Antwerpen Haul.

2014-02-03, at 12:38:00
Vest, top, skirt, make-up bag, necklace, sweater and jacket from Forever 21, leggings and watch from New Yorker and necklace from Fossil.
Yes, I know, 
this haul is long overdue, but my computer finally decided to cooperate with me and let me edit the pictures.
This is everything I bought while we were in Belgium, although I actually bought the Fossil necklace at the Düsseldorf airport.
I am utterly in love with everything I bought, and with the discounts they had while we were there!
It was with great difficulties that I managed to fit everything into my suitcase when we were supposed to head home, haha!

I really love the Fossil necklace, that I just spotted as we were passing by one of the shops at the airport,
and decided to buy on a whim. I guess I felt like I need something to remind me that love still exists,
and that the next great love could be just around the corner.
Perhaps even a greater love than my previous one.

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Posted by: Sanna :D

Nice!! :D

2014-02-07 @ 09:15:44
Posted by: Sofie

Åhåhååå så fina saker. Hur fin är inte västen dåå

2014-02-20 @ 18:16:00

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