Worlds I wouldn't want to live in

2014-02-07, at 20:14:00
I found an interesting blog post on >this blog< about worlds you wouldn't want to live in,
and I decided to borrow their idea for a post of my own.
1. The Hunger Games - I don't think you need much of an explanation here. Most of you have probably seen/read/heard about The Hunger Games, but if you haven't, basically it's a story that takes place in a dystopian world where 24 of the children and teenagers of Panem (former USA) are forced to compete in the annual Hunger Games. 24 tributes go into the arena, but only one comes out. This sounds very brutal and inhumane, and living in this world would mean risking to be reaped/having your children get reaped. It also makes me wonder, what happened to the rest of the world? Either the rest of the world is, for some unknown reason, gone - or they are oblivious to what's going on in Panem, or they simply don't care.
2. The End of Mr. Y - This is a very mind-boggling book, that involves a lot of thought experiments. In this book, the main character Ariel Manto stumbles upon a very rare book (it's also said to be cursed, and that everybody who reads it dies) and thus gains access to the Troposphere. The Troposphere is a place where all consciousness is connected, where you can enter other people's minds and read their thoughts. This gets Ariel into a lot of trouble. What happens when you enter the Troposphere could also be compared to what happens when you read a really good book: you get sucked into the world of the book, you feel like you can't put it down and you don't want to go back to the real world. As wonderful as it may be to get lost in a good book every now and then, it really isn't healthy, and living in Ariel Manto's world wouldn't be an option for me.
3. Under the Dome - This is a book I haven't actually read, but as I thought that I'd have to have something of Stephen King in here, I chose Under the Dome. In the book, a town gets sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible force field. There's a shortage of water, food and electricity, people become corrupted and the bad side of humanity rears its ugly head. One thing's for sure, I would not like to be trapped under that dome.
4. World War Z - Another book I haven't read, but a book about zombies is a must in a list like this. Anything with zombies instantly makes me turn into a big ball of "NOPE". I'm not even going to mention anything else about this book because basically it seems just like any other zombie apocalypse book, and I feel uncomfortable with even reading the description.
5. Twilight - I feel like Twilight has deluded the younger generations of today. I would never want to live in a world full of vampires, because vampires don't really drink blood from animals (they prey on humans, and only turn to animals in extreme cases), but if I had to, I certainly wouldn't want to live in a world where vampires sparkle. And the whole war between vampires and werewolves doesn't sound too pleasant either.
6. Mortal Engines - Mortal Engines is also a dystopian book, that takes place in the future, after the 60 Minute War. The 60 Minute War was, as the name implies, a war that only lasted for an hour and left the planet almost uninhabitable. This forced the cities to become mobile, and the Municipal Darwinism arose, which means that in the book, larger cities prey on smaller cities. Large areas of the world are deserted wastelands, some of them radioactive. Not so nice, ey? But that's what could, ultimately, happen to our world. 

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