more of her from now on. :)

I had my mum and my dad with me in Turku,
but I left them to dally around while I met up with Louise.
The reason they were with me was that we need to find me a pair of shoes for prom.
And when I say "need", you can probably figure out it didn't go too well.
We tried to find shoes with a low heel that I'll be able to dance in,
but most stores won't offer sizes smaller than 36, and 36 was too big for me.
In all of the models we tried.
This befuddles me to no end, because I've always been a size 36/37 kind of girl.
Not a 35/36.
Oh well, we will continue our quest tomorrow.
I am also very happy to inform you that I was the one who drove us to Turku,
and we didn't die.
So that's a thing. :)

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All Dressed Up.

2014-01-30, at 11:26:36
I've always admired Lenny Kravitz' unique and slightly eccentric style.
I think he was the perfect Cinna in the Hunger Games, since his sense of fashion is so amazing.
Lately there's been pictures of him going around the internet, though, that have made me giggle a bit.
I mean, just look at the scarf. It's big as a blanket!
But it sure looks cozy...

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The marks humans leave are too often scars.

2014-01-29, at 20:16:53
Hi to all of my beloved readers,
I haven't had any time to update today because I've been studying History for 8 hours (almost) straight.
Which has been terribly tedious.
I have to study a bit more before I think it's time to go to bed, though,
so I'll just leave you with the trailer for The Fault In Our Stars.
Hazel and Gus don't look like I imagined they would, but Isaac is much more handsome than I imagined him.
I'm certain the movie's going to be perfect, though,
and that cinemas worldwide will flood due to people crying so much while watching TFiOS.

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The hope is we have so much to feel good about.

2014-01-28, at 11:08:47
My computer still won't cooperate with me, so you get another fugly gif instead.
Exam week's "finally" begun for me too, with a German exam that made me want to laugh out loud because it
was horrendous. I think we all asked ourselves for the hundredth time why we chose to study German...
Oh well, maths exam next and I understand just about nothing.
Time to get cracking!

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Oh, What a Night.

2014-01-27, at 10:41:00
I watched Sherlock with my mum yesterday,
since "The Sign of Three" (episode 2 of season 3) was on TV.
It's definitely my favourite Sherlock episode, and I'm absolutely in love with the music in it.
"December, 1969 [Oh What A Night]" if featured at the end of the episode.
I won't spoil anything by describing the scene, but I fell so hard for the song.
I can't quite put my finger on why I love it so much,
it might be because it's about love. It might be the beat. It might be because it's old-school. It might be because it's amazing to dance to.
(Joke of the week. I don't dance.)
 Or it might just be because it feels like a real feel-good song.
Anyway, whatever the reason is, this is what's went on in my bedroom for the majority of last night:
And before you say anything: NO. That's not dancing. That's just fooling around. :)
Oh, what a night
Why'd it take so long to see the light?
Seemed so wrong, but now it seems so right
What a lady, what a night

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She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts.

2014-01-27, at 00:17:00
Hello lovelies!
Today I went to see this musical/youth show in our town. Quite a few of my friends were in it,
and I have to say - I'm impressed by how talented people are in our town.
I'm also impressed by how motivated they all seem. I've always loved singing, but I don't think I'd be able to commit that much time to a show.

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2014-01-25, at 14:15:00
A slight sneak-peak on some of the things I bought in Belgium,
because my computer's being an arse and the file manager crashes every time I try to move the pictures from my SD-card to my computer.
Hello my lovelies!
I'm busy with school at the moment, we're right in the middle of our exam week again,
and I think we're all struggling with studying...
This is what I accomplished while I was procrastinating.

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And I may be foolish to fall as I do.

2014-01-23, at 21:27:48
*crickets chirping*
It's been a bit quiet here lately, I know.
The reason for my absence this time is the fact that I've been crazy busy since I came home from Belgium.
Today was the first day that I even had time to sit down in front of the computer.
I've had a great week since you last heard from me, though.
Belgium was amazing,
but I'll tell you more about that in another post.
What was really pleasant about being in Belgium was the break from the internet that we all went through,
since none of us had our mobile networks and only a few of us had wi-fi. I feel like we actually were social, for once, haha!
I've also noticed an improvement in my own well-being.
Last Friday was the first time in months that I didn't think about him. At all.
I've also stopped counting the days since our break-up.
I feel like I'm finally starting to come to terms with things. :)
Then, probably the biggest news of all...
I got my driver's license yesterday! I was afraid I wouldn't pass the test - but I did!
Now I can finally (legally) drive the car I'm paying insurance for, haha!
"I'll go and pick mum up from work" is the strangest thing I've heard come out of my mouth for quite a while,

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On my way.

2014-01-15, at 02:19:06
Packing is a bit challenging when there's a cat sleeping in your suitcase.
It's 3 a.m. here in Finland,
and I'm already up. "Why?" you might ask.
Because I'm going to Belgium!
I must admit, living with a Belgian family still feels a bit daunting, but I'm sure it'll all be fine.
I won't bring my computer, though, so this place will be quite empty until I return next week.
I'll miss you! :)

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The Carrie Diaries.

2014-01-12, at 20:50:23
i-believe-in-good-pizza | via Tumblr
I've spent all day today watching the Carrie Diaries.
I hadn't realised that season two of TCD had started already, so when I stumbled upon that fact at stupid o' clock last night,
I just had to watch the first episode.
And then I watched the other 9 that have been released so far today.
Just like with Sex and the City,
I feel like TCD is healing my soul a bit. I'm not quite sure on why or how, but I feel better after having watched all 10 episodes. It's nice to see this fluffy, adorable love, and to see that things can really work out.
Besides, who wouldn't want a boyfriend like Sebastian Kydd? He's gorgeous and perfect.
Austin Butler really is the perfect Sebastian Kydd. And I feel like being that attractive should be illegal.

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2014-01-11, at 23:56:23
Not in a very good place atm. Sorry.

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Keep Calm and Carry On.

2014-01-10, at 22:09:00
So sorry for the lack of updates recently,
but I've been busy with school, and yesterday I had to go shopping for a birthday gift for my dear Linnéa,
who's turning 18 this Sunday. I also found the two notebooks and the ring above while shopping yesterday.
I'm totally in love with the notebooks, they're gorgeous!
(The right one is a map of the London Underground, perfect for when I'll be running around all lost in London)
I also think I might have caught a cold. My throat's sore, my head feels heavy and I just feel really drained.
I'm hoping it'll pass soon, because I'm going to Belgium this Wednesday.
I've had a relaxing evening, though, with Doctor Who and now I'm watching Sex and the City on TV.
Then I'll probably go straight to bed, because I'm awfully tired.
Good night, and thanks for staying with me even when I don't post! 

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2014-01-07, at 19:50:55
I finally got my original gifyo account back and I'm so happy!
I accidentally deleted my browser history a while ago, "from the beginning of time" (as my Chromebook so nicely puts it) and all of my saved passwords et.c. disappeared.
I easily got back into most of my social medias, but I just couldn't remember my gifyo password, and
I never got a recovery e-mail from them either.
But it's all OK now, it's sorted out and I'm happy!
I've been busy working on my English presentation, hence the silence here on my blog.
I have a presentation this Thursday, about botox, and it's actually very interesting!

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Amazing Friends.

2014-01-06, at 20:42:19
Birthday presents that I got from Emilia last Saturday. I've wanted the Perks of Being a Wallflower for ages,
and I've also had my eyes on The Playbook after I bought The Bro Code.
The "kidnapping" last Saturday turned out to be a party at Emilia's boyfriend's place,
I was a bit shocked to see how many people were there, and I consider myself very lucky to have such great friends who planned such a nice party for me.
It was also a kind of joint party for Linnéa since she'll also be turning 18 soon, which I think was really nice.
We didn't do an awful lot, mostly we just ate and talked (there might also have been a game of truth & dare going on) while the boys watched hockey.
I had a lovely, lovely evening, so thank you to everyone involved! <3

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And tell me some things last.

2014-01-06, at 15:41:57
Tom Odell has been one of my favourite artists for quite a while now,
it's clear to anyone who listens that he's actually put his very heart and soul into all of his songs.
I find his music quite easy to relate to, and I don't doubt others do as well.
His accent is stunning too!
Take my mind
And take my pain
Like an empty bottle takes the rain
And heal, heal, heal, heal
And tell me some things last,
And tell me some things last

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Sherlock: The Sign of Three.

2014-01-05, at 21:32:26
Episode 2 of Season 3 of Sherlock starts in about five minutes,
and I can't even begin to explain how excited I am!
I'm also a bit melancholic, because after this episode, there's only one episode left, and then we'll
probably have to go through another 2-year-long hiatus before Season 4 comes out.
I'll try to keep my blog spoiler-free when it comes to Season 3 for at least a month,
though, so if you haven't seen it yet you have plenty of time before I start spoiling,
Will you be watching it tonight?

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Prom Dress.

2014-01-05, at 15:54:16
In February it'll be time for our school prom,
and most girls already have their dresses. My dress arrived a few days ago, as mum and I opted for ordering it online from England instead of buying one here in Finland.
It was neatly packaged when it arrived, but as soon as you opened the package the whole thing inflated almost like an airbag. It didn't look quite so puffy in the picture on the website, but I feel almost like a cupcake in it.
Now I just have to find heels that I can actually dance in without feeling as if my feet are falling off after 15 minutes, and then we have to hem because at the moment it's about 100 metres too long for me. 
It's very pretty though, and although I won't show you the whole dress yet, I think you can imagine what it looks like. :)

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The Two Talking Cats.

2014-01-04, at 20:04:00
It's that time of the week again:
the time where I show you a cute picture or video, or something else that I find utterly adorable.
This week I want to share yet another video with you,
because as you all probably know, I'm most definitely going to be a crazy cat lady when I grow up.
I love, love, love cats, especially when they make cute sounds.

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2014-01-04, at 16:44:14
I'm getting kidnapped by my friends soon, to celebrate my 18th birthday.
I have no idea where we're going, or what we're doing, haha!
Have a lovely Saturday night! :)

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New In: After-Christmas Sales Haul.

2014-01-04, at 14:59:23
I swore that I wouldn't head out into the After-Christmas Sales madness this year,
and that I'd save my money for Belgium, but my mum and dad asked me if I wanted to go with them to a shopping centre and I really couldn't refuse.
Besides, I don't think I wasted a lot of money anyway.

I've needed a new foundation for quite a while now,
and since I'm obsessed with Make Up Store's products, I decided to buy the matte liquid foundation.
I haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping it'll be worth the money!
I also picked up a lip pencil in the shade "Russian Red", because I don't own a single red lip pencil.
They also had 50% off on a lot of things in BikBok, so I decided to buy the gorgeous leopard shirt to the right.
It's a really nice, translucent shirt with black sleeves and details. I've wanted it for so long, but I didn't think it was worth the money until I found it on sale!
I also bought a pair of jeggings (because let's be real here, the only time I'll ever wear jeans is if it's jeggings. I do love my leggings) from KappAhl, but I think I might have to take them in a bit at the bottom.
I also bought a black skirt and a necklace from BikBok, both were on sale.
I absolutely love the necklace, because ever since my rocker days, I've been obsessed with dogtags,
but I just think normal dogtags look a bit brutal and not feminine enough for my taste.
This necklace has a really nice dogtag-like feel while still being feminine and simplistic.
Love it!

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Birthday Presents.

2014-01-03, at 16:38:51
Malin sent me a beanie as a Christmas gift/birthday present from Austria, Linnéa gave me a pretty bowl and a notebook.
My sister gave me a Gryffindor necklace, which I really appreciate because I've been missing Harry Potter merch lately, although I'm actually a Ravenclaw. Dad gave me the key to his old car. We went to the bank yesterday to sign the car over on my name, so it's officially mine now!
Linnéa was very creative with her packaging, because she also gave me a super pretty nailpolish. Inside a box. That was inside another box. That was inside another box. :)
Other than that my mum bought me some make-up yesterday what I picked up, but I'll show you that in tomorrow's "sale haul". I'm really happy with and so thankful for everything I got for my birthday!

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We Don't Give A F*ck.

2014-01-02, at 16:47:56
Sam Pepper and Maz released a new music video a while ago,
and I'm thoroughly loving it! It's much better than "White Girls", their first single,
and I feel like WDGAF has a nice message.
Sam and Maz have both worked so hard to get to where they are right now,
they're both very dedicated youtubers and they've even continued uploading videos (almost) as usual despite being on tour.
Sam and Maz have another music video coming up too, and although I wish Maz would sing/rap a bit more in their songs, I've really enjoyed their music so far and I wish they'd continue making more!

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2014-01-01, at 21:01:51
Sneak-peak of what I got for my birthday.
Everyone's left now,
and I've had an uneventful but still really nice birthday. Contrary to what you might think,
I'm not going out drinking tonight.
I'm staying home and watching Sherlock (season 3 starts today!!!), because:
1. I don't drink.
2. I'm not a "party person".
3. None of my friends are 18 anyway.
So there you have my grand plans for tonight, and I couldn't be happier!

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