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2014-08-23, at 20:26:44
Today is both an amazing and a very sad day to be a Whovian (not Dweek, I refuse to accept that term),
because today is the day that Capaldi takes over the show in his very first entire episode.
Sure, officially we said goodbye to Matt Smith last December already, but we didn't really get to see that much of Capaldi. I think a lot of Whovians are very excited and nervous right now. Excited because their favourite TV-series is finally on again, and nervous because will Capaldi be as extraordinary as Matt Smith or David Tennant?
To me, saying goodbye to Tennant and Smith was very difficult.
Tennant is the Doctor I grew up with, so quite naturally he's MY Doctor and holds a very special place in my heart. I was very suspicious towards Smith when he took over, but I ended up falling a little bit further in love with him in every episode. He's not really my doctor, but he sure is my Raggedy Man.
In a little less than half an hour,
we'll find out if Capaldi's able to fill out the big shoes left behind by his predecessors.
The first episode of Season 8, called Deep Breath, will premiere on BBC 1 at 7:50 GMT tonight.
Will you be watching it with me?

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