The Avengers Theme - Violins - Taylor Davis

2013-05-31, at 22:42:18
I absolutely love the music in The Avengers, it's so powerful and really gives you the feeling that there are actual superheroes involved. It goes without saying that I was ecstatic when I found this violin version, it's beautifully made and I'm half expecting to see Iron Man flying past my window when I listen to it.
Believe it or not, I'm actually going to bed now. It's speech day tomorrow, and I need to be well-rested. 
Goodnight everyone! <3

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Two paintings.

2013-05-31, at 16:49:54
We got to bring home our paintings that we painted in art class, and I thought I'd show you two of them.
On the first painting, we were supposed to paint an emotion.
I'm not quite sure what my feeling was, but probably something like hollowness, anxiety et.c.
The second painting, on the picture below, was supposed to be an oil painting of a motive of our own choice.
I chose to paint a portrait of my baby, of course, and although his head ended up being a bit crooked and weird,
I've gotten a lot of compliments for it, and mum is apparently going to frame it...
You can't really see his nose in this picture, but it's much more visible in real life.
The original:
Do you paint or draw? If you do, I'd love to see it, so leave me a comment!

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Cutest video of the week.

2013-05-30, at 22:21:03
I just found the cutest effing video of Joey ever! I mean, he's random enough as it is, but after he's been sedated...
... gurl, let's just say that things are a little cray cray. ;)
His snoring is insanely cute, though, and the way he just passes out on Luke's bed is adorable!
I didn't know you have to get sedated when you pull your wisdom teeth pulled out? 
Does it really hurt that bad?
Or is that only in America? I'm kind of afraid of getting my wisdom teeth now...

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It's just another day for you and me in paradise.

2013-05-30, at 19:13:48
Remember the Jacksgap video I posted a while ago? Well, I decided to donate to that charity.
Jack and Finn's new video actually moved me so much that I saw no other choice but to donate a bit of money to The Rainbow Centre. I donated half of the money my parents gave me this month, money that would have gone to something utterly stupid otherwise, like clothes or make-up.
If you want to donate, you can do so >here<. You can donate by using Visa and Visa Electron, Mastercard et.c. et.c.

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Nail design: Ombré.

2013-05-30, at 11:49:04
Malin was here yesterday and got her nails painted. I'm not used to painting other people's nails, and I haven't done nail-art in ages because of school, so the result could have been better.
Malin seemed happy with them though. :)
It's a really simple and fresh design, perfectly suited for summer.
Turquoise that fades into pink, which fades into white.
An easy ombré design, in other words.

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Competing at...

2013-05-29, at 20:49:39
The picture links to the competition.
Right now you can win a pair of Jeffrey Campbells of your own choice over >here<.

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2013-05-29, at 16:39:14
I wrote my last exam today, and I can now proudly say that I survived my first year of upper secondary!
I'm so proud of myself and of all of my friends, because this was just as tough on everyone of us,
and we made it!
I spent almost the whole day after school with Malin.
I painted her nails, we went to the store, chilled by the river and went out for a long and nice walk.
My friends have become more and more important to me, and I'm really starting to appreciate them more and more every day.
I have the best friends ever!
I'm now going to draw something, but it's kind of a surprise, so I can't show you yet. ;)

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Cyr - Buddy Orange.

2013-05-29, at 06:02:50
Yesterday, I was watching Sam Pepper's Draw My Life video. I was completely mesmerized by the song he used as his backing track, so I got a bit obsessed with finding it, and I did, over on >Cyr's channel<!
Honestly, this song really does something to me and I can't explain what. It's like it's a song that tries to come across as positive and a bit cheerful, but actually is so much deeper and so much more tragic than that.
And Cyr's guitarskills are amazing!
To quote one of the top comments: "I love this song, and I would die if someone played this for me!"
Yes, yes I would. I'd die a thousand times over.
This is probably the best song on earth, and I'm not even exaggerating.
I was feeling a bit anxious about my German exam when I woke up today, but I'm now revising the most important parts with this playing, and it instantly calmed me down.
It's like a drug. :s

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Starling fallen from the sky.

2013-05-28, at 22:24:37
Mum cooked the most delicious food today, scampi fried with tomatoes and garlic, and a salad on the side. Perfection! I think she secretly wishes she was Thai. ;)
Ich haße Deutsch. A lot. I don't understand any of the grammar and I just couldn't care less right now, because in about 10 hours, all of my exams will be over!
And we found out today that a magpie shoved out a nestling from our neighbour's starling nest. We found it lying on the grass, it was quite alive but had a big wound on its head and we couldn't get it back up into the nest, so we had to leave it be and hope that Whiskey wouldn't find it. :(

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Youtuber update.

2013-05-28, at 21:55:06
Troye, your tumblr is still signed in at google&#8230;.luv b3rti3
"Troye, your tumblr is still signed in at google….luv b3rti3"
Dying. :')
Apparently, Troye Sivan left his Tumblr open at Google when he was there a few months ago, and Bertie noticed it now.
Maz is currently sleeping (and apparently looking very dead) on Alfie's sofa. Makes me wonder what the fudge he's doing there, as he just confessed his love for Sam Pepper.
Sam recently returned from L.A. where he's been living for a while. It seems like Maz and Sam missed each other quite a lot, judging by all of the cute tweets they've sent each other.
New OTP maybe? ;)

>Bertie's youtube<
>Troye's youtube<
>Sam's youtube<
>Maz' youtube<

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The Rainbow Centre.

2013-05-28, at 13:30:00
This is the second charity video that Jack and Finn have made, and I absolutely love them for it. 
They have such big hearts!
The beginning of the video is very cheeky, and they're adorable as usual.
But then the serious stuff begins.
I've never been to Sri Lanka myself, but my parents have. They've showed me pictures and videos, and it seems like they really loved it there. I know that my mum loves Sri Lanka, she's always watching videos and documentaries about the country in case she happens to come across any.
I know that mum would like to visit Sri Lanka again, but because of the civil war and the tsunami, it hasn't really been an option.
I know, though, that if I ever visit Sri Lanka, I'm going to visit The Rainbow Centre.
The music in the video is amazing, and it's beyond amazing to see Finn and Jack interacting with the children, playing... whatever sport that was, and taking photographs of them. 
They both seemed very touched by the way the children were living, and I'm so glad they decided to donate the money this video makes to the charity.
Therefore, I'm humbly asking you to please share this video everywhere.
Every view counts.
If you want to donate money to the charity, you can do so >here<.

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Apple blossom.

2013-05-27, at 19:37:35
I noticed our apple trees are blossoming and couldn't resist risking my life (and my camera) by dangling out of 
our window to photograph it.
Today's been a good day. The Geography exam was OK, although don't you just love how there's always a question that you know the answer to, but you can't qute remember what it is, and as soon as you've left school you remember exactly what the answer was?
I then went to the hospital with mum to chill there for a few hours. I took the opportunity to study some German while I was there, and then we went to Lidl and returned home with heaps of delicious food!
I then decided to go for a run, but my ankles didn't like me after a day in heels, so they hurt quite a lot.
It was a good run, however, and I didn't die!
I'm thoroughly enjoying the fact that I have tomorrow off and only one exam left, finally I can start being my old creative self again! I have a lot of creative stuff planned right now, and hopefully you'll get to see the results soon!

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

2013-05-27, at 10:20:26
I just found out about the new Animal Crossing game that will be released for Nintendo 3DS on June 14th, and I'm sooo excited! I really want this game, since I loved the first Animal Crossing DS game, but I'd have to buy a Nintendo 3DS and I'm not quite sure whether it's worth it or not.
In the game you can:
- Play as the mayor of the town.
- Swim in the ocean.
- Customize your town by adding benches, bridges, buildings, camping areas, wells et.c.
- Work at Brewster's café.
- Design your own shoes and trousers.
- Drink coffee and eat ice cream.
Apart from that, all of the old functions from the first Animal Crossing game will available.
Have you played Animal Crossing? Are you going to buy the new game? :)

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2013-05-27, at 09:39:13
I found this on Tumblr yesterday, and it's hilarious! :')
I mean, who would come up with something like this? Do they actually do this every time? 
Just to clarify, I don't know anything about this team (it is a team, right?), I just thought this was funny and wanted to share it with you!! :)

The last one! <3

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YouTube RPG.

2013-05-26, at 21:31:38

A few days ago, I found the coolest thing ever on YouTube, thanks to Tyler Oakley's tweet about it...
It's a YouTube RPG game that >this< guy made in collaboration with heaps of other awesome youtubers.
It's so awesome, and it must have taken ages to make, and it's such a creative idea!
You should definitely take a look at it!

I've already found Dan and Tyler, but I'm still trying to find Phil. I guess he's somewhere in the forest, though, since he's mushrooms?


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Cheeky boys.

2013-05-26, at 18:28:08
I think someone put an extra 'c' in 'cheeky'...
I can literally feel myself going crazy right now, because I really just want to be done with school already, but I have two exams left. And, to make matters worse, one of the exams just happens to be German, which just so happens to be the subject I really don't understand anything in. Words and phrases are allright, but the grammar is just awful. :(

To cheer myself up, I searched for pictures and gif's of Jack and Finn Harries on weheartit. They make me ridiculously happy, and I can't help but swoon every time I see a picture of them.
Cheeky twins!

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New in.

2013-05-26, at 12:40:49
I bought this jacket in Turku last Friday, and it was actually from the men's department in One Way.
I really don't get why men have so much cooler clothes than women, this jacket was much better looking than the army jacket for women, and it was half the price.
It's a bit tight around the hips, since women have wider hips than men, but it's OK. :)
I also finally managed to find The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I've wanted to read it for ages, but it's been almost impossible to find anywhere. I'm wondering what kind of peasants actually live in this country.
And I also found a pair of John Lennon glasses for 4€ at Tiger, I've wanted a pair for ages!

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The Blind Side.

2013-05-25, at 23:40:49
I'm watching The Blind Side right now, we watched the beginning of it in school a year or two ago, but we never had the time to finish it. I absolutely love it, and it's such a wonderful story!
It's really moving, and I find it difficult not to cry!

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2013-05-25, at 21:38:31
I've started tightlining my eyes, and it really makes a huge difference.
This is my new hair colour, and I finally got rid of the 3-4 cm long outgrowth.
By the way, it's completely impossible for me to look normal on pictures. If I try to look normal, I just end up looking derpy instead.

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Moustache that!

2013-05-25, at 19:47:00
While we were in Turku yesterday, we bought fake moustaches from Tiger for like 3€ and wore them for the rest of the evening. The only problem is that they didn't stick very well, we even tried using eyelash glue, but it didn't help. So we had to walk around all serious looking, because smiling led to the moustache falling off.

I think we really managed to cheer people up, and almost everyone started smiling when they saw us, which made it a thousand times more difficult to keep a straight face.
And aren't my friends gorgeous? <3
>Emmi< took the photograph.

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Kiss my Turku.

2013-05-25, at 11:25:01
The view from the Art Museum in Turku.
When my friends and I were approaching the museum yesterday, we wondered why a tourist was snapping photographs of the street in front of the museum. When we walked out of the museum, we understood why and couldn't resist doing exactly the same. 

I mean, look at that! I love how bumpy the road is, you can't really see it that well on the picture though.
If you walk down that road, you get to the market-place, so this is basically in the center of Turku.
I've always thought that Turku is a beautiful city, but maybe that's because I don't actually live there.

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Bless this man!

2013-05-24, at 21:36:26
Honestly, I loved Maz before, but I just gained sooooooo much respect for him!
This this this this! I just want to shove this in everyone's face and say "Look! It's OK not to have a thigh gap!" 
It's ridiculous that Maz thinks he's going to be forever alone though, I mean, look at him!
He can be a bit crude sometimes, but when you've watched a lot of his videos, you realize that he's actually probably the sweetest person alive. And he looks at the camera in the same way you'd look at your lover.
No but really, Maz really made my day and I feel better about not being skinny now.
What I don't feel good about though, is my awful headache. I almost threw up on my way home from the bus, because my head hurt so bad, and I'm sooo going to bed now.

I don't care if it's not "socially acceptable" to go to bed at 10 p.m-ish on a Friday evening.

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It's Friday!

2013-05-24, at 09:27:10
It doesn't really feel like Friday, but apparently, that's what it is. ;)
Hiya! I'm going to Turku with my friends today, we're going shopping and we also have to go to this art museum thingy for school. It's going to be heaps fun!
I hope you have an amazing Friday!

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Michael Monroe - Ballad of the Lower East Side.

2013-05-23, at 19:45:11
Michael Monroe, the pride and joy of Finland. <3
I love Michael's new song, and the video is just fab! Dregen is gorgeous, and this song really makes you want to go back in time to live in the 80's!
I didn't completely fail my maths test today, I think it might have gone pretty well actually. I've been studying English all day today, and I still have to study some more before I can finally go to bed. This exam week is killing me!
I also dyed my hair today, and ended up looking like a carrot. I hope to Merlin that the sun will bleach my hair this summer...

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Batman, on Polyvore.

2013-05-23, at 10:24:52
>Pullover< >shorts< >shoes< >bag< >headband< >ring<
Still loving the sweater + shorts combination.
I couldn't find a link to the black shoes, so I linked the pink ones instead, and they're a real bargain!
12€ for a pair of shoes really isn't much!

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2013-05-22, at 19:18:15
It's been a rainy day today, and I actually find studying easier then, because the sun's not tempting you to go outside. Having a hot cuppa next to you really helps too.
I don't really understand much of the math, but I'm done caring now. 
Now I'm just going to take a shower, study some English and go to bed because I've almost fallen asleep at least a dozen times today. #zombiewarning
How's your day been? Hopefully better than mine? :)

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"Mom! I'm with Iron Man!"

2013-05-22, at 10:15:36
Updates will probably be a bit slow during the following days, because I just have too much studying to do.

I hope you're all OK with that, and I'll leave you with the cutest gif's ever. 
The Finnish exam was awful, and I think I might just end up with a 6 or 7 on my report card, as opposed to the 8 I usually have. Oh well, this course was apparently a lot more diffucult than the last ones (no shit), and I don't think anyone did that well.
I was up until 1 a.m. studying last night, so I'm a bit groggy today. I hope I don't fall asleep in my maths book, because I have to study my arse off for the exam tomorrow.
Anyway, I'm off now, have an awesome day!
This man! The kid had lost his mum, and RDJ held the boy  up so she'd see him. <3

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2013-05-21, at 19:40:32
Shirt - dad brought it home from work, Shorts - Cubus
I am really panicking right now, because I just filled in an old Finnish exam as a form of exercise for the real exam tomorrow, and I only got about 1/4 of it right. I literally feel  like dying because I have to perform well in this exam, otherwise I suspect my course grade will be lower this time than it usually is.
And the rules don't work the way they're supposed to. Finnish is the most frustrating language ever!

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My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room.

2013-05-21, at 15:01:15
I can't believe that this was the last proper day of school! Now we just have the exam week left, and then we have two odd days and speech day. I mean, I just started upper secondary.
Finnish exam tomorrow, crap crap crappity crap.

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The moment you realise....

2013-05-21, at 10:22:12
Source is quite obviously 9gag.
Oh how true this is....

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A Facebook update in real life.

2013-05-21, at 10:02:31
I found this video a while ago, it's hilarious! This exactly what it's like every time Facebook updates something!
Hi lovelies, I'm feeling heaps better today and I promise you I won't be so inactive today.
Sometimes you just need a small break to get yourself together. :)

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Weary-eyed and dry throat.

2013-05-20, at 13:28:08
Dad decided to drive me to school today, which means I had some extra time to get ready and actually put some make-up on.
I just got home from school, because I have a terribly sore throat and decided to skip choir practice.
I'm probably going to spend the day with my nose buried deep between the pages of my textbooks, but I'll try to squeeze in a bit of blogging, of course!
Have a lovely day!

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Iron Man: Behind the Scenes.

2013-05-19, at 22:20:31
I just discovered a series of behind the scenes videos on youtube, from Iron Man 1, and I am absolutely in love with Robert Downey Jr. <3
He's the rare kind of man that just gets hotter and hotter with age, and he is sooo fit, funny and adorable!
It's also cool to see all of the work they've put into making everything seem as realistic as possible,
and I think it really shows when you watch the movie.
It's difficult to grasp that Robert Downey Jr. isn't actually flying when he's testing his suit in the workshop!
Here are all 4 parts of the video:

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Annoyance of the day.

2013-05-19, at 19:42:00
Duvet covers that don't have holes at the end. I struggled for ages to get my duvet into the cover yesterday.
I'm so sorry for the lack of updating today, but I've been studying all day today. 
I think the teachers actually might want to kill us, because they're piling on tons and tons of homework right before exam week when we're supposed to be studying for exams.

A lot of homework + studying for exams = no free time = sad Mel. :(
Oh well, it'll all be done soon!

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Umbridge? Is that you?

2013-05-19, at 12:56:06
Petra Mede in her Gaultier dress yesterday.
Congratulations to Denmark for winning the Eurovision Song Contest! 
There was one thing I reacted to yesterday though, and that was Petra's dress.
Sure, it's fabulous and probably very expensive, but you can't deny that it looks exactly like something Umbridge from Harry Potter would wear.
Also, "You may now kiss the groom" was probably the best part of the entire show! 
I love Sweden!
I also feel like I spread myself a bit thin on all of the social medias yesterday, because I was everywhere, talking to everyone.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

2013-05-18, at 22:55:43
Anouk's song is probably my second favourite song (after Robin's song) in the Eurovision Song Contest. It's so original and beautiful!
I am utterly disappointed that I'm not British right now, because in Great Britain, they have Graham Norton as their commentator. Graham fudging Norton!
"If two girls kissing offends you, you need to grow up" about Finland's entry.
Robin's so cute, and his song is perfect! I wonder if people know how hard the refrain is to sing... Trust me, I've tried it. It's not easy.
And Petra's dress reminds me of Umbridge...
Oh dear VlaVla. :')

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Tired and sweaty - but it feels good!

2013-05-18, at 18:52:44
I came back from my run about an hour ago, my new shoes feel like a dream to run in! 
I wanted to take a shower, but dad had started heating up the sauna so I'll have to wait until it's ready. It shouldn't be long now.

Tonight I'm going to spend some quality time with mum and dad, since it's the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. I also got my sun back, dad made some very delicious grilled food today and I have some McEnnedy's ice cream waiting for me in the fridge. Today is a good day! 
And no, I'm not on any form of diet, I'm just tired of being out of breath after walking up a single flight or stairs, and any weight I might lose in the process of building a bit of muscles is just positive.

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New In!

2013-05-18, at 16:41:40
I wonder what's in this box...?

It's my new shoes! Dad bought these running shoes for me yesterday, and I'm so thankful because I don't really have a pair of proper shoes, running in Converse shoes isn't good for your feet at all and my sneakers (that I've been running in up until now) were much too warm to wear in the summer.
It's amazing how much a nice pair of shoes can inspire you to get your ass off the sofa and out for a run!
When we walked into the shoe-section at Stadium, the guy working there asked us if he could be of any assistance and then proceeded to tell me that the arch of my foot if flat after walking in the wrong shoes for so long. He got that after seeing me walk just the few metres in the store. 
I quite literally looked like this -> O.o
These shoes are great and they're a really nice colour, although they might be a tiny bit too big. Not big enough to cause any damage, though, and the guy seemed to have trouble finding shoes in 36 to begin with and I doubt they would've had any 35's at all. 
My life as a dwarf...
We were also looking for a dress for me to wear to the speech day this year, but we didn't find any, so I just decided to go with my white Noa Noa dress that I already have. The only problem is that the top part of the dress is quite transparent, and the layered skirt part of the dress starts so low down when I wear it that you can see my underwear. Not very nice, so we bought a longer, white top that I can wear underneath.
Vero Moda also had an offer where you got 2 tops for 21 something Euros, so if you've ever wanted a pair of these tops, go and buy them! They're gorgeous! :)
We also discovered that Bik Bok and Cubus moved in to the shopping center, and I was ecstatic! I think this is the first Bik Bok shop that I've seen in Finland (or maybe I'm just blind?), and I absolutely love their clothes! 
I also popped into Kicks to get false lashes for speech day, and a birthday present for a certain girl... I also noticed they had MUS's tri-brow, and I decided to give it a try, since I don't like the result of my current eyebrow pencil.
In conclusion, yesterday was a lovely day and I'm happy with everything I got!

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Life goes on.

2013-05-18, at 12:08:36
Good morning everyone! I just woke up about an hour or so ago after 12 hours of sleep. It still amazes me how long I can sleep for if I'm really tired.

I don't have anything much planned for today, but I have to study for the exams that start next Wednesday.
I'm a bit sad though because I had to go shopping yesterday when I could have been out tanning and today when I would've had the time, it's cloudy outside. *huffs*
Oh well, life goes on...

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Summertime Sadness.

2013-05-17, at 19:43:00
Shirt - Cubus, Shorts - Carlings, Glasses - Glitter, Ring - Won it here.
I went shopping after school today, ate the most delicious shrimp caesar salad and Italian gelato.
I'll show you later what I bought, but this is what I wore today.
It's so bloody hot outside today, and there's thunder in the air. Is Thor on his way, perhaps?

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2013-05-17, at 10:21:42
The best smoothie ever. So much easier than making your own, especially since we don't have a blender, and you save bees by buying this smoothie!
Hi lovelies, I'm in school now and I'm burning up! It's so hot here, and I'm bored out of my skull.
I hope you're having a better day than me! :)

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Keep calm...

2013-05-17, at 06:56:22
I don't have anything special planned for today, but I end at 12 and I think I might go for a run after that.
What are your plans for today? 

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Oh Sherlock...

2013-05-16, at 21:08:00
Found these on Tumblr a while ago, and it never fails to cheer me up!

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Met an old friend today.

2013-05-16, at 19:48:20
Spent some time outside in the evening sun with my favourite friend today. I haven't read Harry Potter in ages, so I decided to re-read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I've really missed Harry! <3

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Andy McCoy.

2013-05-16, at 18:01:24
Dad was very kind and got me Andy McCoy's autograph last week. Thanks dad! <3
Honestly, I have heaps of autographs that I don't know what to do with, I have heaps of autographs that I know I have but I don't know where they are and I even have a band that I can't remember which band it was, and the writing is difficult to decipher. Sigh.

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Selena Gomez - Come & Get It.

2013-05-15, at 21:37:02
I'm so in love with this song right now, and the music video... just, OH. DEAR. MERLIN.
Selena is gorgeous, the scenery is beautiful and the dancing is amazing.
I also love the african/indian/whatever sound to the music!
(I'll reply to your comments tomorrow, lovelies, because believe it or not, I'm actually going to bed now. Goodnight lovelies! <3)

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2013-05-15, at 16:58:14
Got my penguin-ring from that I won over at Sofie's blog a while ago. I also got a Hello Kitty pin, for some reason. Totally unexpected but very much appreciated! :)
There are a lot of thoughts running around in my head about the matriculation exams we're writing in a little less than two years from now. I'll probably end up writing either religion studies or social studies, because I was stupid enough not to choose any optional courses in geography, biology, history et.c.
Great. Oh well, I'm sure it'll work out somehow.
Other than that my day's been just fine, and I'm off to study now. 
Have a wonderful evening!

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New Themes.

2013-05-15, at 09:30:53
Someone on the Facebook page I admin on told me about an extension for Chrome called "Stylish" that lets you change your theme on Tumblr, Facebook et.c. 
I changed my Tumblr theme to a Harry Potter theme, and my Facebook theme to a galaxy theme. I love both my Tumblr dashboard and my Facebook newsfeed so much more now! 

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My relationship with maths...

2013-05-14, at 21:16:27
I just spent about 2 hours trying to do my maths homework, and I didn't really get anywhere. 
Physics I'm fine with, Chemistry I'm fine with, but maths is just murder.
You could practically feel the anxiety in the air during maths class today. No one understood anything, my friend and I were constantly consulting the teacher about what we were supposed to do and we still didn't understand anything. Finally it got to the point where I just wanted to lie down on my desk and cry.
We have a math exam next week, and I really don't understand anything (well, OK, I understand some parts, but far from everything) of what we've covered in this course.

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No time for feeling blue.

2013-05-14, at 19:45:10
This is basically what I look like every day nowadays. The only make-up I can bother putting on in the morning is foundation, and the only hairstyle I can bother with is a braid, because otherwise my hair gets terribly tangled and it takes half an hour to brush it out. No joke.
Had a bad night's sleep last night, because my nose was so blocked I could barely breathe, and woke up with a terribly sore throat. This does not bode well.
I really don't have time for being ill right now, with exam week coming up and all. 
Which reminds me, I have to start revising tomorrow. Ugh.
Can't I just go to Hogwarts instead? Please? :(

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Elven Circlets.

2013-05-14, at 13:50:00
Click any of the pictures or >here< to get to the site.
I found a site that sells elven circlets that can be used for, for example, weddings. 
They took my breath away, and they're so beautiful I might cry! I love elves, and I've always wanted to have a special piece of jewellery like this.
The only downside might be the pricetag, since they sway between about $100 up to as much as $500. 
If I ever get married, I'm sure I'll be wearing one of these circlets.

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How to make friends.

2013-05-13, at 21:22:56
Thought I'd share some of Troye's fantastic humour with you this Monday evening. 
love this video, and the part where he's dancing just cracks me up every single time. 
Plus, is he cute or what? ;)

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You shall not be prejudice.

2013-05-13, at 19:14:00
Oh how I love this man. <3
"America the brave
Still fears what we don't know
And God loves all his children it's somehow forgotten
But we paraphrase a book written
3,500 years ago
I don't know"

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Find the cat, closed.

2013-05-13, at 18:41:00
I thought I should probably end this small "contest" here, and not that many guessed where Whiskey was hiding, actually, but those who got it right were:
Anna Röd, Frida and Fille.
And Sofia, of course. But I don't think she has a blog. She just wanted to be mentioned. Eheh.
Click on their names to go to their blogs, and I'd like to say a huge thankyou to them for wanting to participate! :)

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2013-05-13, at 18:34:03
Old picture. Sorry for throwing my imperfections at you.
I am so sorry for not blogging today, but I've had a really rough day at school and when I came home I was just drained both physically and mentally, crashed on my bed and slept up until now. Productive way to spend your day, yo! 
Nah but, I don't have much homework for tomorrow so I might just watch a few episodes of Hannibal and then go to bed. I'll throw in a couple of posts here first, of course.

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Perfect Sunday.

2013-05-12, at 21:23:32
I was terribly productive and got all of my studying done early this morning, so I spent a few hours watching Hannibal and reading this afternoon.
Perfect Sunday!

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Shorts + Hoodie = True, on Polyvore.

2013-05-12, at 17:08:17
Hoodie + shorts = true
Hoodie + shorts = true by melody-moonchild featuring cuff jewelry
I've always thought that shorts and a hoodie look so good together, as long as it's not a really hot day, because then you'll probably be burning up.

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Guestblogger @

2013-05-12, at 15:22:54
Since Johanna (a.k.a. Hofh) has so much going on in school, she asked her readers to send her posts that she would then put up as guestposts on the blog. I decided to help her out by sending in a post that you can read >here< or by clicking the picture!

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Happy Mother's Day!

2013-05-12, at 09:16:46
Today's the day when we celebrate and praise all of the strong and caring mothers in the world. 
I decided to buy my present for mum while I was at the 'The Voice of Finland' cruise, but I didn't know what to get her since she already has a lot of make-up and creams and such. Then I happened to stumble upon the jewellery section, where they had jewellery by SNÖ of Sweden. 
I saw this pretty bracelet and thought it'd fit my mum quite well, so it got to follow me home.
I then made a Totoro card, because my mum loves Totoro. :)
P.S. I got up about two hours ago to have breakfast with mum and give her her gift. I can't remember the last time I got up this early on a weekend...

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Potterhead confession.

2013-05-11, at 18:51:09
I edited together this picture as a confession for the page I admin on today, and thought I might share it here too! :)

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Iron Man 3 - The Official Game

2013-05-11, at 18:02:31
Click the picture to get to the app. It's free!

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Find the cat.

2013-05-11, at 11:03:51
I thought I'd play a little game with you,
my cat is hiding somewhere in this picture, and I'd like to see how many of you will notice him.
All of the correct answers will get a link in another post, and since I have to accept all of the comments before they're published, you won't be able to copy anyone else's answer.

May the odds be ever in your favour!

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I won!

2013-05-10, at 18:51:51
I entered a contest over at Sofie's blog a while ago, where you could win the penguin ring on the picture above,
and today I got some amazing news.
I won!!!
I mean, the penguin ring is amazingly cute, and I think this is the first time I've ever won anything!

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2013-05-10, at 12:53:59
We have lots and lots of tadpoles in our pond, which we had last year too, but for some reason they didn't develop into frogs.
I just came home from school and was about to take a nap on my bed, but unfortunately it's occupied by someone else... can you guess who? :')

Whiskey was very interested in the tadpoles.

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Master of Taste.

2013-05-09, at 20:26:46
For years and years, I thought that Ben & Jerry's was the best ice cream out there, until I encountered McEnnedy's Cookie Dough ice cream. It's a thousand times better than Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream, it tastes more of vanilla and the cookie dough is much more delicious!
I just made myself a cuppa, fetched a bisquit and am now watching Sherlock, all snuggled up in my Hogwarts hoodie. I think the only way I could be any more British was if the Queen was sitting next to me.
... and if I actually was British. :(

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2013-05-09, at 14:35:03
This guy woke me up at 9 o' clock this morning, because he decided that sleeping on me would be the perfect thing to do. He then refused to move, until I finally slid out from underneath him and started reading instead. He still wouldn't move and slept in the middle of my bed for about 2-3 hours.
Cheeky cat.
The weather's acting up today, mum asked me to bring out some stuff to the greenhouse, and it wasn't raining when I stepped out through the door, but when I was about halfway to the greenhouse it started pouring down and I had to rush into safety. 
Whiskey seemed to enjoy the rain, though. Casually chilling under a bush next to our pond.

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Star Trek: Into Darkness.

2013-05-08, at 22:51:30
Name: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Release Date: 9 May (UK), 10 May (Sweden), 5 June (Finland, ugh, why?!)
Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana.
Director: J.J. Abrams

Storyline: After the crew of the Enterprise find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.
My own opinion: I'll be honest now, I've never actually seen any Star Trek films, but I'll definitely see this one, mainly because of Benedict Cumberbatch. His voice in the trailer is pure eargasm, and Benedict looks positively gorgeous! 

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2013-05-08, at 09:48:57
I'm so in love with Macklemore's music right now. <3
I have a dilemma right now, because my friends and I are going to Ruisrock this summer. Michael Mornoe is performing on the first day, and Macklemore is performing on the last day, and I kind of really want to see Macklemore, but I can't afford to go two days. I've seen Michael live on numerous occasions, but there are better artists in general performing on the first day, and I think all of my friends want to go on the first day.
What to do, what to do. :(

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Two Fridays.

2013-05-08, at 08:27:16
Old picture, please note my crazy eyes.
Just finished my Finnish essay, and I'll probably be chilling in school now for about two hours, since I don't have class until then. I'm also wearing jeans for the first time in like a month or so (I swear, you're all really interested in knowing this, you just don't know it yet) and dear Meeerlin, how do people move in these?! Jeans are sooo uncomfortable compared to leggings or tights. :(
And guys, guess what? It's Friday today! Well, not really... But since we have a day off tomorrow, it feels like it. So this week has two Fridays!

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Part 4: I am the sun on ripened grain

2013-05-07, at 21:09:00

Sherlock was hiding inside a bush on the graveyard, his long, slender legs tucked in underneath himself in an uncomfortable angle, and looked at his wristwatch. If he knew John, he wouldn't be there for at least an hour still. His message was already in place, and all he could do now was to wait and to hope that John would remember any of the morse code he had learned while in the military. Sherlock didn't usually doubt John, but he was afraid that John had forgotten it after not using it for so long.

As the seconds ticked by, Sherlock grew more and more impatient, more and more anxious. Maybe John wouldn't visit his grave at all? He wanted to pace, but didn't dare to step out from the bush, for fear of someone spotting him when he was supposed to be lying in the ground just a short distance away from that very same bush. Instead, he had to settle for diving into his mind palace. Slowly and slyly, John had implanted himself everywhere in Sherlock's memory palace, and started pushing all of the relevant information away. Everything related to any case they had ever worked on together had been replaced by memories of how John liked his coffee, what his favourite sweater looked like, or the way his eyes lit up when he was happy. After Sherlock had faked his own death, the work-related memories in his palace had started to fade even more, and his palace had been his only means of grasping onto John. He had spent days on end wrapped up in his own thoughts, enveloped by John's mental embrace, walking around in a palace that only reminded him of how much he missed his companion.

Sherlock had just walked past a portrait of the Lumière brothers when he heard John's footsteps approaching the grave. He didn't even have to peek through the branches to know that it was John, but he could also hear that John was using his cane again. It hit him like a pang in the heart. He didn't want to look at John, because that would mean seeing how much distressed his actions had caused John, but he couldn't stop himself from glimpsing through the branches.

"Hasn't been sleeping properly, has regular appointments with Ella again, not living in Baker Street anymore, has stopped working, drank a bit too much yesterday evening, still carries his gun and, yes, his psychosomatic limp is back," Sherlock thought to himself bitterly. He got a sudden urge to rush out there and tell John that it was all a scam, and that he was actually still alive, but the part of his brain that still clung onto his intelligence stopped him from doing so. Instead, he sat there in silence and felt the gentle breeze against his chin, hoping that John would be able to decipher his message.

The words "Anyway, I'm rambling now... What I actually came here to say is - is that I love you," reached his ear, carried by the wind, and he wished with all his heart that John would just notice the tree branch already. John got up, though, and started walking away from the tombstone, apparently without having noticed the branch at all. As soon as he was out of sight, Sherlock crept out from the bush and retrieved the branch, utterly disappointed.

"I love you too, and I'm sorry you have to go through this, but one day you will understand. You'll understand that I'm doing this because I love you." Sherlock sighed and started walking away between the tombstones, and he had just disappeared behind the wall that surrounded the graveyard, when John came rushing back in search of the branch, only to find that it had mysteriously vanished.

Note from the author: A hug to anyone who can figure out why I put the Lumière brothers in there.

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Benedict and I.

2013-05-07, at 14:22:02
A picture of me hugging Benedict Cumberbatch. Kind of.
Like the picture says, I was thrilled that Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing such an important part in the new Star Trek movie, but then someone (read: Tumblr) kindly reminded me that villains usually die in films. 
I can't stand the thought of watching Benedict die a second time! :(

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Scared the living daylight out of me...

2013-05-07, at 10:21:12
I recently set my text tone to Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory saying "Bazinga!" 
The text tone is really loud, compared to my old Sherlock text tone (Irene Adler moaning, eheh), and this morning I had just woken up and was still kind of groggy. I turned my phone's internet on, and was spammed with heaps of messages, which lead to my phone going "BAZINGA! BAZINGA! BAZINGA!"
It kind of frightened me a lil' bit. Okay, a lot...
It's a lot better than Christian's text tone though, because his tone is the Joker from Batman, laughing.

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2013-05-06, at 20:11:26
I decided to give the series Hannibal a go while I was doing my Maths homework today (yes, I usually multi-task like that), and I really enjoyed it! It feels really clever, and I love clever shows!
Intriguing to see Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal, too!
They haven't decided whether they'll produce more seasons of the show, though. Season one was just kind of a test-run, to see if it would sell. I really hope they decide to make a season two, otherwise I might just have to Avada Kedavra someone...

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Summer nights on Polyvore.

2013-05-06, at 15:44:05
Summer nights.
Summer nights. by melody-moonchild featuring lace up shirts
Headband, sunglasses, necklace, bag, top, skirt (sold out).
It's been a long time since I last posted a polyvore collage on here, so I composed an outfit perfect for a summer evening or a beach-party (apart from the heels, you might not want to wear those on a beach).

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Troye Sivan - The Fault In Our Stars.

2013-05-06, at 07:03:36
Troye Sivan has a truly beautiful soul and a ginormous heart.
I haven't read The Fault In Our Stars yet, but I have every intention to do so. This song really brought tears to my eyes, and I'm so glad Troye decided to do something like this. He's an amazing person, and an amazing musician! 

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That feeling when...

2013-05-05, at 22:38:05
Today's make-up.
You know the feeling when you're wearing a lot of make-up for a special event, and when you're washing it off in the evening, no matter how much you scrub, you still feel as if you have a ton of make-up left on your skin?
Yeah, that's what I felt like today.
The show was allright though, and I didn't mess up too badly. :)
Anyways, I'm really tired now, and I'm definitely going to sleep, so I'll reply to all of your comments tomorrow.
Sweet dreams!

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2013-05-05, at 15:44:44
Show today. Eeeeeep. I have to be there in about an hour, and I have heaps of stuff to do before that, so I'm going to say goodbye and inform you that I probably won't have time to blog anymore today!
Love you! <3

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Come Fly With Me.

2013-05-05, at 11:48:28
I watched this episode of Come Fly With Me yesterday, and although I know this wasn't real, I felt so sorry for Rupert. He never gets the attention and appreciation he deserves. :(
Going to watch some more Come Fly With Me today while I get ready for the show tonight.
I love British comedy!

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I am Iron Man.

2013-05-04, at 21:26:06
I saw this on Tumblr today, and it actually made me tear up. I love Iron Man so much, and I think one of the major points they tried to get through in the movies was that Tony Stark is Iron Man, with or without his arc reactor

Tony is such an admirable person, despite acting a bit like a douchebag in the first films. He's grown and developed a lot throughout the films though, and I think Iron Man 3 is where you really get to see his human side, that you already got a glimpse at in The Avengers, when he was willing to sacrifice his own life to save Manhattan.
Tony Stark is Iron Man, and Iron Man is, and always will be, my favourite hero.

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Do not stand at my grave and cry.

2013-05-04, at 19:55:00

Part 3 of my Sherlock fanfic. >Part 1< >Part 2<

"Yet another year has passed, another lap around the sun. I'm still astounded you didn't know that," John smiled a little at the memory, Donovan had snickered quite audibly when the news had reached her ear. She loved everything that could make Sherlock look bad in any way, and that obsession of hers certainly hadn't stopped after his death. She had been the underlying reason to many of the news articles that had popped up about the famous detective after his death, "Sherlock Holmes - Moron or Master?" the most vicious of them.

"I thought this would be easier by now. I thought that I'd get used to not living with you, to returning home to a quiet and empty apartment at the end of the day, to eating by myself... not that you ever ate anything, of course, but you were always there to keep me company throughout my meals... I'm rambling now..." John gulped and clenched his jaw. The tears were threatening to overwhelm him, and he didn't want to cry in front of the old lady a few tombstones down, so he automatically slipped into his military posture.

"I'm afraid I don't have any roses for you this time, but I - eh, I have a confession," John's voice was shaking, and he clenched his eyes shut as if to compose himself, "It's a... it's a confession that I've been carrying around for a long time, I just didn't know it until now... unfortunately, I'm three years too late." John stared at his pained expression in the smooth marble, trying to gather up the courage to say it out loud, because only then would it truly be real.

"Oh bugger," he said and rubbed his temples as if trying to will away the headache that had suddenly exploded in his head. The old woman stared at him as if he was mental, wrapped her coat tighter around herself and slowly started to walk away from her loved one's grave. John couldn't help but think that he'd be like her one day, still returning to Sherlock's grave every year to mourn his friend. "What I'm trying to say, Sherlock, is that - is that..." John's bottom lip was trembling now, "THAT I BLOODY LOVE YOU! Why did you have to leave me here? There were surely other options, and I would have helped you... I would have done ANYTHING to just have you here right now!" John's resolve had finally crumbled, and he had to sit down next to the tombstone because his entire world was spinning around madly without any sense of direction.

He leaned his forehead against the cold marble, and tried to steady his breathing. "I love you, Sherlock." His breath created a slight condensation on the marble as he let the words sink in. He loved Sherlock. He had known it for quite a while, that he had thought of Sherlock as something more than a friend, that maybe he had been Sherlock's date after all. He had soon dismissed the thoughts, though. Partly because, while Sherlock undoubtedly had cared a great deal for him, he didn't actually think Sherlock felt the same way about him, and partly because thinking about it hurt too much. Thinking about the road they could have traveled, of what could have been... it tore open the wound of Sherlock's death yet again. John didn't know what had finally made him utter the words, but he knew that no matter what he said, it wouldn't change anything. Sherlock was, and would forever be, gone.

As the sun began to set over the orange-coloured sky, John stood up to say his last farewell to Sherlock's grave. He was just about to turn around and leave, when he thought of the candle that had been waiting for him on Sherlock's grave the past year, and so, seeking some form of comfort in the old poem, he started quoting it:

"Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there; I do not sleep" he began, his voice shaking more than ever.

"I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow." a deep, rich and very familiar voice continued.

John could practically feel the earth underneath his feel crumble, he could feel himself falling... "No, it's not possible..."

"I am the sun on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain." The voice drew nearer, making John's heart skip several beats.

"You're dead, I saw you fall!" John exclaimed almost angrily.

"When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush." Nearer still.

"Of quiet birds in circled flight, I am the soft starlight at night." There was a slight rustle of something heavy stepping on the dry leaves behind John.

"I'm just imagining things again..." John whispered, looking too afraid to turn around to confirm it.

"Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die." This time the voice was a mere whisper, whispered directly into John's ear. John could feel Sherlock's warm breath against his cheek, and as he slowly turned around, he found Sherlock's beautiful face mere inches from his. His features were, if possible, even sharper than before, his cheeks a bit more hollow. As the last rays of the setting sun reflected in Sherlock's grey eyes, they looked as if they were glowing, and John was completely mesmerized.

Sherlock's lips curled up into a small smile at the look of surprise on John's face, and he tutted and said, "Honestly, John, you didn't know? I left you plenty of clues." But his voice wasn't truly disappointed. Suddenly, everything clicked into place in John's mind, and all of the anger he had felt towards Sherlock for hiding fizzled away. All that mattered was that Sherlock was there, that he was alive, and that, judging by the tight hug John was currently enveloped in, Sherlock felt something similar to love for John too.

Sherlock wasn't phobic of touching people, he just rarely found it necessary. Having been separated from his best friend, and the only person Sherlock could claim to actually love, for three years made Sherlock a bit impulsive, which was why he now found his arms wrapped around the shorter man. "I never left, you know. I've been looking out for you, while trying to hide in the shadows." he said, a bit groggily, which was very unlike him.

"I know, I've felt your presence. One question though..." John said, worry building up in his chest, making his throat feel thick.

"Yes?" Sherlock said patiently.

"Are you coming home now?" John hadn't intended to sound so much like a lost puppy, but he just couldn't help himself. He never wanted to let go of Sherlock again.

Sherlock's lips curled up into the most genuine smile Watson had ever seen on his face, "Yes." he said, without any hesitation.

John nodded and reluctantly released his grip around Sherlock, but couldn't quite let go of him completely, so they ended up walking out of the graveyard hand in hand, Sherlock's long coat flowing behind him in the wind.


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Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About You.

2013-05-04, at 16:33:55
I have a triple CD with music from the 80's that I always listen to while cleaning, and this is definitely one of my favourite songs! 80's music is the best!

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When you awaken in the morning's hush.

2013-05-04, at 14:25:19
Whiskey likes chilling outside by our pond. I like watching him chill because he's so effing cute! <3
I woke up at 1 p.m. today. Guys, 1 p.m!!! I think that's the latest I've ever woken up at. I guess I was a bit more tired than I realised. Anyway, that's 11 hours of sleep for me, leaving me very lazy.
I'm glad I don't have anything planned today, though, after last week's action-filled weekend. I'm probably going to go out for a walk, clean my room and then dad will heat up the sauna for tonight.
I hope you'll have a lovely day! 

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Busy day.

2013-05-03, at 23:17:08
It's been a busy day today. I got home at 12, then went to Turku to dine with mum and dad, and then I spent about an hour after 9 o' clock rehearsing for a show.
The rehearsal was a bit stressful because one from our band was half an hour late, and the band performing before us was a lot better than us. My singing's still soooo fudged up, and I really don't feel like singing this Sunday...

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Reckless Love - Night On Fire

2013-05-03, at 10:14:17
Reckless Love recently released their new single, Night On Fire, and I absolutely love it! The song feels really powerful, and you can definitely hear that it's Reckless Love. It's their typical strong messages about desire, mixed with more pop-sounds than before, but it's definitely them and it sounds amazing!
The video is amazing too, and it's very well made. Their name, flaming up on the beach, gives you an impression that they're a band out of the ordinary, and Olli looks completely stunning in the video.
(I also want his jacket, so badly!)
The man in the beginning and the end reminds me of Tee-Hee from James Bond, which is kind of scary but very cool at the same time.
I've been a fan of Reckless Love for a few years now, but I haven't been able to see them live just yet (because they usually play at clubs that have 18 as their age-limit). I started listening to them when Olli first joined Crashdïet in 2007, and immediately fell in love with their music. I was very confused though, because their music is very cheery and very pop compared to Crashdïet's more sinister and dark music, and Olli is such a positive and cheerful person that I couldn't see why he chose to be the singer of Crashdïet.
Reckless Love is certainly one of the few bands Finland can actually be proud of!

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2013-05-02, at 21:24:33
Jeans - Only, Sweater - Cubus, Necklace - Glitter
An old outfit I forgot to show you, probably the comfiest outfit ever! I love that shirt, and I wore it on Sunday on the cruise too, because I was tired and couldn't be bothered with looking like an uptight snob in my black shirt.

On a different note, I've gotten a lot of studying done, and I also wrote a test in music class. My boyfriend would've been ashamed of me, had he seen the answers I wrote on the guitar-related questions. :')
We also had to talk to some Belgians, in German class (which means we had to speak German), which was soooooo awkward.


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Distance is a test of love.

2013-05-02, at 18:49:28
A few days ago, my facebook friend (who is also in a very similar situation as me, because she's also in a long distance relationship) wrote a post about how some seem to think that your relationship isn't a real relationship just because you live far away from eachother.
I really identified with that post, because I've also gotten some of the "You met online? And you live in different countries? What kind of relationship is that?! You probably don't even know each other properly!"-crap. Usually I just ignore things like that, if I'm feeling especially nice I might even give the person a polite response. (See? I'm nice like that!)
I usually just feel like responding with a  "Whaaa?" (Mazzi Maz-style) or "Are you actually that much of an idiot?" because, in my opinion, a long distance relationship should be more real than a "normal" relationship.
If you're in a long distance relationship, I can guarantee you're not just doing it for fun, or playing around. If you're in a long distance relationship, you're in it because you actually care about the other person more than you care about your own well-being, and because you can't see yourself spending your life with anyone else than that exact person. If you're in a long distance relationship, you can't not be completely, madly in love with the other person, because if you're not, your relationship will quickly crumble and fall apart.
I'm not saying that a short distance relationship can't be real, true love, I'm just saying that this is what it takes to be in a long distance relationship. And I really can't do anything about the fact that my boyfriend doesn't live in my town, or even my country, and people have no right to tell me I don't really love him just because he lives in another country.
Do you agree with this, or understand where I'm coming from? 
Also, sorry for two kind of serious posts in a row, I just needed to get this off my chest! :)

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What if heterosexuality was considered a sin?

2013-05-02, at 16:13:20

This is a video about what it would be like if being gay was the norm, and being heterosexual was considered a sin. I'm not saying this is what the homosexuals would act like, but this is how they're being treated right now. For many people, this is their reality. This is their daily lives. 

Bullying and harassing others is never ever ever EVER OK, and I'm completely disgusted by people who use their religion as a filthy excuse for their hate towards homosexuals and other minorities. I don't care whether your  "god" thinks it's a sin to be homosexual, or if you're just a narrow-minded bastard, but treating someone like this is just not acceptable.

This video actually makes me feel sick, and brought tears to my eyes. That there are people who see no other options but to end their lives because of the hate they're faced with is sickening.

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Love you all!

2013-05-01, at 22:49:42
A big kiss to all of my readers, for staying with me even though my updates have been terrible lately!
I've lost a bit of my inspiration for blogging. I mean, I have a lot of content to blog about, I have heaps of "emergency-backup-topics" in case I ever run out of topics to blog about, and I have heaps of things I actually want to blog about, it's just that I can't quite bring myself to do it. I don't know why, but I'll try to work on it!

Until my inspiration comes back, I hope you'll all bear with me. You're the best! <3

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2013-05-01, at 20:21:26
I only bought two things for myself during the cruise, but I'm 100% happy with both of them.
The first one is a spring/summer jacket from the Danish brand Minimum. It'll be perfect for a chilly summer evening! Jackets with leather or faux leather sleeves are all the rage now, and I think this is a perfect spin-off on that with the cotton fabric instead of leather. It's also a size 34, which I can't remember when I wore the last time. There you see the difference in sizes between Scandinavia and, for example, Spain, Thailand et.c. et.c.
The second is something I've been wanting to try for a long time now, which is Burt's Bees lipbalm. It does wonders for winter-dry lips, and it's perfect to put on at night before you go to bed, so that your lips are soft and rehydrated when you wake up. It contains peppermint oil, which tingles a bit on your lips, but apparently it boosts the bloodflow in your lips.
So although I didn't return home with a lot of things, I'm very happy with what I bought!

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The Voice of Finland - The Cruise.

2013-05-01, at 11:30:43
I didn't snap photographs of everyone, because some I chose to film instead. The photographs aren't the best quality either, because it's the first time I've used my camera in a night club, so I had some difficulties getting clear photographs.
If you want to watch the whole show, and you happen to live in Finland, it'll be on Nelonen this Saturday at 7 p.m! You can probably see me at some point too, although I sat in a very "camera-safe" area.
Before the show started, dad introduced me to a woman who was apparently responsible for handling some of the technical stuff of the show, and suddenly I got a VIP-card around my neck. There were two VIP-areas, one downstairs were all of the famous people (like Michael Monroe) sat, and one upstairs where the press and the technicians sat, and this is also where I sat. This enabled me to get a nice view of the stage, perfect for taking photographs and filming!

Elastinen started the whole show, and Ike, the gorgeous guy on the picture above, followed shortly after.
This is Antti, the man who won, and he was amazing! His voice is magical, and I'm amazed that Paula (his mentor) wasn't there, since everyone else had their mentors there.
When asked by the press if he had partied a lot after the show, he said he had partied suitably, which certainly couldn't be said about some of the others.
My dearest Michael on stage with his finalist. Snapping decent pictures of this man is nearly an impossible task, because he jumps around the stage like a Duracell bunny, and he never stands still long enough to enable you to take a picture.
I didn't see a lot of him after the show though, apart from when dad and I were going out on deck and he held the door open for us. I'm so proud of myself for managing not to turn into an incoherent, blubbering mess.
This is where I slept. Charming, huh? I tried sleeping in dad's bed after he started working, but couldn't really feel much of a difference from the floor. :))
I was horrified when I realised I'd slept past about 1-2 hours of Stockholm's archipelago. I love the Swedish archipelago, especially near Stockholm, it's so very beautiful there! 
Anyway, my morning started with me staring out of the window for about an hour. 
And finally, here are all of the autographs I got, and my crew-card. I also got a The Voice of Finland CD, but I'm not quite sure on who gave it to me. It was someone from the staff, at least. The autograph to the right is from Antti, the autograph under the card is from Ike and the autograph to the left is from Gary (the man on the picture). Gary Revel Jr. was really nice, I went and asked for his autograph during the show, and he signed my piece of paper and then told me to wait while he dashed off into a back room, and brought me a card with his face on it. He then signed the card, and apparently he thought my (real) name is very pretty. Hmm.
I also got Elastinen's autograph for my cousin, because we saw him before I entered the ship, and she was too scared to go and ask him herself. ;)
I was pretty much in heaven throughout the trip. Being able to be so casual around a bunch of celebrities is amazing! Like, if you were eating in the canteen and Tähkä walked in with his family, it was really no big deal and everyone just continued eating as if nothing had happened.
The cruise also changed my opinion on some of the celebrities. I'd always thought that Tähkä seemed a bit... slimy, but he actually turned out to be a genuinely nice person. He was also the only one (that I saw) who actually shook hands with the fans who reached for him during the show.
So, this was my experience from the 'The Voice of Finland' cruise, and as I already said, it'll be aired on Nelonen this Saturday. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and I still have a few more videos to show you later on. I'm going to unpublish all of the videos after the show airs on Saturday though, so as not to get in trouble with the copyright law. :)

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Too handsome to be legal.

2013-05-01, at 00:15:00
Let me introduce you to Omar Borkan Al Gala, the man who was so handsome he got deported from Saudi Arabia.
No, it's not a joke, although he really is ridiculously handsome. He, and three other men, were ejected from Saudi Arabia and sent back to Abu Dhabi, because they were, apparently, "too handsome."
I honestly have to remind myself to breathe, and I'm not proud of the gurgling sounds I'm making right now. This man is just too gorgeous for words, and I have no idea why the women of Saudi Arabia didn't riot to keep him in their country!
Apart from being ridiculously handsome, Omar Borkan Al Gala is also a photographer, an actor and a poet.
You can read more about why he was deported from Saudi Arabia >here<, and you can find his facebook-page  >here<.
"The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides." - Omar Borkan Al Gala

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