Flappy Bird.

2014-02-02, at 11:12:00
I have a small confession to make.
I'm addicted to Flappy Bird, and even though it's a love/hate relationship, i still can't stop playing it.
If you don't know what Flappy Bird is, it's an app available for both Android and iOS where you play as a bird that's kidnapped the tubes from Mario.
To fly, you tap the screen (repeatedly), and your goal is to pass through as many tubes as possible.
It sounds very simplistic - and it is. But it's devilishly difficult. Like, really.
You probably won't believe me until you try it, but it's sooo difficult.
Flappy Bird has taken over the world in just a few days,
everyone who's anyone plays it. Most of the youtubers I watch have already confessed that they're addicted to it.
And all of the players are equally frustrated.
Warning: This game might or might not cause you to throw your phone at the wall/out a window/under a car/
into the sea/down a balcony/into the toilet.
Do you play Flappy Bird, and if you do - what's your high score?

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Posted by: Neapocalypse - ・゚♥ ✞ - alternativ blogg & hästblogg ♥

sv; ja men det är jätteroligt! spanjorerna är så gulliga och snälla och söta haha ♥ ♥

2014-02-02 @ 11:26:16
URL: http://neapocalypse.blogg.se/
Posted by: FrökenTV, bloggen om tv och film

åhh! är dock as dålig på det där

2014-02-09 @ 18:17:49
URL: http://efji.blogg.se/
Posted by: Anna Röd - Nörd & Filmskapare

Sjukt att skaparen tog bort spelet nu :OOO! Med kommentaren "I can't take this anymore"

2014-02-11 @ 11:41:04
URL: http://www.xn--annard-0xa.se

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