White Musk and Smoky Rose.

2014-04-21, at 14:40:00
I saw a post about The Body Shop over at >Adara's blog< a while ago,
and I remembered that I've completely forgotten to tell you about my favourite fragrance mist/perfume that I bought in January when we were in Belgium.
I think it smells amazing, and all of my friends seem to like it too! It's very rich, almost in a sensual way,
but it's still not too heavy.
Sadly, I haven't been able to find it anywhere in Finland, so I'll probably have to order it online after I've finished this bottle. I've had it for a few moths, though, and I've barely used any of it, so it lasts for quite a while.

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Posted by: Neapocalypse - ・゚♥ ✞ - alternativ blogg & hästblogg ♥

Vad betyder musk ens?? Haha! :)

2014-04-23 @ 12:04:33
URL: http://neapocalypse.blogg.se/
Posted by: MATILDA

får man kanske testa :)

Svar: Det borde du verkligen göra! De har dock också en parfym som bara är gjord på vit musk, utan "smoky rose" delen, men jag tycker inte den doftar lika gott. :/
Melody Moonchild

2014-04-23 @ 14:08:58
URL: http://matildays.forme.se

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