2013-02-28, at 19:42:58
My life is sooo boring right now with a hell of a lot of school work that needs to be done, so I started my day with Pepsi and some religion studies with Emmi in school. We have to make a presentation that we then have to present in class, that has to be 30 minutes long, and Emmi and I are partners. My subject is pietism, and there's next to no information about it available in Swedish on the internet, so I have to do my research in English, which leaves me with a "WTF did I just read?..." feeling every time I read something.
I look dreadful without make-up, which I can't be bothered with putting on in the morning, hence the lack of photographs of me lately.
I finally found a picture I could use the Toaster-filter with on Instagram! I drew this a while ago. By the way, I suck at geography, so the earth's not supposed to look like earth...
Other than that, I spent a while running around like crazy, calling dad today, because my PUK-code turned on on my phone, after I entered the incorrect PIN-code three times. I had my PIN-code turned off but my phone decided on being a bitch and apparently turned it on again. It's astonishing how much trouble you have to go through to get your PUK-code.

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What most schools don't teach.

2013-02-28, at 19:28:17
This video was recommended to me on youtube, and I don't regret watching it at all. I found it highly inspirational, and, I mean, just LOOK at those offices!

I might not be that great at coding, but it's something I enjoy doing and it's nice to see the result of something you've made.

Besides, coding is something you have to know if you're a blogger (depending on which portal you have your blog on, of course).

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4 Months in Heaven.

2013-02-28, at 07:42:37
4 months in heaven now, I love you Christian. <3

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2013-02-27, at 19:59:07
Converse shoes are soooo gorgeous! I have three pairs so far, but I'm thinking about buying a pair of plain white ones too.. Or a pair of platform Converse shoes, I love those! <3
Do you own a pair of Converse? And which is your favourite colour/design? :)

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I am a reader, I am a writer.

2013-02-27, at 15:45:38
"I am a reader. I am a writer. People assume I do these things to escape. You couldn’t be more right. I’m escaping a world I don’t like. A world I have no control in. In this world, I am nothing. I am a color, a height, a weight, a number. But in the world of books and writing, I am amazing. I am powerful. I am different. People are better. Worlds are endless. Change is possible. Life is manageable."
Borrowed from Tumblr, originally posted >here<.

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Cute fox.

2013-02-27, at 13:53:49
It reminds me of... me. ;)
Nah, but honestly.. Whenever I see a derpy fox, I can't help but think that it's me in my animagus form.

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Colin Morgan.

2013-02-26, at 21:36:39
I was checking something about Colin Morgan on the Merlin wiki yesterday, and I stumbled upon some interesting facts about him, and because he's so wonderfully, bloody perfect, I'm going to share those facts with you, so that you can become hopeless fangirls too. :)

  • He's lactose intolerant and allergic to tomatoes.
  • He's a vegetarian.
  • He likes cooking Thai food, biscuits, cereals, herbal tea, and peanut butter (how do you cook peanut butter?!).
  • He dislikes crowds, regular tea and ice cream (at first I was like "Who doesn't like ice cream?!", but then I remembered he's lactose intolerant)
  • Before auditioning for the role of Merlin, Colin got the script for Prince Arthur by mistake. He only had five minutes before auditioning to read over his part of Merlin. (I could never see him as Prince Arthur)
  • His favourite bands are Death Cab for Cutie and Bloc Party.
  • His favourite colour is green.
  • He loves Tim Burton.
  • His favourite film is Howl's Moving Castle.
  • He plays the Bodhrán.

For those of you who don't know what a bodhrán is, here's a picture of one:

I found all of these facts here.
Last, but not least, a video where you can hear Colin's wonderful accent:

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Blog award.

2013-02-26, at 18:34:12
Victoria nominated me for a blog award which means I now have to answer 5 questions she came up with, and then I have to nominate 5 bloggers who have to answer 5 questions I come up with et.c. et.c.
Victoria's questions: (I'm translating them into English, since they were originally in Swedish)
1. What will your life be like 10 years from now? 
I will most probably be living in London, maybe working as an editor already, and working as an author during my spare time.
2. What's the best thing you know?
Being with Christian, of course! <3
3. Mention three things you'd like to do before you die.
I want to meet J.K.Rowling and thank her, publish a novel and change someone's life.
4. If you had to choose between having platinum blonde or black hair, which would you choose? Why?
Oh dear Merlin what an awful question. D: I don't like either, because neither of those colours suit me. But because no one takes you seriously when you're blonde (at least that was the case for me), I'm going to go with black, although it makes me look sickeningly much like a vampire.

5. Why do you read my blog, if you do?
Because you have impeccable style, you're a very cool person and your blog is very inspirational. It's awesome in every way! <3
I'm going to pass this award on to Anna, Wilma, Malin, Emmi and Linnéa.
My questions to them:
1. Who's your favourite actor and why?
2. Describe your style!
3. Where would you like to be (in life) in 5 years? Do you think you'll get there?
4. Have you ever had a near-death experience?
5. Are you addicted to anything? If yes, what? 


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The View, Part 4.

2013-02-26, at 11:56:58
Some photos I took while we were waiting for our food. :)

(This is my last post about our cruise, I promise!)

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Dreadful business.

2013-02-25, at 19:55:00
A very tired, very grumpy Mel earlier today. I couldn't sleep last night because my room felt like a sauna (because mum insisted that I should raise the temperature in the room, since I have been sneezing a lot lately, and she thought I might be coming up with a cold), then I missed Christian terribly and then my brain just wouldn't shut up. 

So I got about 3-3,5 hours of sleep last night, and I had 8 hours of school today. I was terribly hyper for half of the day, but then I lost all of my hyperness and became downright lethal. Cheers to that.

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Shopping, Part 3.

2013-02-25, at 11:16:33

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The Oscars, 2013.

2013-02-25, at 10:15:23
I wonder who came up with the utterly stupid idea of putting Daniel and Kristen on the same stage together at the Oscars. I'm not saying this because I dislike Kristen, because I firmly believe that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. 

I'm saying this because, although the Potterheads can be the kindest, most welcoming fandom ever sometimes, this has already led to Potterheads bashing on Kristen like crazy. Now, I don't know about the Twilight fandom, but I can imagine they're bashing on Daniel too. So the Oscars has created a huuuge fandom-war.
Putting Daniel and Kristen on the same stage together is like putting Harry and Voldemort on the same stage together, or Batman and Bane, or Thor and Loki, or Merlin and Morgana.
I absolutely loved Jennifer Lawrence's dress though, and her derpiness! She actually managed to fall during the Oscars, I mean, who'd manage that if not Jen? :')

Her dress is the most beautiful dress ever! <3

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The contest is over.

2013-02-24, at 19:34:00
I let random.org decide the winner of the contest, and Sofie was the lucky winner this time! I've sent you an e-mail and I would appreciate if you could answer it as quickly as possible! :)
If you didn't win, don't fret, there will be other contests in the future! :)

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The Ship, Part 2.

2013-02-24, at 12:20:23
Viking Line Grace is what many people would call a very futuristic looking ship, whereas others would call it contemporary. It looks unwelcoming in a welcoming manner (if that makes any sense), and looks very fresh, clean and modern.
There is a huge lung-shaped hole that's open from deck 9 to deck 11, where these lamps move up and down. They're supposed to change colour too, but I never saw them in any other colour than purple. These lamps are probably the most interesting part of the whole ship.
The night club, Club Vogue, is located on deck 10 and 11, with an enormous stage on deck 10. Deck 11 is full of comfortable sofas, chairs and a bar where you can order drinks and even some food.
These were the most interesting parts of the ship, so unfortunately they're the only things I have any pictures of.
What I liked about the ship:
+ Finding your cabin on Grace will be much easier than finding your cabin on any of the old ships, where the cabin-sections were a whole labyrinth of passageways. On Grace, you have long and straight passageways, so all you need to know is on which deck your cabin is.
+ The restaurants and bars look top-notch, and the food at Frank's is amazing.
+ I didn't see very much of the spa, but from what I saw, it looks very inviting and beautiful.
+ Even though the Tax Free wasn't as amazing as I had hoped it would be, it still offers better shopping than on any of the other boats. Since it's built like a horseshoe, it's easy to find what you're looking for, because you will pass it eventually on your way out.
+ It's eco friendly, since it runs on natural gas, and they're very keen on recycling on the ship.
What I didn't like about the ship:
- There is almost nowhere to sit. There are a few places, but they're always occupied.
- The Info is on deck 9, and you enter on deck 6. This doesn't make any sense. It's like having the hotel lobby on floor 5, or something.
- If you didn't want to walk up the stairs, you had to wait almost 10 minutes for an elevator, even though Grace has many, many elevators.
- The whole design of the ship was very messy, and it was difficult to find your way around the ship.
Overall, I think Grace is a very beautiful ship that deserves all the attention it's been getting lately. 

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The Careful Ones - Revelry, ft. Bertie Gilbert.

2013-02-23, at 23:03:40
Ok, so Bertie's been in yet another music video, and... is it even legal to be this handsome? And hot? And just so fucking gorgeous?
If Bertie doesn't become a model, I'll be very disappointed! This music video is amazing. <3
Draco and Harry's lovechild?

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Don't forget!

2013-02-23, at 22:38:32
Don't forget to participate in the contest where you can win the dreamcatcher-necklace on the picture above!
The contest ends tomorrow, and you can participate by clicking >here< or on the picture!

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Cruise, part 1.

2013-02-23, at 17:56:08
We spent the first half of the day on Amorella, one of the older ships. Nothing much happened there, so I didn't bother taking any pictures, but I met the man I worked with when I worked on Isabella two years ago, which was a pleasant surprise!
When we got to Grace, we tried to get a cabin, but they were all full so we had to keep our clothes and bags in an office. Then we went to eat at Frank's, where I ate the best burger I've ever tasted. The meat was so juicy, and the fries were perfect too!
I took some crappy pictures in the toilet, look how long my nails have grown! :')
We spent the rest of the evening shopping and chilling in Club Vogue, where we listened to live music (a band called The Matchmen) and I tried their strawberry milkshake. Delicious!
I'd also seen André Linman (singer of Sturm und Drang) running around on the boat all day, and when we were waiting to get off the boat, the whole Sturm und Drang was there too. Naturally, being the embarrassing dad that my dad is, he walked up to André and asked him for his autograph, "because his daughter didn't dare to ask him herself, since he had his girlfriend with him"... thanks dad. André then proceeded to stare at me when dad handed me the autograph, and I just felt like dying. I didn't even want an autograph, I have Sturm und Drang's autograph from before, and I really didn't want to bother André. 
But dad's a pretty great dad anyway! <3
We got home at around 9, and I was terribly tired and wanted to go to bed, but it took me ages to do all of the stuff that you usually need to do before bed (like brushing your teeth et.c.) so I fell asleep around 1 a.m.
I then woke up around 5 because I felt sick and had to vomit, which was terribly unpleasant.
I managed to fall back asleep after that though, so I slept about 12 hours last night. I still have a terrible headache today though, and I feel completely crappy. Eugh.

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Day 30: A picture of yourself this day, and 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge.

2013-02-22, at 21:39:04
Me, at 07:15 in the morning, before we left for our cruise.
1. The school nurse told me I've grown 1 cm since 8th grade.
2. I spent a lovely day in Turku with my friends.
3. I went ginger.
4. I rediscovered my love for Harry Potter.
5. I got André Linman's autograph (I'll tell you more about this later).

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Saving money (Jack Sparrow-style).

2013-02-22, at 18:13:00
When Sofie got a jar for tattoo money a while ago, I decided I wanted something similar. But since I'm not really that into tattoos, I made a jar where I'll save up money for my education + life in London when I'm living there, so I won't have to live on water and bread for three years. 

I realise that putting up a picture of your jar of money on the internet isn't a very wise thing to do, so I'll just make it known that I will transfer it to my bank account once I've saved up some money.

I still think it's a cute thing to have in my room, and it's nice to know that I'm making a good choice for my future! 

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Style inspiration.

2013-02-22, at 15:36:00
Ever since I saw The Last Song for the first time, I've been completely in love with Blaze's style. Ginger-ish hair and a trashy, grunge kind of style is sooo hot! Trashed tights, net shirts and a smudged-out looking make-up looks terribly good on Carly Chaikin!

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Hannasvoice @ youtube.

2013-02-22, at 14:04:00
This girl was my roommate at the music camp two (?) years ago, and I just discovered her youtube. She's amazingly talented, and super pretty! Her videos are also very professional, and they're definitely worth a watch! :)

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2013-02-22, at 11:25:00
Litchi fruits, delicious!
Right now I'm probably bored to death on Viking Line Amorella, because we're changing to Grace at around 3-ish, and Amorella is totally crappy compared to Grace. I have my book (Chinese roulette) with me though, so at least I'll have something to do without internet.
I hope you have a lovely day! :)

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Joined the Weasley clan.

2013-02-21, at 20:45:00
Here's a picture where you can really see what my new hair colour looks like.
It's a bit uneven, and I love that, it just makes it look more alive!
By the way, I'm going on a cruise tomorrow, so I won't have any internet, but I've written a few scheduled posts for you!

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Vlog: Why do I write in English?

2013-02-21, at 20:30:23

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Day 29: Your hero.

2013-02-21, at 18:26:53
J.K.Rowling, without a doubt. She created the magic that is Harry Potter, when she was in a very bad place. 
She shows us that you can reach your goals, no matter what background you have. She gave me a life and a dream, and I've decided that I will meet her and thank her in person before I die.
She's an amazing person, who isn't afraid to admit that she's been depressed, and she's not afraid to say that there is nothing wrong with being depressed. 

She started the Lumos foundation, and she lost her billionare status because she donated so much money to charity. She's definitely one of the most influential women on earth.
She's our Queen. <3

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To This Day Project.

2013-02-21, at 11:36:00
Thanks to JacksGap, I found this video today, and I cried. So much. Everyone should watch this.

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Potterhead for life.

2013-02-21, at 00:10:00
My sister gave me two Harry Potter books for Christmas, just a week before I was about to turn 11. I read the first book during that week, and the day before I was about to turn 11, I was desperately hoping that I'd get a Hogwarts letter the following day.

Harry Potter started to become increasingly important to me. The characters were my friends throughout all of the bullying, loneliness and self-loathing. The Harry Potter books have taught me a great deal about life, and they've made me a more tolerant and open-minded person. The books taught me that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being smart and getting good grades (although that's basically the worst crime you can commit as a 12-14-year-old girl). Harry was my friend, when I had no one else.
Luna taught me that there's nothing wrong with being a bit quirky or weird. Dumbledore taught me that everyone, no matter how great of a sorcerer you are, can make mistakes, and that love can sometimes make you do something bad. He also taught me that happiness can always be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. Sirius taught me that there's nothing quite as important as your friends, and that you should remain loyal to them no matter what. Remus taught me that not everything is what it seems, and that you shouldn't judge someone on prejudices you might have. McGonagall taught me that no matter how old you are, you can still be the coolest BAMF alive. Hermione taught me that books and cleverness isn't everything, but that it certainly can come in handy from time to time. Neville taught me that just because someone's seemed shy and cowardly his whole life, it doesn't mean he can't step up and be braver than everyone else when he has to. Ron taught me that if you make a wrong decision, and you find yourself somewhere you don't want to be (or away from someone you want to be with), you can find a way back by listening to your heart. Fred and George taught me that sometimes, during tough times, people really need a laugh, and that we should appreciate those who are able to make us laugh even in the darkest of times. Percy taught me that sometimes you have to defy your family to get to where you want to be in life, but that in the end, family is more important than any career. Arthur taught me that we should embrace the unknown without prejudices, and instead approach it with curiosity. Molly taught me that as long as you love the people around you, no crowd is too big. Not even when you have 7 children. Petunia taught me that even a seemingly terrible person can do the right thing, and open her home to someone who needs it. Draco taught me that sometimes we don't have a choice, and we have to do something we know is wrong, even though we don't want to. Lily taught me that no love is greater than the love a mother feels for her child. James taught me that if you just keep trying, you can achieve anything, even a date with Lily Evans who's hated you since you first started school. Snape taught me that some people are really complicated, and not at all what they first appear to be. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, so to speak.
The Harry Potter actors are all wonderful people, Evanna has really meant a lot to me, because she basically is Luna. They've also taught me a lot about life, and Emma's determination when it comes to her studies has been a very big inspiration to me.
J.K.Rowling inspired me to start writing, and she's such an amazing person and such an amazing role model for me. I want to be just like her one day.
"I mean, is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is ‘fat’ worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’ or ‘cruel’?" - J.K.Rowling.
The Harry Potter fandom has opened up its doors to me, and I've found many a new friend on the internet. It's amazing how welcoming Potterheads can be (even though we, of course, have our share of scumbags). 

"If any Potterhead ever needs a helping wand, I'll help
It does not matter which house you're in
And it does not matter if I know you or not
But because you're a Potterhead...

... we're family." - Melody Moonchild
So imagine my horror when I noticed that I'm starting to slip away from the fandom, and that my love for Harry Potter is starting to fade. I have completely built my whole existence around Harry Potter, Harry Potter is the very core of who I am. Take away my music, take away my humour, take away all of my other fandoms, and the only thing left is Harry Potter. I use HP-references on a daily basis, and I know more HP-jokes than I know jokes about blondes. I already have my HP-tattoos all planned out. I have more HP-friends than I have Muggle friends, and I feel like Hogwarts is where I truly belong. But I really don't have time to re-read the books anymore, I don't have time to watch the movies anymore, I don't even have time to do admin-work on the HP page I admin anymore. 
I really don't know what I'd be without Harry Potter, and I don't think I ever want to find out, because I'd probably be a terrible human being. I'm so scared that I'll lose the magic, and right now I'm doing everything I can to keep the magic alive. I'm going to re-read at least one of the books, although I have heaps of schoolwork I need to get done during this break. But if I lose Harry Potter, I lose everything I know about myself.
This was a rule I used to live by, I thought that I would only ever be able to date hardcore-Potterheads, but then Christian came along and I fell so hard. I love him so much, even though he's not the most hardcore-Potterhead I know (I know that he actually likes Harry Potter, and I made him watch the first movie with me when he was here last time). A year ago, I never thought that this would be possible. 
This song describes my situation perfectly. I need to make the same journey that Harry did, to get back to where it all began, to where my love was at its strongest. Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls is also the best w-rock band in the entire world, and I absolutely adore his music!
Say it is nothing,
Say that it will all just go away.
I can't remember when I,
Felt so lost and afraid.
I believe in old magic,
And I believe in all that is good.
I know that I can do this,
If he believed that I could.

I'm off to the Hallows,
To end this war,
And make things right.
I'm off to the Hallows,
And I'll be back when,
Voldemort gives up his life.

So I'll gather up what's needed,
Say goodbye to all then I'm out the door.
In search of four belongings,
That hold so much more.
One by one I will destroy them.
One by one I will take him to the grave.
I'm not letting him continue,
This deathly crusade.

There's no turning back now.
I must start where this began.
In Godric's Hollow I will find out,
Who I am

I'm so sorry for the long post, but I needed to get this off my chest.

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Day 28: What stresses you out?

2013-02-20, at 21:06:19
1. School.
2. Not having an internet connection (because then I can't talk to Christian or blog)
3. That there are so many books to read, and so little time.

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2013-02-20, at 16:38:31

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A tour of my room.

2013-02-20, at 12:22:00
I haven't quite gotten the hang of filming with my new camera yet, so the video is not that great, but I hope you'll like it! :)

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2013-02-19, at 20:45:49

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Day 27: A photo of your city.

2013-02-19, at 17:21:40
My city is a very small city in the south of Finland, quite close to Turku, and I think we have a population of about 12k people. 
This is a picture of the "main street."

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Good morning!

2013-02-19, at 12:26:34
I'm going to run to the store soon to buy some hairdye, and then I might make a vlog today too. :)

A better gif of what my hair looks like right now. I'm actually starting to like it!

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Troye Sivan - We're My OTP.

2013-02-19, at 11:20:31
I just discovered the cutest Australian vlogger ever, and he can sing!! Like, OMG. <3
Valentines Day is creeping up on me
Still staring at you on my computer screen
Writing a fan fic in the middle of the night
Because, you know, this will bring us closer, right?

'You've never met them' the peasant cried
I've told you before, are you deaf?
I've fallen in love with a GIF

OTP, we're my
OTP, baby you and me
We'd be so sexy

OTP, we're my
OTP, baby you and me
We'd be so sexy

Bieber fever, one direction infection 
Whatever floats your boat, whats your addiction
And you, tumblr, you make it so much worse
You make me feel the feels, RIGHT WHERE IT HURTS!

I'll love you always, I'll love you 5ever
I'll love you as much as I love nutella!

OTP, we're my
OTP, baby you and me
We'd be so sexy

OTP, we're my
OTP, baby you and me
We'd be so sexy

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I guess it could be worse?

2013-02-18, at 20:21:14
I tried decolourisation on my hair, because I'm going ginger, and this happened. It looks like a reversed dip-dye gone wrong. Some parts of my hair are actually a very nice ginger colour, whereas some are dark orange, and my roots are a yellowish blonde.
I suppose it could be worse, but I really can't imagine how...

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Day 26: Your dream wedding.

2013-02-18, at 17:00:49
My dream wedding would definitely be Harry Potter-inspired, and I kind of feel sorry for whoever I end up marrying...
The actual wedding would be in a nice church/a library (yes, a library) and the wedding reception would be in a tent like the one Bill and Fleur got married in in Harry Potter. It'd look the same and be decorated in the same way as the actual tent they used in the movie.

This would be my wedding dress, although it's mostly just wishful thinking, because I could never fit into this dress and it'd be at least a metre too long for me.
The wedding invitations would look like the Marauder's Map.

The Potter Waltz would be played as the first dance. 

But really, the whole wedding doesn't matter very much, it's the person you're marrying that matters!

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Beautiful Creatures.

2013-02-18, at 15:09:13
I saw this trailer today and I think this looks like such a cool movie! I definitely want to see it when it's available in Finland! Although the plotline is quite similar to the one in Young Dracula, but with witches instead of vampires.

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2013-02-18, at 14:05:32
Photographer: Thron Ullberg.
I've been watching a lot of interviews with Jonas Gardell lately, and I've realised something: He's beautiful.
I've always known that he has a beautiful soul, but if you really look at him, you realise that there's something... special about him, something beautiful. 

Sure, he's starting to look a bit older, and you can see that he's really been through a lot, but that's just beautiful. I think what makes him so beautiful, is that you can see that he's alive.
I can't be the only one who's noticed this?

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Contest: Dreamcatcher - necklace.

2013-02-17, at 17:53:30
It's time for the contest I talked about yesterday! The prize is nothing fancy, really, just a dreamcatcher-necklace that I made myself. The "chain" is ~90 cm long, and it's hand-plaited by me.
I will use random.org to draw the winner.
The contest ends next Sunday (24.2), and the winner will be announced then too.
- Leave a comment on this post, saying that you want to participate. Don't forget your e-mail!
For a bigger chance of winning:
- Write a post about my competition on your blog/facebook/tumblr et.c, link that post in your comment.
- Follow me on bloglovin' >here<.
Mention in your comment if you've done any of those.

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Life lessons.

2013-02-17, at 13:35:34
From (x).
I think that HIMYM is one of those shows that really teaches you something about life, that's why I love these life lessons. Especially "Nothing good ever happens after 2 A.M."

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Day 25: Something you're looking forward to.

2013-02-16, at 21:30:10
Recycling old pictures again, yohoo.
Summer, music camp and meeting my boyfriend again! <3

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Mystery contest coming up!

2013-02-16, at 20:37:36

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I have a dream...

2013-02-16, at 14:16:46
... to one day write something that will change someone's opinion on something, that will change someone's opinion of himself, that will help someone find love, that will help someone realise their strenghts and abilities.
... to one day write something, that will change someone's life.

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Totoro bed.

2013-02-16, at 11:07:32
I found this picture on weheartit and fell completely in love with this bed! 
I completely forgot to mention Totoro in the "my favourite movies and tv-shows" post, but I LOVE Tonari no Totoro!
It's such a cute and enchanting movie, all of Miyazaki's movies are amazing!
I'd love to sleep in this bed, and Totoro's tail even comes off so you can use it as a pillow!

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Day 24: Something you've learned.

2013-02-15, at 19:56:27
That you should do what you want in life, not what your parents want you to do, not what your friends are doing, not what your boyfriend/girlfriend is doing, not what your teachers want you to do, do what you want to do.

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Naildesign: Designer nails.

2013-02-15, at 18:55:45
Emmi left about an hour ago, after I finished painting her nails. This was the result, a french manicure with the Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci logos.
Like I said earlier, I'm not used to painting other people's nails, but Emmi seemed happy with the result so I am too! :)

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2013-02-15, at 15:08:13
I hate the world and the human race sometimes.
Today has been very weird. We were supposed to go skiing with our school, but those who didn't want to got to stay in school, though we were actually supposed to go out for a walk or go skating or something. So we went out for a walk, walked around town for about an hour or so, and went back to school. There we played games like Alias for a few hours, because the teachers wouldn't let us go home before 1. 

So basically, we were stuck in school, with nothing to do, for about two hours. I ended up learning to play the Sherlock theme song on piano (I'm actually so proud of myself, because it was the first time I even touched a piano!), Sara drew a giraffe on the blackboard and Jasse was just generally clumsy all day. ;)

I'm waiting for Emmi now, because I'm going to paint her nails. I have an idea of what they will look like, but I'll show you once they're done! I'm kind of nervous though, because I absolutely suck at painting other people's nails...

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Day 23: Your favourite movies and TV-shows.

2013-02-14, at 19:24:22
- Harry Potter
- The Avengers
- The Hunger Games
- Notting Hill
- The Last Song
- Iron Man
- Batman: The Dark Knight Rises
- Merlin
- Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar
- Sherlock
- Sex and the City
- Men in Trees 
- The Big Bang Theory
- How I Met Your Mother
- The Carrie Diaries
- Young Dracula

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Day 22: What do you want your future to be like?

2013-02-14, at 12:16:08
I want to live in London, study English and Literature there, then work as an editor and an author in central London. I want to publish my first book before I'm 25, and I want to own a castle on the English countryside someday.
There are many more things I can't think of right now.

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Valentine's Day.

2013-02-14, at 08:54:09
Borrowed from lilybells.tumblr.com.
Happy Valentine's Day! :3
It's sad that I can't spend the day with my boyfriend, but I'll try to have a nice day anyway. :)
I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you're in a relationship or not.

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2013-02-13, at 21:06:00
This is how tired I was yesterday. I was craaaazy tired, haha! :s (No make-up et.c. et.c.)

I had a meeting with the school nurse today, a regular check-up that every student has to go to. I've grown 1 cm since 8th grade, which means I'm now 152 cm, and probably will stay that height for the rest of my life. I'm not even short enough to be a dwarf. If I'm going to be short, I could at least do it properly...
The school nurse also thinks I should start eating calcium tablets because I don't drink milk, and she adviced me to start sleeping more, but otherwise she was very pleased with everything and thinks I'm doing great in life. She also congratulated me on managing to keep my weight at about the same level as it was in 8th grade, because apparently most students gain weight. That might be because most students are still growing, whereas I'm not.
Anyway, I'm going to watch a show where Jonas Gardell is participating, eat some cold pizza and then go to bed. Gute Nacht!

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Mel can't draw.

2013-02-13, at 20:15:52
I can't remember if I told you about the time when we had to draw our shoes in art class or not, but anyway, we had to, and this was the result. Which is kind of terrible because my shoe was black, and the drawing is very... grey. 

It was HELL to draw this, because of all the studs and shoelaces and straps, and I've never really been good at drawing, but I suppose it could be worse... :s

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Homemade fudge.

2013-02-13, at 15:58:03
Dad found a recipe for fudge with peanuts and marshmallows, and yesterday he helped me bake some fudge. 
I love the contrast between the soft, sweet marshmallows and the crispy, salty peanuts! 

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Just Depp being Depp...

2013-02-13, at 08:53:55
Johnny Depp is probably the most perfect man on earth. <3 (Apart from Christian, of course) 
He's so humble, his voice is wonderful and he's utterly gorgeous. <3

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Day 21: Something you're proud of.

2013-02-12, at 21:07:14
Sorry for recycling pictures, but either Christian needs to start taking more pictures of himself, or I need to start taking more pictures of him.
I'm so very proud of Christian, for being the absolutely wonderful person he is, despite what he's been through. I'm proud of him for doing well in school, I'm proud of his guitar playing, everything. I will always be proud of him, and I'll always be behind him in everything he does!
My grades. I work very hard in school, and sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't. I know that my grades are very good, but I still want them to be even better, and so I keep fighting.
Today hasn't been a very good day schoolwise. Our teachers thought it was fun to give us a crapload of homework for tomorrow, and I managed to complete about half of my homework before I fell asleep next to my cat and slept for about 3 hours. Then I barely managed to complete the rest of my homework after that.
I still feel really weird though, like I'm ill, but I don't have a fever or anything.
This is also the reason to why I haven't updated that much today, and I apologize for that. I'm going to bed now though, let's hope that none of my teachers think that tomorrow is a good day for a pop quiz...

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Michael Bolton - When a man loves a woman.

2013-02-12, at 07:02:11
Exactly the kind of music that fits a Tuesday like this.
On a different note, I don't trust people who smile before 9 a.m.

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Day 20: Something you wonder "What if...?" about.

2013-02-11, at 21:55:10
  • What if I don't get into the school I want to go to.
  • What if become all alone again.
  • What if last summer hadn't ended the way it did.
There are other "What if"s too, but none I'm comfortable with posting on my blog.

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Interior Decorating - Union Jack x 3

2013-02-11, at 19:48:24
Union Jack bedding Union Jack trunk Union Jack clock.
I've been thinking about what it'll feel like when I move away from home, and I've decided that I'll have to have at least something with the Union Jack on it in my room at the campus/apartment. The three items above were some of the items I found.
I love that the trunk in the middle could also be used as a low table, or perhaps a nightstand. 

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2013-02-11, at 15:43:39
... what are you supposed to do when your camera wants to focus on everything but the thing you want it to focus on? :s
Long day in school, I'm in a PMSy mood and I just want to curl up in my bed with a book for the remainder of the day, but I'm actually thinking about going out for a walk, and then I have tons of homework to do. Ugh, I hate Mondays!

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2013-02-11, at 08:56:04
The world is upside down.

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Day 19: Something you'd like to say to an ex.

2013-02-10, at 21:40:19
Well, I have a few exes, but when I hear the word "ex" there's really only one person I think of, he's the x.
But I'd like to quote Johnny Depp, "You can close your eyes to the things you don't want to see, but you can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel." I would also like to tell him to have hope.

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A day well spent.

2013-02-10, at 19:51:07
Today has been a good day.
I woke up at 10, and stayed in bed for a few hours, reading Tatuh.
     Ate delicious food.
         Curled up in my bed to read some more, accompanied by coffee (50% cappuccino and 50% hot chocolate) and some chocolate.
                 Today has been a good day.

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QX Gaygalan 2013.

2013-02-10, at 16:43:54
Sadly, I haven't been able to watch the gala yet, but my twitter's spammed with updates about it, and I found this adorable video of Adam and Adam from Tatuh who won the award for "Duo of the year":
 I also saw this beautiful, beautiful picture on twitter:

The winners of the awards were all worthy winners, and I'm so happy for Jonas and the rest of the Tatuh-crew!

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Music or torture?

2013-02-10, at 12:50:34
This is the song that will represent Finland in The Eurovision Song Contest. Apparently, Finns love this song, and I really can't see why. It's the most annoying, terrible song ever, and Mikael Saari should have won.
Sure, this is a song that fits ESC perfectly, and that's why I hate the whole phenomenon. 

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New in.

2013-02-10, at 12:41:20
Shirt - Zara, Sweater - Cubus, Sweater - H&M, Shoes - Zara, Clapperboard - Tiger.
This is what I bought in Turku yesterday, and I'm so pleased with everything! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that the shoes were only 20€, they're super comfortable (although I would've liked a slightly higher heel) and perfect for summer! The tiger shirt from Zara is amazing too, it's so soft and flowing and I love the pattern.

I was also very excited about the clapperboard, I'll definitely start using it for vlogs and such now.

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Day 18: Something you miss.

2013-02-09, at 22:27:00
Christian. I miss him more than what should be humanly possible. I miss his arms around me. Whispered conversations in the middle of the night. I miss good morning kisses. I miss his smile. I miss his quirky behaviour and his social awkwardness. I miss his smell. I miss his warmth. I miss how fussy he is about his hair. I miss feeling like he's actually all mine. I miss being whole.

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This Is The End - Cover (teaser)

2013-02-09, at 20:31:41
I was bored yesterday, and this was the result. I recorded it with my mobile (which makes me sound like a tone-deaf five-year-old) so the quality isn't the best. I'm going to record a better version with my camera later though, because I'm in love with this song and I love singing it! <3

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Stéphane Lambiel - Art on Ice 2013 - Run.

2013-02-09, at 20:11:53
I was watching Art on Ice when Lambiel appeared on the ice, and skated to Leona Lewis' Run. Lambiel is the best figure skater in the world, you can see how he feels the music, how he owns the ice and how he loves skating.
He's practically flying over the ice, his movements are airy and elegant, and he's amazingly brilliant. I'm literally crying right now, that's how beautiful it is! Besides, he's one of the better-looking figure skaters!
Even if you're not interested in figure skating, this is definitely worth watching!

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Kitten heels, hot or not?

2013-02-09, at 19:29:24
I'm sorry for not updating earlier, but I've been out shopping all day today with my friends, and then I spent an hour or two reading. But while shopping, I (well, actually my friend..) noticed that the stores were full of kitten heels, and my friend informed me that apparently kitten heels are in this spring. 
This is one of those trends that I really can't understand. Like the shoe-enthusiast I am, kitten heels are something I wouldn't be caught dead in. They're ugly, they look like old ladie's shoes and they make you look like a complete beginner when it comes to high-heels. 

People say that your first pair of heels should be a low pair of heels, and then people often buy kitten heels. Just.. no! They're butt-ugly, they don't "prepare you" for what it'll feel like walking in high heels later on, so I'd advise you to buy a pair of low wedgies if you can't start with proper heels straight away. 

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2013-02-08, at 21:53:50
People are idiots. This makes my blood boil.
8-2 in school today, then I came home, read some Tatuh and fell asleep next to my cat. I slept until 6, read some more and then seated myself in front of the TV because Finland's funniest home videos was on, and I honestly think it's a lot better than America's funniset home videos and Sweden's funniest home videos combined!

I'm going shopping with two of my girls tomorrow, and I feel like that's exactly what I need right now. I need to just be, to just relax and to forget for a while. Being able to do that with some of my best friends makes it even better!

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Day 17: Put your Spotify on shuffle, first 10 songs.

2013-02-08, at 20:10:30
1. Foster the People - Don't Stop (Color on the Walls)

2. Ministry of Magic - Potions Yesterday
3. James Blunt - 1973
4. Lenny Kravitz - I'll Be Waiting
5. Coldplay - Fix You
6. Ed Sheeran - Drunk
7. Andreas Johnson - The Games We Play
8. Fun feat. Janelle Monáe - We Are Young
9. Harry Potter Soundtrack - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban / Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - A Window to the Past
10. Elton John - Crocodile Rock
As you can see, I have a very wide taste in music. A lot of Harry Potter-related stuff, a lot of British music and a lot of "modern pop." I absolutely adore British artists like Ed Sheeran and Elton John (Kudos to Elton John for performing at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee even though he'd just recently recovered from pneumonia), and Andreas Johnson is one of my favourite artists from Sweden!

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2013-02-08, at 19:13:21
All of the pictures are from weheartit, which means they're technically impossible to trace back to their original source.
My favourite animal is the fox, and it's also the animal that I'd be if I were an animal, because I'm shy, sneaky and quite clever. I decided to make a collage with cute foxes, and I found some pictures of utterly adorable desert foxes! Foxes are beautiful creatures, but the desert fox is just soooo adorable!

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Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait.

2013-02-08, at 07:01:51
Heard this on the radio on my way to school, and now it's stuck in my head. Awesomesauce song!

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Day 16: Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it.

2013-02-07, at 19:18:22
I've always been a bit bigger than most of my friends, something that made me waste quite a few years hating myself. My opinion about my body was worst between 5th grade and 9th grade, and I daresay I was borderline anorexic at the time. Since I met Christian and started high school, I've come to realise that maybe my body isn't so bad after all, and that it'd be terribly boring if everyone looked like a walking stick. I still have my bad days, of course, but I usually get over it pretty quickly.

I'm still not very comfortable in my body though, because I'm used to wearing loose fitting clothes, so wearing tight clothes feels very uncomfortable. I'm guessing this is something I'll get over too, but I think that finding out which clothes fit my body type is crucial, and I don't think wearing tight clothes is a very good idea because others might not appreciate my  body that much. And I don't want to cause them any discomfort or anything.

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Kärleken & Sjukdomen.

2013-02-07, at 18:39:20
After 8 hours in school, I was very pleased when I found these two books waiting for me when I got home. I ordered them last Friday, and the total cost was 57€. 57€ for two books?! It's pure robbery, but there are no other books more worthy of being robbed for.
I haven't started reading the second book yet, but I definitely plan on doing so after I'm done with my biology homework. Have you read them?

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British first world problems.

2013-02-07, at 07:56:46
My ex posted a link to this on my facebook wall yesterday, and oh my god, it fits me just perfectly! <3

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Day 15: Death row meal.

2013-02-06, at 19:59:35
1. Sushi, because I've never tried it.

2. My favourite pizza with scampi, shrimps, cherry tomatoes and aioli.
3. Ben and Jerry's, Half Baked.

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BBC Quiz.

2013-02-06, at 16:32:20
As I mentioned earlier, Wilma and I made a quiz about BBC a while ago, and I'm going to post it here now in case you're bored and want to test your knowledge of BBC. (I really don't know why I'm posting this because I doubt any of you are interested in it)
When we made the quiz, it was for an English "portfolio," so we had to come up with author, audience and medium for it. For author, we chose BBC employees, and the medium is TV because we thought it would be shown on the BBC channels during commercials or something.

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Same sex marriage legalised in the UK.

2013-02-06, at 08:01:27
I'm so happy right now because same sex marriage has been legalised in the UK now!
I don't like the term "gay marriage" though, because it's marriage just like any other marriage and there's nothing special about it. Besides, what about the bisexuals who marry someone of their own sex, that doesn't make them gay, so why should it be called a gay marriage then? 

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2013-02-05, at 21:06:52
I hate how dry my nose becomes in the winter.
It's been a very weird and emotionally draining day today. We got our tests back, and although I'm pleased that I got a full 10 in English, I'm less thrilled about my 7,5 in maths (I told you I didn't understand anything...) and my 8 in history. I'll really have to put more effort into school to get the scholarship(s) I need. 
I was also worried for a friend of mine today, and I still feel sorry for her. M, if you're reading this, I just want you to know that you can call/text me anytime if you need to talk to someone. <3
This semester is going to be soooo tough, I have a lot of stupid subjects like religion, German, chemistry and maths, and I don't even have English. Two days are 8-4 and the rest are 8-2, which means I'll be pretty dead when our next test week ends about 6 weeks from now. And who decided to place our test week around the Easter break? Two exams before Easter and the rest of them after means that the whole beak gets ruined because you have to study. Dislike!

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Day 14: A picture of you last year - how have you changed?

2013-02-05, at 19:14:44
Since last year, I've learned how to fill in my eyebrows properly. I've started to put a lot more effort into my blog. I've found out who my real friends are, and who I can rely on in times of need. I'm happier and much more confident now. I know where I'm going in life and who I'm going there with, even though I'm still trying to find out how to get there. I've become a better photographer. I've started high school and realised that school could become even tougher than it was a year ago. I've learned to appreciate my family, friends, boyfriend and cat more. I feel loved now.
I am, in many ways a bettter person now. Sometimes you have to leave things behind, in order to gain something new and better. <3

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Snowy day.

2013-02-05, at 16:14:13
Much to my dismay, it's been snowing all day today. I'm so done with winter already, and I want to wear my Jeffrey Campbells again!

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Everybody's got a dark side.

2013-02-05, at 15:27:09
Wonderful, wonderful Heath. <3

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Jonas Gardell.

2013-02-05, at 08:15:00
I started following Jonas Gardell on Twitter yesterday, and this is his tweet about Yohio.
I love Jonas' humour so much! :')
Edit: A huge congratulations to Jonas for winning the "Homosexual of the year" award! <3

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Gertrud Stenung - Mitt Enda Liv.

2013-02-04, at 20:45:02
A song from Never wipe tears without gloves. The lyrics is so beautiful, and so very important. Remember to live while you still can, and remember to love while you still have someone to love.

Mitt enda liv.
Det enda liv jag haft.
Det enda liv jag kommer få.
Det enda liv jag någonsin velat ha.

Mitt enda liv.

Se här är mina drömmar, du kan nästan ta på dem.
De skimrar där som då, långt nere på botten av en sjö.

Här är min vilda längtan.
Här är min jävla trasighet.
Här är mitt högmod,
så se på mig för jag ska aldrig,
aldrig dö.

Mitt enda liv.
Det enda liv jag haft.
Det enda liv jag kommer få.
Det enda liv jag någonsin velat ha.

Här är allting som jag drömde om.
Här är allting som jag hoppades på.
Här är allting som jag vågade bara modet räckte till.

Mitt enda liv.
Det enda liv jag haft.
Det enda liv jag kommer få.
Det enda liv jag någonsin velat ha.

Här är min vilja att få leva.
Här är bönerna som bar mig.
Här är mitt hjärta som bultar,
blöder för allting som jag vill.

Mitt enda liv.
Det enda liv jag haft.
Mitt enda liv.

Mitt enda liv.

Det enda liv jag haft.

Det enda liv jag kommer få.

Det enda liv jag någonsin velat ha.

Mitt enda liv.

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Day 13: Goals.

2013-02-04, at 19:55:25
1. Graduate with good grades.
2. Study at King's College to become an editor and author.
3. Shake Rowling's hand someday, and thank her for everything she's given me.
4. Publish at least one novel.

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'Love' on weheartit.

2013-02-04, at 19:20:25

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Giant Pigeon Prank.

2013-02-04, at 08:01:48
Sam Pepper is simply brilliant! I laughed my arse off watching this! :')

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Zara Larsson - Under My Shades

2013-02-03, at 21:59:26
I absolutely loved Zara Larsson's Uncover, but this song is just so bloody annoying and crappy, and I really can't stand it. She's basically raping the English language at several points throughout the video, her voice sounds strained and the effects annoy me. And don't even get me started on the whole Illuminati debate about this video...
A huge dislike. :(

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Who's the arsehole now?

2013-02-03, at 19:27:57
Found on Tumblr.
I've never had anything against Bieber, and I kind of like his music (only a few songs though), but that he said that "Rape happens for a reason"  makes me so angry! Women should be able to dress how they want, without being raped, and if they do get raped, then people shouldn't try to make it their fault. 

I absolutely adore Billie Joe for this!

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Day 12: Something you never leave the house without.

2013-02-03, at 19:17:36
My phone! I feel completely naked and cut off from the rest of the world without it.

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2013-02-03, at 10:45:29
An old Instagram picture  you haven't seen yet.
I'm currently enjoying a nice breakfast while watching The Big Bang Theory. I'm going over to grandma's for lunch/dinner in 45 minutes though. Managed to sleep for over nine hours last night, without getting a sleep hangover. Awesome! 

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Day 11: A quote you love.

2013-02-02, at 19:58:04

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The Carrie Diaries.

2013-02-02, at 19:02:18
I just started watching The Carrie Diaries, and I love it! I read the books when they first came out, because I'm a major SatC-freak. It's been a while since I read the books, so I don't remember much, but I think the series is quite different from the books. I like it, though!
For those of you who don't know, The Carrie Diaries is a series about Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City) before she moved to New York. You get to follow her life with her friends Maggie and The Mouse, and her romance with Sebastian Kydd.
Austin Butler, who plays Sebastian Kydd, is unbelievably handsome! He's drop dead gorgeous!
And I love AnnaSophia Robb's hair, I've always admired Carrie Bradshaw's wonderful locks!
AnnaSophia's nose really bothers me though, because it's soooo tiny. Like, can you even have such a small nose without sugery?!

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Almost like Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

2013-02-02, at 13:54:39
I just bought these jelly beans, and I've eaten a few of them already. Everything was swell until I got a bean that really burned... :s
I suspect it was the "tropical punch" one, or "English blackberry". The cinnamon one wasn't so nice either, and the mint sorbet tastes like toothpaste.

Here are all of the flavours (the ones I've managed to identify are in bold:
Mint Sorbet
Pink Grapefruit
French Vanilla
Peachy Pie
Banana Split
Cranberry & Apple
Hawaiian Pineapple
Granny Smith Apple
Tropical Punch
Blueberry Pie
Lemon and Lime
English Blackberry
Raspberry Jam
Cafe Latte
Passion Fruit
Sour Lemon
Caramel Popcorn (?!)
Pina Colada
Wild Cherry
Strawberry Smoothie
South Seas Kiwi
Candy Floss
Caribbean Coconut

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Day 10: Something you're afraid of.

2013-02-02, at 11:12:36
I'm sorry I didn't post this yesterday, but I was soooo tired and I just wanted to sleep for like a thousand years!

Well, the first thing I'm afraid of is losing the people I love. Like, I'm not afraid of dying or anything, I'm just afraid of losing my parents, my boyfriend, my friends or my cat.
I'm afraid of a lot of things, but here are some of my biggest fears: darkness, heights and spiders.
Watch Doctor Who - The Silence in the Library, and you'll understand my fear of the dark.
To say that I'm afraid of heights is kind of lying, because I'm actually just afraid of falling.
Spiders are just scary. :c "Why spiders? Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?"
What are you afraid of? Leave a comment and tell me! :)

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2013-02-01, at 19:20:54
I went out for a walk today, and it was the first time in ages that I actually had the time to do that. I've missed it so incredibly much, and I just felt so happy while walking! <3

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And it was those who loved the most...

2013-02-01, at 15:37:17
... those obsessed by love. It was those, who were taken by the frost.

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2013-02-01, at 11:20:04
I had my last exam (for about 5 weeks, at least) today, maths, which sucked. My answers were pure jibberish. :)
Anyway, I decided to celebrate with Dr. Pepper, Ben & Jerry's and the last episode of Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar. Let's just say that after that episode, I really needed that ice cream. :s

Everything about Torka aldrig tårar is just so unfair, that they had to lose their lives, that Benjamin had to lose Rasmus when they loved each other so much, that Benjamin was left alone, and that Benjamin wasn't even allowed to go to his loved one's funeral.
It's horrifying to see how homosexuals were treated back then, and it's even more horrifying to know that there are still people who think that homosexuals are animals.

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I hate smartphones.

2013-02-01, at 09:40:51
I was just about to fall asleep last night, when I got a notification on my phone. My text tone is set to Sherlock's text tone (Irene Adler moaning), which startled me and after that it took me about half an hour to fall asleep.
Hope you like my drawing. :')

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