Dorian Gray.

2014-02-16, at 12:02:26
Today I felt like telling you about a film that I enjoy immensely,
and that I think would be perfect for a Sunday afternoon like this.
Dorian Gray is a story about a young man living in London, a man who is terribly beautiful and, after socialising
with Lord Henry Watton, he slowly becomes more and more vain, and more and more corrupt.
One of his closest friends, Basil Hallward, has painted a portrait of him, and by some curious incident
the portrait starts ageing instead of him.
I first came in contact with the story of Dorian Gray when I was about 12-13 years old,
he was one of the characters in the film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,
and I fell in love with his story. 
Therefore, I was very happy when I found out that they'd made a film about Dorian Gray 
with the stunning Ben Barnes in the leading role.
Also, if you'd rather read the book, you can find it for less than 4€ >here<.

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Posted by: Erica

Tror att jag kan ha set den, nån gång för längesen. Eller åtminstone började se den. Kommer inte riktigt ihåg. :-)

2014-02-16 @ 12:51:32

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