2014-04-09, at 20:49:02
I've spent this day in school (where we didn't really do anything useful),
at choir practice and with my nose buried deep in my German books.
Somewhere between all of this I also managed to find the time to drive my dad to work.
It was the first time I didn't have anyone else with me in the car, which meant I had to drive home from Turku harbour alone - which went surprisingly well.
I've been feeling a bit off (emotionally) lately, so I'm trying to heal my soul by listening to my buddy Ed.
Did you know he's released a new song called "Sing"It's a bit different from his old songs, but I really like it!
(Maybe that's because everything Ed Sheeran does turns out amazing? That man can do nothing wrong!)
I'll try to go to bed early tonight since I have an important meeting tomorrow morning,
so nighty night my lovelies!

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Begrav dig i serier! Då får du annat att gråta över ♥ (doctor who är jättebra för sånt)

2014-04-11 @ 13:12:40

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