Frozen yoghurt.

2014-04-12, at 19:15:15
My local grocery store have recently started selling the small Ben & Jerry's tubs too,
so I decided to try one of their small froyo tastes, because I didn't want to buy a big tub in case I wouldn't like it.
I'm glad I chose the small tub, because it was just enough for me.
I don't have a whole lot of experience with frozen yoghurt, but I think the Ben & Jerry's froyo isn't quite as 
tart as some other froyos can be, which I think was a good thing.
I absolutely adore the packaging, how cute isn't the tiny tub?!
Have you tried the Ben & Jerry's frozen yoghurts yet?

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Posted by: Neapocalypse - ・゚♥ ✞ - alternativ blogg & hästblogg ♥

sv; oh vad för redovisning? ^__^

Jag har smakat den med jordgubbs shortcake, faktiskt rätt god! Fast deras vanliga är ju bättre ;)

2014-04-12 @ 20:00:16
Posted by: Linda

ser gott ut, inte smakat någon sån

2014-04-13 @ 11:53:28
Posted by: MATILDA

gott =)

2014-04-13 @ 19:30:00

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