2014-08-28, at 16:27:28

#TBT to last November when I wrote this poem.

Mark was fairly normal

Or so he’d always thought

But somehow he got singled out

And by his school friends caught


They broke and bruised his body

And soon they reached his mind

They told him he was nothing

Until he became blind


He was not the only one

For similar was Lucy’s fate

They tore her down to nothing

And now all she knows is hate


They put all kinds of stupid thoughts

Up in her poor head
But they fail to realise
That soon she might be dead

Yet those are not the only ones
There are also people who

Don’t have any real friends

There’s no one they can turn to


They’re not invited to the parties

Ignored by all their “friends”

They’re forced to sit and play alone

And have to bring their own pens


The problem goes beyond the schools

Beyond the parks and playgrounds

It’s also on the internet

In messages and sounds


It’s not just the children

Though sometimes they are cruel

It’s also grown-up adults

Who should be more difficult to fool


What’s even worse than all of this

Are the people who don’t dare

To speak up when they notice

Someone crying in despair


If you ever see someone

Who’s picked on, lonely, hurt

Please give them a helping hand

And teach them they’re not dirt.

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