2014-04-29, at 21:15:37
Look what I found at my local grocery store! They also have one that tastes of pomegranate and raspberries, which is absolutely amazing!
School's flowing slowly but smoothly,
and we're all excited for Walpurgis Night (which I think sounds very much like a venereal disease).
I have no idea what our choir leader thought when he called for a choir practice tomorrow,
seriously?! Ain't nobody got time for that...
I'll try to get the few pictures I have from when the Belgian people visited us up here tomorrow or on Thursday,
and I'll tell you a bit more about what we did then too. It still feels empty without them here!

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Someday I'll be Saturday Night.

2014-04-28, at 18:32:07
The Belgian people left early last morning,
and I've been thrown right back into reality with the massive load of schoolwork that comes along with it.
I'm listening to some classic, wonderful, amazing Bon Jovi to cheer myself up, though.
This feels like the perfect roadtrip song!

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Rearranged Living Quarters.

2014-04-23, at 16:21:18
Remember when I went on a school trip to Belgium in January?
The Belgian students are paying us a visit now instead, which is very exciting! This means I won't be able to update for a few days, because we'll be busy guiding the Belgian people around.
They'll arrive in about 50 minutes or so, and it'll be very nice to meet them again!

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White Musk and Smoky Rose.

2014-04-21, at 14:40:00
I saw a post about The Body Shop over at >Adara's blog< a while ago,
and I remembered that I've completely forgotten to tell you about my favourite fragrance mist/perfume that I bought in January when we were in Belgium.
I think it smells amazing, and all of my friends seem to like it too! It's very rich, almost in a sensual way,
but it's still not too heavy.
Sadly, I haven't been able to find it anywhere in Finland, so I'll probably have to order it online after I've finished this bottle. I've had it for a few moths, though, and I've barely used any of it, so it lasts for quite a while.

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The Winter Soldier.

2014-04-19, at 16:08:55
As I said,
I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier (why do some sources say Captain America: The Winter Soldier and others Captain America: The Return of the First Avenger?) which was amazing!
My... company wondered why I wanted to stay until the end credits, but I think he learned that one does not simply leave before the end credits are over when it's a Marvel film. ;)
We were a bit frightened when we made our way back to the car afterwards though,
because as most of you probably know, I belong to the Swedish-speaking minority here in Finland.
We were just strolling along, chatting happily about the film (in Swedish) when we passed two men standing on the sidewalk. When the men heard that we spoke Swedish they instantly fell silent and glared at us,
so we quickly hurried away.
It's common knowledge that Finnish-speaking people hate Swedish-speaking people here in Finland,
but this was the first time I've encountered any hatred myself.
Anyway, trying to put that beyond me now, and instead I'm going to focus on having a great Easter holiday!
I'm going barbecuing with my friends now, so see you later!

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Easter Cinema.

2014-04-18, at 18:08:57
Hello lovelies!
I just came back from a two-hour long walk with my dad, and I now have to quickly hop into the shower and get ready because I'm going to the cinema soon. I'll finally get to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier!
I hope your Easter's started nicely, mine sure has!

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The 80s called...

2014-04-17, at 19:00:40
... and they want their clothes back.
I've been completely snuggled up in my new, amazing sweater today.
It's from BikBok, it's soooo soft and enormous and I just love it. 
Anyway, the Easter break has just started for us here in Finland, and I've spent the first few hours of mine watching my darling Doctor Who.

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We could just run them red lights.

2014-04-13, at 10:52:08
Hi lovelies!
I ended up having a great evening last night, because I ditched the schoolwork and went to hang out with my friends instead. We played Wii Fit (I won in almost everything), which was hilarious because you look so silly when you're playing! I don't think I've laughed that much in ages.
After we finished playing the others were tired and wanted to go home, but I felt like driving for a bit so
I drove to the next town over and back, for no real reason. I love driving at night, though, it's so peaceful and you feel like you have the entire world all to yourself.
Today I have a lot of schoolwork to do, so I'll probably spend the entire day studying.
But it could be worse. At least I have great music to encourage me!

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Frozen yoghurt.

2014-04-12, at 19:15:15
My local grocery store have recently started selling the small Ben & Jerry's tubs too,
so I decided to try one of their small froyo tastes, because I didn't want to buy a big tub in case I wouldn't like it.
I'm glad I chose the small tub, because it was just enough for me.
I don't have a whole lot of experience with frozen yoghurt, but I think the Ben & Jerry's froyo isn't quite as 
tart as some other froyos can be, which I think was a good thing.
I absolutely adore the packaging, how cute isn't the tiny tub?!
Have you tried the Ben & Jerry's frozen yoghurts yet?

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2014-04-10, at 16:19:37
Hello lovelies!
School's a bit tedious at the moment, and the project I've been working on with a group from school isn't exactly going as planned. We thought we had everything sorted out, but since it's a big project involving many schools, some problems arose in another school.
It's so annoying when you're planning and doing your best and then everyone else keeps fudging up your plans!

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2014-04-09, at 20:49:02
I've spent this day in school (where we didn't really do anything useful),
at choir practice and with my nose buried deep in my German books.
Somewhere between all of this I also managed to find the time to drive my dad to work.
It was the first time I didn't have anyone else with me in the car, which meant I had to drive home from Turku harbour alone - which went surprisingly well.
I've been feeling a bit off (emotionally) lately, so I'm trying to heal my soul by listening to my buddy Ed.
Did you know he's released a new song called "Sing"It's a bit different from his old songs, but I really like it!
(Maybe that's because everything Ed Sheeran does turns out amazing? That man can do nothing wrong!)
I'll try to go to bed early tonight since I have an important meeting tomorrow morning,
so nighty night my lovelies!

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Day of Silence

2014-04-09, at 08:55:32
This Friday it's the annual Day of Silence,
which, if you don't know what it is, is a day when you protest against bullying of LGBT-people.
All you have to do is to be quiet and refrain from speaking.
You can, however, carry around a notebook to write in.
Will you be participating? If so, I'd recommend talking to your teachers about it in advance so that they know what's going on, and hopefully will accept your silence.
You can read more about the whole event >here<.

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Hot and Hotter.

2014-04-04, at 18:03:16
I've found the most brilliant car commercial ever,
the car is gorgeous and the man sitting inside of it is even more gorgeous.
I am, of course, talking about Tom Hiddleston. And the car?
An F-type Jaguar. *drools*
The commercial's also very cleverly made to attract fangirls,
what with Tom Hiddleston teaching you how to master the Art of Villainy and everything.

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Hogwarts is here!

2014-04-03, at 19:28:08
A few days ago,
a new website called opened its gates for Harry Potter fans worldwide.
The aim of the site is to give people an "online Hogwarts experience", meaning you get to earn points for your houses by completing assignments in different courses, you get to find Chocolate Frog cards and share a dorm with your friends.
Here's what the creators say:
"Thanks to the Wizengamot, the British and American Ministry of Magics and a handful of tech-friendly professors from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry , a Hogwarts education has now become available online to all aspiring witches and wizards.

You are now able to enroll at Hogwarts, collect your textbooks and begin taking our 9-week courses online. You can now progress through all seven years of schooling and be assigned a professor, homework assignments, quizzes and more.

Meet other students online by joining a House dormitory, chat with others in the Common Room, browse and contribute to the Hogwarts Library, collect chocolate frog cards, earn galleons & house points and so much
I already signed up the day it opened,
and so far everything's been a bit buggy, but they're working really hard to fix everything.
There are already assignments for some courses too,
so if you feel like taking a break from Muggle school you can sit down and do a few magic assignments instead! ;)
Already a member? Add me as a friend!

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Writing & Tea.

2014-04-02, at 18:07:48
Getting some writing done with the help of Ben Howard and Spotify. And tea.
Exam week ended today, which should mean less stress for me, but sadly that's not the case.
I still have to study for my German exam, which is like 1 - 1,5 weeks from now, and I have a few really big projects going on right now. I went to a meeting at our library after school today, and after I got home I've been working on an article with Jasmin for our local newspaper about our exchange trip to Belgium.
I'm glad we managed to finish it, because in a few minutes I have to go and pick up my dad from work,
and then I'll probably head straight to bed.
#tiredgirl signing out.

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