The Winter Soldier.

2014-04-19, at 16:08:55
As I said,
I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier (why do some sources say Captain America: The Winter Soldier and others Captain America: The Return of the First Avenger?) which was amazing!
My... company wondered why I wanted to stay until the end credits, but I think he learned that one does not simply leave before the end credits are over when it's a Marvel film. ;)
We were a bit frightened when we made our way back to the car afterwards though,
because as most of you probably know, I belong to the Swedish-speaking minority here in Finland.
We were just strolling along, chatting happily about the film (in Swedish) when we passed two men standing on the sidewalk. When the men heard that we spoke Swedish they instantly fell silent and glared at us,
so we quickly hurried away.
It's common knowledge that Finnish-speaking people hate Swedish-speaking people here in Finland,
but this was the first time I've encountered any hatred myself.
Anyway, trying to put that beyond me now, and instead I'm going to focus on having a great Easter holiday!
I'm going barbecuing with my friends now, so see you later!

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Posted by: ZOOFIE

Alltså det där är ju helt sjukt.. Att man beter sig sådär bara för att någon pratar ett annat språk..

SV: Ja det är riktigt jäkla fegt :/ Men det finns människor till allt! De verkar ha gett sig nu när jag bara ignorerar dem iallafall ;)

bara si sådär en månad sent svar, men det gör väl inget? ;) haha

2014-04-20 @ 23:46:31
Posted by: Victoria

Captain America filmen har olika namn i USA och i Europa :) eller så ha ja förstått, vet inte va de beror på men, den heter Winter soldier i USA :) eller ja så ha ja fatta :D

Svar: Aah, I see. :)
Melody Moonchild

2014-04-21 @ 11:45:31

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