Writing & Tea.

2014-04-02, at 18:07:48
Getting some writing done with the help of Ben Howard and Spotify. And tea.
Exam week ended today, which should mean less stress for me, but sadly that's not the case.
I still have to study for my German exam, which is like 1 - 1,5 weeks from now, and I have a few really big projects going on right now. I went to a meeting at our library after school today, and after I got home I've been working on an article with Jasmin for our local newspaper about our exchange trip to Belgium.
I'm glad we managed to finish it, because in a few minutes I have to go and pick up my dad from work,
and then I'll probably head straight to bed.
#tiredgirl signing out.

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Posted by: Sanna :D

gott med te! :D

2014-04-03 @ 10:16:01
URL: http://mooseplaza.blogg.se
Posted by: MATILDA

skönt och skriva till musik :)

2014-04-03 @ 14:45:29
URL: http://matildays.forme.se

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