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2014-02-17, at 21:39:03

Joey Graceffa recently released a new music video,
this time it's a cover of Panic! at the Disco - Collar Full, and I am in love!
Joey's singing has improved a lot since his last music video (One Direction - Story of My Life).
It's also nice to see and hear him finally doing something all by himself (of course he hasn't filmed, edited and mixed everything, but you get the point), when in the past, he's usually been Luke's "sidekick".
And it suits him. Both the song, and finally having the lead role.
I also have to applaud the team who helped create the video, because it's utterly, heartbreakingly beautiful.
They don't mention who actually filmed the video, just that Andrew Vallentine directed and edited it,
but it wouldn't surprise me if this turned out to be Sawyer Hartman's work.
The song is also available on Spotify, if you'd rather listen to it there.

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Posted by: Marie Bergman - Om livet på Cypern

Hehe ja det var en bra helg, förutom att jag blev rånad då! ;)

2014-02-18 @ 08:06:04
URL: http://mariebergman.se
Posted by: Anna Röd - ★ Nörd & Filmskapare ★

Tack för låt tipset ^^ denna var riktigt skön!
Har dock ingen koll på Graceffa haha men ska kolla in han mer, lol

2014-02-18 @ 09:53:22
URL: http://www.xn--annard-0xa.se

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