Ansel Elgort a.k.a Ansolo

2014-08-25, at 19:48:25
Lately (especially after watching The Fault In Our Stars) I've fallen head over heels for Ansel Elgort,
who plays Augustus Waters in TFIOS. I'd seen him talk a bit about his music project on Instagram,
so after a bit of stalking I managed to find his soundcloud and Spotify accounts.
At first, I was a bit sceptical towards his music, because house (which, apparently, is what he makes and remixes... I actually have no clue whether that's correct or not) isn't exactly something I listen to on a regular basis, but much to my surprise, I actually love his music!
It's perfect to just have on in the background,
while you're studying, cleaning, chilling et.c. It's also perfect to play during a one-man dance party in your room when you're feeling a bit silly. Unfortunately, there aren't very many songs out yet, but the ones that have been released are amazing, and it's almost impossible to get tired of listening to them.

/I couldn't choose just one favourite song so I'm posting all of them/

If you want to check Ansel out or follow him on Spotify, you can do so here:

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