I believe in the Doctor.

2014-02-20, at 21:57:21
Hello my fellow friends,
I'm currently on my Spring Break (and have been all week),
and I'm spending my break watching Doctor Who.
I've grown up with Doctor Who,
just watching random episodes with my mum here and there when it's been shown on TV, 
since my mum's a Whovian.
This is the first time that I watch the series chronologically,
and it's breaking my heart. It's such a sad show, but at the same time it's the most brilliant show ever made.
It also got me thinking...
I really, really like the thought of the Doctor (or someone similar to him) watching over for us.
Not like a god or anything, but just... someone, looking out for us and protecting us.
There's been signs of help from aliens in the past (e.g. Stonehenge), what if that was someone like the Doctor?
Yes :)

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Posted by: Elinore

Vilken fin blogg du har :D
England är så himla mysigt ^^
Älskar Doctor Who! :D

2014-02-21 @ 16:03:52
URL: http://elinorejarlehag.com/
Posted by: Erica

Måste erkänna att jag aldrig sett det någon gång. Någonsin. Ever. :-] Men gillar sci-fi, för det låter som att det är lite det!? Kollar på Star Trek-serierna t.ex. :-)

2014-02-21 @ 22:06:41
URL: http://faithhopelove.blogg.se

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