We could just run them red lights.

2014-04-13, at 10:52:08
Hi lovelies!
I ended up having a great evening last night, because I ditched the schoolwork and went to hang out with my friends instead. We played Wii Fit (I won in almost everything), which was hilarious because you look so silly when you're playing! I don't think I've laughed that much in ages.
After we finished playing the others were tired and wanted to go home, but I felt like driving for a bit so
I drove to the next town over and back, for no real reason. I love driving at night, though, it's so peaceful and you feel like you have the entire world all to yourself.
Today I have a lot of schoolwork to do, so I'll probably spend the entire day studying.
But it could be worse. At least I have great music to encourage me!

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sv; ahaaa :D vad roligt, önskar man kunde fått lyssna :'D

2014-04-13 @ 11:01:27
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Posted by: ADARAS Blogazine

Älskar den låten :D

2014-04-15 @ 01:08:15
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